Photos of Zhang Songwen's wife were exposed for the first time! More beautiful than "sister-in-law" Chen Shuting, I would have guessed it was her.
Photos of Zhang Songwen's wife were exposed for the first time! More beautiful than "sister-in-law" Chen Shuting, I would have guessed it was her.
When the mystery of the actor is exhausted, all that is left is a formulaic performance.

long after the end of "Storm", Zhang Songwen is still a hot search "regular".

it was a good thing that the remains of the sea were found, but the hot search a few days ago surprised onlookers.

is it Zhang Songwen who apologized to Zhang Jizhong?

what's going on?

Let's sort things out first:

Last month, Zhang Jizhong posted that he had been subjected to Internet violence during this period of time.

the cause of Internet violence comes from a report by Zhang Songwen several years ago.

it is written in the report:

when Zhang Songwen was shooting a film in the desert, he stayed behind to pick up household trash.

looking back, we can see that the actor car prepared by the crew has already driven far away.

contacting the staff was ridiculed: don't you like to pick up garbage? Then pick it up slowly.

Zhang Songwen said hurriedly: I won't pick it up, I won't pick it up.

the disdain of the staff and the humility of Zhang Songwen almost overflowed the screen.

incident has long been changed, and today's Zhang Songwen doesn't care much.

but some fans who like Zhang Songwen are not calm.

they tracked down the vine and found out that Zhang Songwen was on the crew of "the Sage of the War," and the director was Zhang Jizhong.

then ran to Zhang Jizhong's comment area and asked:

"Why did you leave Zhang Songwen in the desert?"

"you bullied me, Brother Qiang!"

Zhang Jizhong repeatedly clarified that he did not know.

but netizens still don't stop.

incident was calmed down.

the unfair treatment before fame is certainly distressing.

but what good is it for Zhang Songwen and fans if it becomes like this?

I can't help thinking that this popularity is good or bad for Zhang Songwen.

for Zhang Songwen, traffic is a double-edged sword.

the script is optional and pleasing to everyone.

but on the other hand, private life has also been turned upside down.

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Zhang Songwen washed the pot and said he was married.

there are swings in the yard, so he must have children.

the old photos of a suspected family of three were also found.

the son is cute and cute in a small tug.

my wife looks neat in her sunglasses.

what is even more frightening is that someone scratched directly in front of Zhang Songwen.

crouching at the door of Zhang Songwen community day and night, just to get exclusive photos.

not long ago, Zhang Songwen's wife was photographed skateboarding with her son.

is still tall and outstanding in temperament.

after a while, a good friend was photographed having dinner at Zhang Songwen's house again.

Zhang Songwen's every move is forced to be exposed to the camera.

this group of onlookers with no sense of boundaries, once the desire for snooping begins, it is very difficult to stop.

especially the offline pick-up "assistance".

this love with nowhere to put makes it difficult for Zhang Songwen to adapt.

he was so moved that he called everyone to take a group photo and signed autographs for each fan.

but he was also at a loss and didn't know how to cooperate, so he bowed frequently.

said "there is no need for everyone to pick up at the airport" over and over again.

the fans who responded to the aid kept saying, "you can be at home", but the battle of picking up at the airport is getting bigger and bigger.

Zhang Songwen used to grow fruits and vegetables at home and travel to see the sea.

maybe you can go to the vegetable market and night market freely without wearing a mask and sunglasses.

everywhere Zhang Songwen goes, there is a sea of people.

not long ago, Zhang Songwen was photographed visiting the night market with his assistant.

was recognized by pedestrians, chased after him, and was finally "fled" by one of his assistants.

the leisure and freedom of the past is really over.

the ubiquitous "rice circle culture" has already kidnapped Zhang Songwen.

I have to say that Zhang Songwen's popularity has something to do with his previous "paste".

it is because of "paste" that after receiving the script of "Storm", he can squat from morning till night in the fish market to observe the fishmonger's every move.

it was precisely because of "paste" that he filmed in a small town in Zhejiang Province and established a good relationship with the surrounding residents in less than ten days.

this kind of "immersive life" allows viewers to see ordinary people who are approachable and haven't seen for a long time on screen.

Zhang Songwen once made a microdocumentary, "me and another me".

video, he is like a stranger we pass on the road every day.

early in the morning, wearing a military coat, he took the reporter to the market.

buy food, chat, watch the fun, and help the stall owner take care of the business.

when he meets a guest, Zhang Songwen will talk eloquently about the experience of growing flowers.

when you are hungry, go to the nearby fried chicken restaurant and have two bites.

after being familiar with it, the landlady recognized him and could not help complaining: you can be an actor.

We always say that Zhang Songwen is "approachable" because he also takes root in the soil called "life" and grows upward like a plant.

there are many melons and fruits planted in Zhang Songwen's yard.Flowers and plants.

even if he goes to film, Zhang Songwen will cultivate some flowers and plants that are easy to take care of.

among entertaining stars, few people manage Weibo by themselves.

but Zhang Songwen is one of them.

look at the daily life he shares.

look at his conversation with fans.

these are the vitality shown by Zhang Songwen and the nourishment of his actors on the way.

he patiently told the young actors:

"take a bus and walk in the street to see what the vast majority of ordinary people are like."

"you want to live with society."

in an interview, he said more than once: "A real performance must be based on real life."

but all this has changed with the popularity of Zhang Songwen.

Tan Fei, a film critic, asked him whether he was happy or frightened when "the Storm" became popular.

Zhang Songwen replied: wearing a mask will also be recognized, not as comfortable as before.

such an actor who tries his best to sink into the crowd is frequently disturbed by fame and attention.

when the mystery of an actor is exhausted, all that is left is a formulaic performance.

back at the beginning of the article, did Zhang Songwen really need a "rice circle"?

his profession is an actor, not a love bean idol who needs marketing all the time.

after some actors become popular, they go to variety shows and expose themselves too much.

in the end, word-of-mouth declined and Reiki was gone.

it is because they have lost their sense of mystery in front of the audience and act like they are acting themselves.

Art comes from life. If it is far away from life, it is divorced from the masses.

this is the crisis that Zhang Songwen is currently facing.

remember that in the documentary "me and another me", there was a sentence on the bullet screen:

"the audience should stay away from the life of the actors, but the actors must be closer to the lives of ordinary people."

, I hope everyone will stop depriving Zhang Songwen of his right to "live".

give him a pure creative world, and give him back the "root" of life.

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