People who are really good never show off these three things in moments.
People who are really good never show off these three things in moments.
We live our lives for ourselves, not in the world of others.


as the ancients said, "if the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it; if the pile comes from the shore, the current will be turbulent."

as the saying goes, "A big tree attracts the wind". In fact, the same is true of life. If it is too public, it will bring disaster to yourself.

and some people always like to show off themselves in the circle of friends, showing a sense of superiority.

do not realize that the more you try to show off, the more you appear to be cheap, and even cause unnecessary trouble.

in fact, really good people never show off these three things in moments.

Don't show off wealth

as the saying goes, "money is not exposed."

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there is some truth in saying so.

Wealth is something that everyone wants to own, but after owning it, it is not suitable to show off.

showing off your wealth too much is easy to cause losses to yourself.

not everyone in the world wants you to have a good life.

you show off in your moments that you are rich, and others flatter you, but you actually hide your jealousy.

and jealousy is easy to make people go to their heads, if you show off too much, you are likely to be jealous, targeted, and even lead to disaster.

in fact, the richer people are, the less they have the habit of showing off their wealth.

they never deliberately show those luxury cars, mansions and balances in their moments.

people who are really rich don't need applause from the outside to get their inner satisfaction.

live to the extreme of life, regard money as external things, never deliberately show off in the circle of friends, achieve a real low profile, enrich the inner world.

not showing off results

as the saying goes, "when the water is full, it will overflow."

achieving results is a good thing, but if you excessively show yourself in the crowd, exaggerate and show off your achievements, you will only lose something and make no sense.

grasp the principle of moderation, everything should not be too full, is the true meaning of life.

as a saying goes, "there is no secret to life. The most important thing is to be half full."

in fact, in life, the more meritorious people are, the more restrained and low-key they are.

they are humble and never boast of their great achievements in the circle of friends.

A great man once said, "modesty makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind."

this well-known saying warns people to be modest and not to be proud.

so those who do not show off their achievements simply disdain to be proud of their achievements in moments, and they prefer to spend more time to improve themselves.

thus make progress and win more and more good grades.

it is not difficult to find that those who are really making continuous efforts to achieve results do not have too much time to show off their achievements by posting moments.

they are good enough and rich enough that they no longer need to live in the eyes of friends and outsiders.

Don't show off your identity

there is such a kind of person who always likes to talk in his own identity and thinks he is a great big shot.

but when he is really asked for, he doesn't have any real ability, so he looks for all kinds of reasons to refuse.

and those who are really good, they have status, but they never show their identity.

they do not expose their industries and positions in their moments, do a good job in their careers, and do not cause themselves unnecessary trouble.

blindly show off his identity, if someone asks for help, it is difficult to refuse, once declined, it will fall into the mouth;

if you can't reach your identity, you will be laughed at if you are powerless and refuse others in the face of things you can't do.

and those who are really good never show off their identity in moments, and even if someone asks, they just give a low-key response.

because smart people who are really capable are not so superficial as to restrict their freedom by showing off their identity.

after all, no matter what kind of identity, people are not saints, and it is better to keep a low profile than show off their identity.

in this way, others will not think of asking you for help even if they encounter problems, and unnecessary troubles and troubles will not come to you.

Feng Jicai once said:

"low profile is to live in your own world; high profile is to live in someone else's world."

the more we live, the more we understand that our lives are for ourselves, not in other people's world.

showing off too much will only make people sick, and even cause disaster.

people who are really powerful have long seen through the ways of the world, and they never show off their wealth, achievements, and identity in their circle of friends and on external occasions, but keep a low profile and do not show their edge.

May you have low-key foresight and humble wisdom for the rest of your life, keep your heart at peace, keep quiet, keep quiet, be sober, and live the life you want.