Publicly admitted having an affair and had an affair with a number of male stars. How come no one scolded this well-known actress?
Publicly admitted having an affair and had an affair with a number of male stars. How come no one scolded this well-known actress?
May everyone wander in the angular world, still be independent and sober, gentle and free.

compared with the love and hatred of ordinary people, what attracts the most attention is the love of entertainment stars.

especially recently, the hot search is really vigorous and restless.

some people can find happiness quickly, but others look for it and are alone in the end.

and Li Zhishan is such a person,

take a detailed look at the objects she has talked about, from Liang Jiahui to Zheng Yijian, which is not the ideal of the world.

Tuotuo is the famous "male god harvester".

but she never found her real Mr Right.

as for the reason, I think we can get a glimpse of Li Zhishan's experience.

when it comes to Li Zhishan, everyone must be very strange.

however, she is famous in Hong Kong.

coupled with the fact that she is the niece of the king of gambling, she comes from a superior family and is a veritable daughter of a wealthy family.

others started out to earn money to support their families, while Li Zhishan made her debut to dream.

her parents are divorced, and she and her brother have lived with their father since childhood.

but her father is often busy with his career and has little time to take care of them, so she was taken care of by her aunt Li Wanhua.

although the family of gambling king Stanley Ho is not in the entertainment industry, their sense of existence is not lower than that of stars.

therefore, living in the Wang family, she has been able to get in touch with the entertainment industry since she was young.

17-year-old Li Zhishan, in her prime, likes to go to the ballroom to play disco with her friends.

at that time, there were not many dance halls in Hong Kong, where they were all handsome boys and pretty girls, and they often met stars. Because of her cheerful personality, she became friends with many people.

slowly, she developed a yearning for the entertainment industry from the bottom of her heart.

at first, Li Zhishan made her debut as a singer.

when she was discovered to participate in the singing competition, she published the album Girl Magazine in cooperation with Chen Huixian and Chen Lemin.

at that time, it was very sensational in the music world, but unfortunately, only Chen Huixian was very popular.

the following year, she and Chen Lemin released the "Girl Manifesto, absolutely passionate Love". The album was still not as expected and the response was mediocre.

at this time, Li Zhishan was frequently frustrated and abandoned by the music world, and her star journey was just so-so.

however, Li Zhishan has never boasted the capital of "the niece of the king of gambling", nor has she enjoyed any benefits.

more on their own, everything starts from low, attended art training classes, and ran through dragons.

after entering TVB, Li Zhishan's first job was to host the children's program "430 Shuttle," partnering with Stephen Chow.

many Hong Kong stars have participated, and now they can all be on their own.

she has acted and released records, but Li Zhishan always understands that the host is her favorite.

therefore, she turned down a lot of invitations to sing and act, and focused on hosting this road.

has constantly appeared in signature programs such as "Hong Kong Morning", "looking around" and "City pursuit", and the accumulation of these experiences is also paving the way for her future.

Li Zhishan launched a personal interview program "Best Actor /Best Actress", playing the friendship card, invited guests per capita film queen.

although Li Zhishan has been lukewarm, she has a lot of friends in the circle.

the guests did not treat the host as an outsider at all and spoke freely.

with his solid hosting skills, he won the award of best host at the Qianqian Xinghui Award ceremony.

she is like a fighter, and the more she is denied by the outside world, the more she wants to show everyone her achievements.

prove yourself with your strength and try your best to shatter the rumors casually thrown by others.

but her shoulders are also burdened with the weight of other people's eyes.

the career is advancing by leaps and bounds, but Li Zhishan's love road is too bumpy.

she will be enthusiastic and devoted to every emotion.

it is a pity that none of the paragraphs can blossom and bear fruit.

at the age of 16,

Li Zhishan

met 25-year-old Liang Jiahui in the ballroom.

when Li Zhishan first saw Liang Jiahui, she was fascinated by his handsome and gentle manners.

it wasn't long before the two were naturally together.

Liang Jiahui will also prepare all kinds of surprises, send flowers and cook romantically, satisfying all her fantasies about love.

but the sweet time is always short, and the relationship doesn't last long.

whether it is the great disparity in family circumstances or the age difference, it is always an insurmountable hurdle between them.

the first love is always unforgettable, and for a long time later, Li Zhishan devoted herself to her career.

