People who have really seen the world are very kind.
People who have really seen the world are very kind.
All the surprises and good luck in the world are your accumulated tenderness and kindness.

watching the variety show "heartbeat offer3" was warmed up by Dr. Tao Yong.

program, guests talked about their inherent prejudices against disease. Dr. Tao Yong said something like this:

"in my clinic, the people who are most impressed or have the most contact are HIV patients.

when they come to see a doctor, they don't talk and wear hats and masks. Usually, when they see this, I come forward and say, "can we have a hug?"

Dr. Tao Yong used his kindness to convey a kind of warmth to these patients who were wrapped in prejudice.

after working in the hospital for more than ten years, he has been used to seeing human feelings cold and warm and parting between life and death, but all this does not make him indifferent, but makes him more kind and gentle.

the more people you see, the more you will find that those who have seen the world are kind and compassionate at heart.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"the more knowledgeable people in life, the lower the profile, the more powerful people are, the less airs they have, the more they understand people, and the more calm they are, the more they respect people."

the way you walk, the people you meet, the things you go through, will make you gentle.

the more knowledgeable he is, the more he will be able to be considerate of others in detail.

once told a story to a lady who was a neighbor of Qian Zhongshu.

the front window of her house is facing the back window of Qian Zhongshu's house. In the hot summer season, Qian's family will open the back window to ventilate and cool down.

the lady's brother, a mentally retarded patient, would suddenly sing loudly at home, and his family could not stop him.

Qian Zhongshu and his wife are both learned and need a quiet environment. Therefore, the lady always felt that her brother had disturbed Qian Zhongshu's family and caused trouble to others.

one day, she happened to meet Qian Zhongshu, who was coming back from the courtyard. She was about to apologize, but Qian Zhongshu first opened her mouth and took the initiative to say hello to her, saying that your brother has a good singing voice.

after hearing this, the lady was not only surprised and moved, but also paid more respect to Qian Zhongshu.

Qian Zhongshu did not say cold words to the neighbor's family because he was disturbed. On the contrary, he took the initiative to help the neighbor out and dispel her worries. This is a kind of rare kindness.

there is a good saying:

"True kindness is to do good without raising the banner, to accumulate virtue without being seen, to be beautiful in the moon, and not to be bullied in the dark room."

because of understanding, so compassion.

because I have experienced the hardships of life, it is not easy to be considerate of others.

in the CCTV program "the spread of Classics", the singer Li Guyi was invited in one issue.

after Li Guyi finished singing, guest Liao Changyong said that he was Li Guyi

, he also listed many of the songs he has sung.

as a result, Li Guyi pointed out at the scene that she did not sing a song, which made Liao Changyong standing on the stage a little embarrassed.

at this time, sa Beining, as the host, took over Li Guyi's words, claiming that he was also a fan of her, listing many songs he had heard, including "missing".

the song missing is not Li Guyi's, but Mao Amin's.

the upright Li Guyi immediately exposed sa Bei, who pretended to be subdued, amused the guests and the audience and easily resolved the embarrassment.

sa Beining really doesn't know that missing is not Li Guyi's song?

in fact, no, he just wanted to rescue Liao Changyong and transfer the guest's embarrassment to himself.

this small act not only reflects sa Bei's ability to save the scene as a host, but also reflects the kindness in his bones.

people with good intentions will not embarrass people in their words and deeds, and maintain the dignity of others in subtle ways.

being a person and making others comfortable is the highest charm of a person.

have read such a story.

the British royal family held a dinner in London to entertain a local leader of India.

the Duke of Windsor, then the prince, presided over the banquet.

banquet, the guests staggered and talked to each other happily.

after the party, the waiter brought a wash plate for each guest.

the Indian guests thought they were buying water, so they picked up the plate and drank it, and the British aristocracy who accompanied them looked surprised.

when the Duke of Windsor saw this, he picked up the hand-washing water in front of him and drank it.

then everyone followed suit, and the embarrassment that would have occurred was instantly relieved with the kindness of the Duke of Windsor.

as the saying goes, we know the world, but we still feel sorry for the grass and trees.

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what the adult world needs is not condescending sympathy, but quiet kindness.

people who have really seen the world never write their sense of superiority on their faces.

putting away your sense of superiority is a kind of kindness.

there is a good saying: "I thought other people respected me because I was good." Only later did I realize that other people respect me because they are excellent. "

career man Wu Xiaokang told the story of his boss, who has a double doctorate degree from Tsinghua University and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

once, Wu Xiaoxian followed the boss to talk about business, and at lunch, the hotel gave away a special dish for free. As a result, too many dishes were ordered, and after eating, there was still a lot left on the table.

so, when he left, the boss packed some dishes that had not yet moved the chopsticks.

on the way back to the office, the boss deliberately drove very slowly. When he saw a homeless man, he stopped the car and walked up to the homeless man with both hands.I handed over the packaged food.

on another occasion, downstairs in the company, a cleaning aunt was sorting out empty cardboard boxes when suddenly it began to rain.

Auntie had to drag cartons into the building in spite of the rain, but there were too many cartons and they were so heavy that she dragged them very hard.

at this time, the boss happened to be driving by. when he saw it, he immediately jumped out of the car and helped the cleaning aunt to carry the cartons to the office building.

Wu Xiaoxian said, "the people in our company admire the boss very much. Because he knows to respect everyone. "

what really shines in a person is kindness, upbringing, tolerance, self-control that has seen the world, and a compassionate heart.

the more excellent a person is, the more humble and courteous he is, and he treats every life with an ordinary heart.

all the surprises and good luck in the world are your accumulated tenderness and kindness.

people tend to love each other. People who love each other always love each other.

, may we all share more empathy and respect for the rest of our lives.

be kind and considerate and be a warm and pure person.

be kind and considerate and be a warm and pure person.