Post-00 mortuary, 16-year-old enter the profession, do not eat meat, do not attend weddings, do not touch babies, do not shake hands.
Post-00 mortuary, 16-year-old enter the profession, do not eat meat, do not attend weddings, do not touch babies, do not shake hands.
It is neither unlucky nor great, but the eyes of the world make it extraordinary.


when I saw this girl on the news, I flashed through the clip from "the Great event of Life" in my head.

the girl drew pictures in Xiaowen art class. On the paper, she drew wreaths and urns, and wrote the word "memorial ceremony" askew.

the teacher thought it frightening, so he asked Xiaowen's parents what they did.

Xiaowen said: "my parents are people who grow stars."

in the funeral industry, how many people are taboo and afraid, feeling unlucky and unlucky.

but in the eyes of their children, parents are planting stars.

when a girl in her early twenties chooses to be an undertaker, I want to show you the story of this group of "star growers" through her experience.

Shijie, a post-00 girl from Zhejiang, officially became an intern undertaker on that day of Ching Ming Festival.

the reporter asked her why she chose this special career, and she told a story.

during the third year of high school, Shijie's most beloved junior high school Chinese teacher died of cancer.

she attended the teacher's funeral and sent the teacher for the last time before her body was cremated.

the teacher, who loved beauty very much, had a bruise on his face and was not covered by makeup.

Shijie is very uncomfortable:

"if I had done it, it would have turned out a little better."

so after graduation, Shijie chose the funeral industry without hesitation.

Shanghai girl

@ Jade


she is 26 years old and has gone through three departures from her closest relatives.

every time, the old-fashioned "funeral through train" service messes up the memorial service for loved ones.

looked at the disdainful and numb people who poured tin foil into her aunt's coffin and even sprinkled it on her face like garbage.

watching them walk through the process coldly, they don't care about the feelings of their families, let alone the person lying there, who used to be a living person.

Jade has the same idea as Shijie:

"if I can get into this industry, can I do anything?"

because of her inappropriate major, she couldn't get into the local funeral home, so she simply sent her resume to a funeral company and became an undertaker.

two years ago in the summer, she gave her grandmother a truly decent and dignified funeral.

people who deal with death are not very popular.

people think that they are "gods of plague" and that they stay with the dead every day, and their Yin Qi is too heavy.

so, there are several default "hidden rules" in this industry:

don't take the initiative to talk about your career;

Don't shake hands with others;

Don't say goodbye;

do not attend the wedding;

do not hold a newborn baby.

but death is an unavoidable topic, and they can only swallow these prejudices in silence and try their best to make farewell more warm and dignified.

in 1998, Cha Quan Ling signed a petition for human organ donation in his junior year.

"if one day I die, please cremate in the simplest way and scatter the ashes in the wind, soil or sea."

if one day, someone sees a pair of familiar eyes in the street, it may be another way for me to exist in this world. "

since graduation, she has worked in a funeral parlour for six years and sent away 20,000 to 30,000 people.

the hardest thing is to meet a full moon or a very young child.

she can't help talking to children while bathing and dressing them.

sometimes when conditions permit, she will tie a red rope to her child, "I hope that in that world, TA can grow up safely and healthily."

when she met the old deceased, she tried her best not to let the old man have a trace of regret.

an 80-year-old grandfather sent his wife away.

when Cha Quan Ling was dressing and saying goodbye to the old man, the old man saw what his wife looked like after putting on makeup, clasped Cha Quan Ling's hand with red eyes and said:

"she looks good, she is still as beautiful as she was when she was young."

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the old man's words remind me of my grandfather.

Grandpa was very handsome when he was young, but he still had the same elegant demeanor when he was old, but before he died, he was already very thin by illness.

the body is withered, the cheeks are sunken, and he is haggard.

he could not speak, nor could he hear us calling him.

in the past, the strong little old man lay on the bed like a stranded goldfish, his mouth wide open, slowly and urgently trying to breathe more oxygen.

it pains me to think that my grandfather will eventually leave the world like this.

but when he bid farewell to his body, he was not sick in the flowers, his skin was red, his cheeks were fleshy, and he looked as serene as if he had fallen asleep.

