Pick the uterus for her boyfriend, shave her head and hit the tongue ring, from the movie queen to the witch: she lives like this at the age of 45.
Pick the uterus for her boyfriend, shave her head and hit the tongue ring, from the movie queen to the witch: she lives like this at the age of 45.
Life is only a few decades, the most important thing is to satisfy yourself, not to please others.

"three laps on the left and three circles on the right,

neck twist, fart twist,

early to bed and early to rise, we

Let's do some exercise. "

26 years ago, 19-year-old Fan Xiaoxuan became popular all over the country with a "healthy song".

just when Fan Xiaoxuan was on fire, she chose to "take off" her good girl's coat.

hair shaving, tattooed arms and tongue rings have become outliers in the entertainment industry.

not only that, she also removed the uterus for her dink boyfriend, causing a lot of controversy.

Today, at 45, she is still unmarried.

has she regretted it after all these years?

Fan Xiaoxuan was born in Taipei in 1977.

that year, her mother was 17 and her father was 19.

it is simply not realistic for two "children" to raise a baby together.

so this immature marriage ended hastily when Fan Xiaoxuan was two years old.

Mama Fan has always had a "musical dream". She pinned all her hopes on her daughter.

from the age of three, Mama Fan began to cultivate Mama Fan's musical skills, learning piano, music theory, and flute.

in Fan Xiaoxuan's memory, she had no marshmallows or dolls in her childhood.

because of excessive restraint, Fan Xiaoxuan has been very clever since childhood, even like a marionette.

this also foreshadowed her future rebellion.

Fan Xiaoxuan lived up to her mother's expectations. At a young age, she showed great musical talent.

at the age of 12, she wrote the first song in her life, "talking to herself".

two years later, she added words to the song.

at the age of 14, he was discovered by the advertising agency because of his sweet voice and pure appearance, and filmed the first advertisement of his life.

the commercial shooting was very successful, which also brought more opportunities to Mavis Fan.

since then, Mavis Fan has been favored by many advertisers and has become a regular on MTV.

at the age of 17, Fan Xiaoxuan was selected by the crew of "very Detective" to work with Zhang Xueyou.

with this film, she was shortlisted for Best New Artist at the Academy Awards.

Fan Xiaoxuan seemed to be on the hook at that time, and she was so hot that she got out of control.

at the age of 18, she joined hands with Xie Xiaodong on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala and became popular all over the country with a "health song".

however, as her fame grows, Fan Xiaoxuan is not excited.

it has always been Fan Xiaoxuan's dream to be a singer-songwriter, and she doesn't want to dress up and sing children's songs sweetly.

she said:

"I am already an adult, but I have to pretend to be tender and cute in front of primary school students every day, which makes me very depressed."

she doesn't want to be a marionette, nor does she want to live in other people's expectations forever.

after the Spring Festival Gala became popular, Fan Xiaoxuan disappeared in front of the public.

appeared again, fans were shocked to lose their jaws.

she cut off her long hair, shaved her head, wore smoky makeup, nailed her navel and tongue, and tattooed her arms.

at that time, this was "unorthodox", and many people thought she was crazy.

after that, Fan Xiaoxuan was reported as a "fallen girl" by the media, and her parents also regarded her as a negative example, with all kinds of ridicule and reproach incessant.

but Fan Xiaoxuan still decided to return to herself, and she wanted to break her solidified image.

after many warnings were invalid, the economic company chose to abandon her.

No one listens to the songs written, and there are questions all around.

in the past, when she was arched by the stars, she gradually fell off the altar.

in the trough of her career, Fan Xiaoxuan met a man, Zhou Junwei.

when Fan Xiaoxuan was suffering from depression, it was Zhou Junwei who took meticulous care to get her out of the haze.

in 2003, the media reported that the two had broken up.

everyone speculated that in the face of questions from the media, neither side came forward to respond.

Fan Xiaoxuan has a long window after breaking up with Zhou Junwei.

until she met Allen, a poor boy with a beard and tattoos.

Fan Xiaoxuan was so attracted by his talent and personality that the two soon fell in love.

at first, their relationship met with unanimous opposition from friends and relatives, and everyone thought that Allen was unreliable.

Fan Xiaoxuan still has her own way in persuading her family and friends.

she feels more like a soul mate with Allen.

Fan Xiaoxuan and Allen are both "unmarried" and "dink".

she believes that children are not necessary in love, but sometimes become a drag on feelings.

coupled with the influence of her once-broken native family, she doesn't want to follow in her parents' footsteps.

it is rumored that Fan Xiaoxuan cut off her uterus in order to prove her unmarriageism to her boyfriend.

Fan Xiaoxuan didn't explain much about this, she just said:

sonTo me, the palace is a dispensable organ! "

such remarks have been reviled by many netizens. Is it really worth hurting yourself for a man?

but Fan Xiaoxuan ignored the attacks from the outside world.

in the eyes of outsiders, Mavis Fan did this for her boyfriend, but more for herself.

Fan Xiaoxuan said:

"I think this is my life, and if I don't go like this, I will regret it."

everyone has their own choice. Some people choose to be others, because others walk more smoothly.

but she chose to be Fan Xiaoxuan, a path that no one has ever set foot on.

when the relationship is stable, the career gradually picks up.

in 2007, Fan Xiaoxuan achieved her "rebirth" in the form of a band.

the two albums Breakthrough and Red Child once again proved her musical talent to the world and won the award for best orchestra.

, Mavis Fan lived more freely.

take part in movies and TV dramas, do public welfare with your boyfriend, go to "good Voice" as a mentor, and do whatever you want.

even though she lost a vast market, Fan Xiaoxuan said:

"it doesn't matter, I just need a small number of people who really understand me."

now, Fan Xiaoxuan's sisters have families and children, but the 45-year-old is still unmarried.

when asked if she regretted it, Mavis Fan only replied faintly:

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"I don't have marriage and having children in my life plan, at least for now."

some people try their best to live as others see them.

instead, Fan Xiaoxuan tried her best to tear off her label and be herself again.

Fan Xiaoxuan's behavior seems crazy, but she has become what many of us dare not live to be.

Today she is still beautiful, knows what she wants and makes the music she likes.

maybe, as Yi Shu said:

Life is only a few decades, the most important thing is to satisfy yourself, not to please others.

people live to live for themselves, not for anything other than life.

this book is published under authorization.

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