It was here that she met the second Prince Charming in her life.

because Stephen Chow left the 430 shuttle, he needs to find someone to replace the host, and this person is Zheng Yijian.

the two are of the same age and cooperate with each other day by day, which naturally sparks out the spark of love.

at that time, Zheng Yijian had a meagre salary and could not come up with a decent birthday present.

in order to surprise Li Zhishan, Zheng Yijian gave his ID card to each other as a gift.

perhaps, at that time, they also wanted to be together for a lifetime.

it is easy to fall in love, but not easy to get along.

Li Zhishan and Zheng Yi have strong temperament and have been in conflict with each other for a long time.

Love is vigorous and quarrel is also vigorous.

as long as we meet, there will be a lot of quarrelling, and over time, love will be exhausted in the quarrel.

and this brotherly love finally came to an end and came to an end without a disease.

since then, Li Zhishan has remained single.

it was not until she met Shao Chuanyong that she jumped into the whirlpool of love again and kept a low profile for eight years.

during this period, Shao Chuanyong suffered a car accident and was almost paralyzed.

Li Zhishan never gave up, always by his side, taking good care of him.

in fact, Li Zhishan has always felt guilty in this relationship.

many years later, Li Zhishan exposed that she had had an affair briefly. At that time, Chen Xiaochun was not a pheasant, but a member of the wind and fire.

first met in Lin Yilian concert, Li Zhishan was attracted by Chen Xiaochun's unruly personality and cool shape, and became a little fan sister.

it's just that in the process of getting along slowly, problems emerge.

Li Zhishan thinks Chen Xiaochun is playful, doesn't know anything about romance, and doesn't have sense of security yet.

there are differences on many things, the two are drifting apart, and the love has come to an end.

as a result, this unknown underground love affair came to an abrupt end in just one year.

emotion is, after all, like drinking water and knowing whether it is warm or cold.

as she said herself:

"when I was young, I was very untrusting and would make crazy phone calls. When I grew up, I felt that there were a lot of things, so there was no need to be so persistent."

later, she is still in love and will still devote herself to it.

but she no longer craves intimacy and uses it as a lifesaver.

for relationships that make her feel uncomfortable, she has the strength to fall in love and the courage to get out.

in the journey of life, whether to get together or not is just one of the choices.

not all feelings can come to an end, sometimes leaving with a smile is the greatest decency left to each other.

Today's Li Zhishan, in the face of past love history inquiries, can be very calm:

"there is no contradiction, why can't we be friends again?"

"they're right. All the male stars I've dated have become popular."

when we meet again, there is no embarrassment, no red face, and an inexplicably harmonious atmosphere.

after Li Zhishan and Zheng Yijian broke up, they are still good friends and are not shy about sharing the same frame.

for Li Zhishan, there are no great tricks in love, just to be honest with each other, dare to love and hate, and face it bravely.

although they are no longer lovers, they are still the most important existence in each other's lives.

when love comes to an end, there will always be regrets, but whose life has no past that can not be let go?

many years later, Liang Jiahui was invited to participate in Lai Zhishan's program and asked unabashedly: didn't you think about getting married in the first place?

Liang Jiahui gave a sincere answer: "I have considered it, but you are too young."

easy to get together and break up, not only leave leeway for each other, but also accumulate good popularity for yourself.

indeed, love is a rare fate, and separation does not mean the failure of feelings.

there are always some people who meet in the vast sea of people and will eventually return each other to the sea of people.

you might as well say goodbye, enrich yourself, and start a new adventure and journey.

in my spare time, I will have a heart-to-heart chat with my sisters.

the road of life, no matter how you choose, can only be defined by yourself.

for joy only, nothing else.

I didn't get married, didn't have children, didn't get tied up in the past, and didn't feel the slightest regret.

Li Zhishan, who is busy with her love, bid farewell to her past self completely.

for her, love is never the whole of life, but an alternative that gives up and still shines.

whether it is active on the screen or a free "retirement", it is a kind of luck.

there is no happiness for no reason, but Li Zhishan has the ability to earn happiness.

because we not only remember her, but also see the feminine charm loyal to our hearts in her.

I think Li Zhishan won at the age of 57 without throwing in the towel and failing to recover.

there is no limit to life, and she takes every step just right.

Happiness may be late, but it is never absent.

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, I hope that after Qianfan, we can find our own self-consistent life as leisurely as Li Zhishan.

also wish everyone to wander in the angular world, can still be independent and awake, gentle and free.