A search shows that 1.8 people die every second in the world.

that is to say, by the time you finish reading this sentence, four or five people have said goodbye to the world.

the duty of an undertaker is to stand at the end of life, guard at the gate of heaven, and escort them to the end of their journey.

there was a time when it was said on the Internet that "the last night shift earned 1600" in a funeral home.

someone joked: "if you really give me this money, even if the body runs away in the middle of the night, I'll get it back for you."Come on. "

Xiao Zhao, born in 2004, joined the profession as an encoffinist at the age of 16. When I see this statement, I can only smile bitterly.

Funeral workers in the county generally receive a salary of NT $4,000 to NT $5,000 and are on standby for 24-hour shifts, facing huge emotional shocks every day.

because in addition to the end of life, there are also bodies that died unnaturally due to car accidents, fires, falling from buildings, drowning, accidental injuries, and so on.

they want to piece together the broken bones, sew up the skin cracks, deal with the taste, so that each of the dead, in the last journey warm and bright.

he Xun, a plastic surgeon on the body, told a story.

it was the second half of 2016, when a young man fell from a mixing station seven or eight meters high at the construction site, beyond recognition, and his right face completely collapsed.

his father, squatting slowly in the corner against the wall, lit a cigarette and did not smoke until the cigarette butts were silently burned out.

this scene touched a lot on he Xun.

he was encoffined for four hours. after watching it, the young man's mother went to he Xun and fell to her knees with a plop.

she pulled he Xun's trousers and her eyes were filled with tears: "Thank you, thank you for giving my son back."

there is a saying that encoffining is not only the last farewell of the living, but also the free and easy way of the dead.

this group of people who grow stars, try their best to want the dead to leave in the best way at that moment.

Xiaofeng, an undertaker, was encoffined for a boy of her age.

he was so badly hurt that when the boy's mother saw her fragmented son, she fell to the ground and cried.

Xiaofeng carefully bathed and dressed the boy and stitched up his head and legs, tears kept spinning.

she said: "try to be gentle and meticulous, everyone is afraid of pain."

five hours later, the boy's mother trembled and reached out to touch her son's face. She turned and hugged Xiaofeng and cried again.

"Thank you, girl."

some people compare life to a bridge.

Qiaotou, is a doctor, is the guardian of life; the end of the bridge, is the undertaker, is the dead goalkeeper.

during the last journey, I saw them with despicable human nature and saw too many family farce.

Last year, Xiaofeng took over an old man who died in a car accident. She needed permission from her family before she could be encoffined.

but the old man's two children have been discussing how to divide the property and compensation, and they have been fighting in front of Xiaofeng from 11:00 to 6 p.m.

the old man just lay alone on the console, stiff and covered with lividity.

having children for decades, in the end, the children did not care about the final farewell.

Chen Jia, an undertaker, went to pick up an 80-year-old grandmother.

when I arrived at the deceased's home, I found that the old woman was not in the bedroom and was placed on a very narrow bed board in the kitchen, her face covered, and there was only a layer of old-fashioned flower bedding on the bed board.

after transporting the old man to the car, her family threw the flower bedding directly into the dustbin.

there is discord at home before death, and there is no peace after death.

and Cha Quan Ling once picked up a deceased in the trash can.

she was abandoned by her husband.

after marriage, her husband lingered at the table and wine table, regardless of his family. When she was seriously ill in bed, she was thrown into the dustbin.

Chaquanling said:

"even if we are abandoned by our family and the world, we will not abandon her. We have to let her leave in a clean and decent manner.

I hope the last trace of warmth in the world is the one I give her, and this is the last thing I can do for her. "

in their eyes, the dead always rank first.

in the documentary "the Sea of Life", an undertaker said:

"our business is a very ordinary profession.

it is neither unlucky nor great, but the eyes of the world make it extraordinary. "

they act as ferries between life and death, maintaining the dignity of the dead and soothing the grief of the living.

they are living very hard and seriously, just like us.

Life is short and in a hurry.

isn't it lucky to have such a group of people at the end so that we can say goodbye to the world beautifully?