Please stop these four ineffective efforts
Please stop these four ineffective efforts
Hard work is an important means to success, but it is not rewarded by hard work.

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there is such a picture.

A group of people pull the minute hand of a huge clock counterclockwise, but even if they try their best, it is only balanced with the clockwise force of the minute hand itself, and the minute hand is motionless.

when I was young, I often felt that people were not doing well because they didn't work hard enough.

it is not until middle age that people realize that cause and effect is not the case.

many people have been busy camping, but the days are still full of bitterness.

because success does not only depend on the degree of effort, what is more important is the quality of diligence, the wrong way of effort, often doomed to futile hard work.

if you know the following four situations, you can take a lot of detours.

stop intermittent efforts

keep being diligent and normal

if someone asks what is the impact of the volume on people?

that "intermittent effort" must be one of the answers.

it's all too easy for us to get into a state of effort because of the current environment.

but similarly, it is also easy for us to return to laziness after a period of effort because we can't see the way forward.

wait for a period of time before starting such a restart, forming an intermittent effort.

has never given up his efforts, but has never succeeded.

I read an article. When the New year was approaching, a reporter interviewed passers-by at random in the street and asked them if they would set some goals for themselves in the New year.

there is a passer-by who says that he sets goals every year, but unfortunately, he often fails to achieve his goals.

set down to lose weight flag, but each time in the diet for a month, lost a few jin, usually can not help but return to the diet Baiwei.

make an exercise flag, but often you can stick to it every day in the first week, every other day in the second week, and at the end of the third week, and then choose to forget.

prepare to learn a foreign language, start with passion, but always give up in endless words and grammar that you don't understand.

but every year at the end of the year, I find that many people around me are getting better, and only he, who is still in the same place, hastens to bring up these goals again and work hard.

people often say: "things in the world, as long as you work hard, you will get something."

in fact, only occasional efforts will not make people better, further, stop retrogression, no matter how many times this process is repeated, in the end, it will be empty-handed and achieve nothing.

only by making continuous efforts, moving forward day after day, and maintaining the normalization of diligence, can we get closer and closer to the life we want.

stop blind efforts

be careful not to cut to the bottom

he drove his carriage down the road, and when passers-by asked him where he was going, he replied in a loud voice, "to the State of Chu."

passers-by were surprised and asked, "the State of Chu is in the south. How can you go north?" If you go like this, you won't get to the State of Chu. "

the man replied, "it doesn't matter. I brought a lot of money, and my horse runs fast."

passers-by sighed, "if you go in the wrong direction, the faster you run, the farther away you will be from the State of Chu."

this is the story of the idiom going in the opposite direction.

on the way of life, there is no right direction, no matter how hard you try, it is difficult to get to the place you want to go.

in the TV series "our days", the young Wang Xianan was arranged to study by his brother Wang Xianping, but Wang Xianan secretly dropped out of school without telling his family.

because he feels that life at home is not good, he wants to make a lot of money and change the environment of the family.

in order to make money, Wang Xianan actively studied ways to make money, going in and out of various stores, flipping bills.

but I don't know that people who work hard in the wrong direction often end up fishing for the moon in the water. It seems that the road ahead is bright and bright, but in fact it is an illusion.

flipping bills didn't make as much money as Wang Xianan wanted, but when he dropped out of school, he couldn't find a good job, and finally came up with the idea of cross-border fiddling with clothes, but this brought him even worse results.

life is ill-fated.

in this world, you never try your best to get what you want.

Life is short, but the road is long. We should not think that where the road is easy, we should not look at the long term and run there blindly.

people who do not look up at the road can easily go from one low place to another, and become more and more embarrassed by the squeeze of life.

in the end, you will understand that nothing can be done right without the effort to find the right direction.

stop trying to follow the crowd

suitable for others may not be suitable for you

the rabble says: "in a group, every emotion and behavior is very contagious."

We often adjust our behavior according to others, such as walking long distances to online celebrity restaurants, saving hard to buy things that everyone else is buying, and forcing ourselves to do what others are doing.

A blogger on the Internet shared his story. The blogger has a good regular job, because seeing that many people use the time of getting up early and going to bed late to do a sideline, the excited blogger plans to learn the same skill and start a sideline.

in order to balance life and workAnd learning, the blogger chose to stay up late and work hard like others.

in good times, bloggers can sleep at 1: 00 or 2: 00 in the morning, and in bad times, it's normal to sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning.

at first, the blogger was very happy and felt full of life.

but after three months in a row, the blogger's body began to sound the alarm, headache, chest tightness, easy to catch a cold, facial paralysis and had to be treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

their work has also been affected.

as the saying goes, "only the right shoes can take you a long way."

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everyone has his own rhythm, and what suits others may not suit him.

forcing yourself to try to do things that are not suitable and copy the tracks of others often backfire.

working hard with the masses is an internal friction that goes with the tide.

stop trying not to lose your heart

often reflect on yourself

We have learned an idiom called "everything is difficult at the beginning", but people who have been hammered by life know that life is difficult step by step.

hard work has become the most common way for people to fight hardship.

because effort is the simplest in the world, it does not need any conditions, as long as you want, anyone, any time, anywhere, you can start to work hard.

but hard work is not simple, blindly work hard, do not think deeply, the result is often in vain.

in the hit Japanese TV series restart Life, Xiao Fu is a boy who loves singing. when he was in high school, he set his dream of singing as his career.

from 18 to 28, for ten years, Xiao Fu has been working hard for his singing dream, writing songs, singing hard, braving his face to promote himself everywhere, but no one appreciates him and remains nameless.

Xiao Fu doesn't understand why he tries his best to find out, but he still runs into a brick wall everywhere.

play, his classmates give the reason: because Xiao Fu's singing skill is the same as that of ten years ago, there is no promotion, the song is too vulgar, lack of deep thinking, no soul.

makes your time more valuable, explains the difference between "low-level diligence" and "high-level diligence".

low-level hard-working people seem to be busy, but in fact they all work carelessly. They only pay attention to whether they have worked hard enough, but they do not know that low-level repetition is ineffective on the upward road.

A high-level diligent person will slowly bring his goal closer to him through the improvement of skills, the change of methods, and the upgrading of thinking.

often self-reflection, constantly optimize the direction of efforts, the body is diligent, the mind is also diligent, in order to harvest their own growth path.

No matter what brand of perfume, 95% of its ingredients are water, and it is the remaining 5% of the essence that determines whether it is good or bad.

people, most of the things in our lives are similar, the difference lies in that little bit of effort.

day after day, it is more important than going round and round; the long-term future is more important than short-term gains; each's strengths are more important than drifting with the current; and strategic diligence is more important than tactical diligence.

hard work is an important means to success, but it is not rewarded by hard work.

only by improving the quality of diligence can we hold the steering wheel of life more steadily.

, may your efforts lead to natural success.



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