Please stay away from those who never post on moments.
Please stay away from those who never post on moments.
Do not make noise, be silent, and have the power of being quiet.

Wechat is undoubtedly the most widely used communication medium today.

in moments, people socialize, share feelings and life clips, and some become WeChat businessmen.

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there are countless ways to play in moments.

there is a group of people who never post on moments, or only send one after a long time, and even set the permission to "visible for only three days".

this kind of people often have these three kinds of mood.

A true friend is more than just a like friend

there is a hot question on Zhihu: what is the mentality of people who do not post moments?

there is a high-praise answer: because all the moments have been sent to the people they care about in private.

it is better to have hundreds of Wechat friends than three bosom friends.

those words from the bottom of the heart are naturally confided to the person who is considerate, knows the cold and knows the heat, and understands his own thoughts and feelings.

Zhang ailing is notoriously unsociable, looks particularly aloof to outsiders, and always puts herself on the shelf.

but Eileen Chang is like a happy child in front of Kuang Wenmei. She likes Kuang Wenmei's sincere and comfortable qualities.

in a letter from Eileen Chang to Kuang Wenmei, she commented on this friend: at least you don't like to talk against your will, which is valuable.

Zhang ailing sent many new articles to this friend for advice before she was published. Kuang Wenmei read them carefully every time and gave sincere feedback.

some people are not unsociable, but only socialize with specific people. It is better to be spoiled by ten thousand people than to be understood by one.

Zhou Guoping said: "the circle is easy to give people the wrong impression that all the people in the circle are friends."

to nurture or maintain a friendship, it is not enough to expect to like or dabble in communication, but to rely on countless nights of long talk, the experience of laughing side by side, the experience of crying together, and the heart to heart of sharing each other's secrets and dreams.

compared to making a like acquaintance in moments and missing someone, just talk in private and try to meet each other in the same city. A flesh-and-blood friendship is more valuable.

Silence has its own power

I have heard a passage:

"if you experience too few setbacks, you will feel that all trifles are troubles.

when you experience more truth and falsehood and see the truth of the world, there is not so much sorrow. You will be more and more silent and less and less want to talk. "

once upon a time, we were so eager for the attention of others that we had to tell people about the slight ups and downs of our moods. when we heard the gossip, we had to refute it one by one and take great pains to explain it.

as the experience grows, I understand that life is like drinking water, knowing whether it is warm or cold.

not all fish live in the same sea, not everyone can understand your urgent grievances and sadness.

Sister Xianglin, written by Lu Xun, has a miserable life and has encountered a lot of misfortune.

she likes to tell others about her sufferings.

however, after complaining more and listening to many negative complaints, people around her began to get tired of her and stayed away from her one after another.

Silence is better than all kinds of emotions. Instead of explaining it painstakingly, it is better to smile and continue to live your life.

do not post moments, do not complain to others, not bitter, not tired, do not want to cry, but strong in silence, precipitation, quiet reflection and digestion, spend more time on solving problems.

Don't make any noise, keep quiet, and have the power of being quiet.

A good life, outside of moments

Cai Kangyong said: "We would like to congratulate those who do not send moments, devote most of their energy to real life, and congratulate them on finding the focus of their lives."

the life presented in moments is embellished.

when you travel around, you can't find the antidote to inner loneliness, and you can't live the life you want.

Chen Daoming's popularity and strength in the industry are obvious to all. After so many years in the entertainment industry, he has won numerous awards and friends everywhere.

but Chen Daoming likes to stay at home to read, write, play the piano, play chess, or do some needlework for his wife and daughter.

he wrote in his book:

"after entering middle age, I became infatuated with painting."

"now I like to copy ancient books such as Tao Te Ching."

"I can do some craftsmanship, too. Sugar man, noodle man, carpenter, tailor, I am quite good at these handicrafts. "

this kind of meticulous and quiet life was once ridiculed by Feng Xiaogang as "magic tricks and tricks to please women and children."

but Chen Daoming disagreed: "if you don't do what you don't do, how can you spend your life without doing anything?"

if you want to live in glory, you must first discover the essence of life.

to block ineffective social interaction and devote yourself to "useless things" such as plants and trees, a book, a tea, and so on, can reflect the most authentic face of life, turn into spiritual nutrients, and nourish life.

I agree with a sentence: a person's life can be insipid, boring, stagnant, or it can be a full, wonderful and colorful adventure.

the life of those who live in the circle of friends may not be wonderful, and the life of those who disappear from the circle of friends may not be bad.

those who never post moments, to some extent, pursue inner peace, a clean circle and the essence of life.

so, you might as well keep your distance from them and leave them alone.

however, once you get in touch with them and interact with them, you will find them valuable.