Self-reflection is the beginning of a person's improvement.
Self-reflection is the beginning of a person's improvement.
Those who complain are self-imprisoned, and those who reflect on themselves are stronger.



some people say that people have two bags.

there are other people's defects in the chest bag and your own defects in the back bag.

as long as we bow our heads, we will be able to talk about other people's shortcomings.

but often do not want to look at the bag behind to look at itself.

Man cannot reflect on himself, just like a beast trapped in a cage, resting on his feet.

the trapped beast is himself, and the iron cage is also himself.

if you want to break out of the cage, you should look at yourself.

reflect on yourself before you can make progress

the Master said, "if you see the virtuous and think of them together, they will reflect on themselves when they see that they are not virtuous."

the idea put forward by saints emphasizes the inner moral introspection of the individual all the time.

with the hustle and bustle of the world, the gentleman is careful to be alone. Self-examination and self-cultivation is to repair yourself.

Fan Zhongyan, a famous minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, "sleeping at night must save the day". He has made remarkable achievements in his life and outstanding literary achievements.

in history, there are very few people who can achieve the level of Fan Gong in all aspects.

self-examination and trimming will affect the success or failure of a person's life.

it is said that Zeng Guofan has a younger brother named Zeng Guohua, who is the most outstanding among his brothers in Chinese.

Zeng Guofan also expects his younger brother to become a master one day.

but success is not easy.

Zeng Guohua suffered repeated setbacks in the imperial examinations, which made his mentality plummet.

from then on he chattered and began to complain.

he complained that he could not meet Bole, complained that God had not brought good luck, and even complained that his wife did not exercise more control over him.

in Zeng Guohua's repeated complaints, Zeng Guofan finally couldn't stand it and criticized him for doing too little and complaining too much.

unlike Zeng Guohua, Zeng Guofan did not have much talent, but by diligence and self-examination, he repaired his own morality and became a famous and half-saint.

those who complain are self-imprisoned, and those who reflect on themselves are self-strengthening.

the better a person is, the more courage he has to look for reasons from himself.

ask yourself if you don't blame others. This is a kind of mind, but also a kind of wisdom.

it is precisely because the wise man can break through his limitations and make up for his own shortcomings by solving problems inward, so that he can reach a higher level.

without introspection, it is a disaster

Zuo Zhuan wrote: "who makes mistakes?" If you can change what you have done, there is nothing great about it. "

No one is perfect, and everyone is bound to make mistakes.

if a person does not reflect on himself after making a mistake, he will only fall into the abyss.

I have read such a story that in ancient times there was a man who got up early and was used to eating a light breakfast.

one morning, his wife got up early to prepare breakfast and put some salt in the porridge.

when he found out, he immediately got angry at his wife and said, "Don't you know I don't like salt in the morning?"

he shouted that he had lost his appetite and blamed his wife for not caring about him at all.

his wife felt deeply aggrieved and argued with him.

during the couple's quarrel, the child was frightened to cry and accidentally dripped soup on his clean clothes.

he was about to visit a friend. His clothes were dirty and there was nothing to replace, so he became more and more upset.

he went on complaining, wiping the stain with a cloth.

anger makes people no longer clear and clear. After going out for a long time, he found that he had not brought a gift to his friend, but it was too late to get home.

when talking with his friends, his friends felt that he was manic and full of complaints, and this communication broke up in discord.

"it's been a terrible day. Why is it my turn to blame all the bad luck?"

however, the source of the day is just a little salt in a bowl of porridge on the breakfast table.

he blamed his wife and God, completely passing the buck to his own responsibility. He only felt that he was unfortunate and that he was unlucky.

do not realize that people's gas luck is closely related to their own tonality.

in the book motto United Wall, it is written: "sit still and often think about your own mistakes, and do not talk about others."

Don't criticize others and reflect on yourself in case of trouble is the key to self-cultivation.

people who are used to complaining will indulge in negative emotions, fail to improve the situation, and will continue to sink.

introspection is actually a kind of self-help: avoid continuing to sink, and eventually become hopeless.

self-reflection is the beginning of a person's improvement

the ancients said, "Don't say mulberry elm is late, but the light clouds are still all over the sky."

it's not too late to reflect on yourself now.

during the Spring and Autumn period, King Zhuang of Chu reigned for three years, did nothing in political affairs, did not like to listen to advice, and was addicted to fun.

the minister said to him, "without remonstrance, I will only tell the king a story."

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so he talked about a bird that didn't fly or sing for three years, but would be a blockbuster.

the king of Chuzhuang heard the implication, and after that, he began to listen to the government, promote the sages and abolish the incompetent.

in those days, it was called a late bloomer.

after listening to the bird's story, the king of Chuzhuang knew to reflect on himself and believed that he could be a blockbuster.

starting from today, it is not too late to be a late bloomer.

because people go back in time, people have more than ten years to reflect on themselves in advance.

the earlier the time for self-reflection, the sooner people will be more peaceful and successful.The road.

A hundred years of life, but less than half of the time we are really awake. In these half of the time, we should avoid muddling through.

only when you know and dare to examine yourself can you see a clearer world and get self-sublimation.

No successful person has completed his life with a completely conceited attitude.

if you want to become a better self, you must begin to practice self-reflection from this second.

starting from today, always examine yourself, examine everything, and set a plan for yourself to "three provinces a day."

have an organized mind, correct imperfections, persevere, and win today tomorrow.

"if you want to see the scenery of thousands of miles, please climb another tall building."

from then on, step by step, we will eventually climb the peak to meet the morning breeze of the rising sun.

by that time, the world will also see more outstanding "sages" at high places.

May you exhort yourself diligently and embrace all the thousands of sights in the world.