"parking only because I love the evening maple forest" was reported by parents and suggested to be deleted from the textbook on the grounds that it was too dirty! It's absurd...
"parking only because I love the evening maple forest" was reported by parents and suggested to be deleted from the textbook on the grounds that it was too dirty! It's absurd...
Is this because the textbooks are not clean, or is it because some people's brains are not clean?


"parking only because I like the maple forest in the evening, the frost maple leaves are more red than the flowers of February."

this is a poem in the Mountain Journey by du Mu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty.

has been included in the nine-year compulsory textbook for many years as one of the compulsory learning of ancient poetry.

what is outrageous is that this poem has recently been complained by some parents asking for it to be removed.

the reason is that the word "parking love" is too dirty.

the matter sparked public discussion on the Internet.

there are different views on whether this poem will affect the mental development of children.

some netizens simply put forward a "compromise".

parking is no problem, mainly because "sitting love" is too explicit, so why not change "sitting love" to "sitting appreciation"? In this way, it is not explicit to read, and the meaning of the original text has not changed.

with all due respect, I don't think there is anything wrong with du Mu's poem.

Don't say get off the shelves.

is to change a word and a punctuation mark, which I think is disrespectful to the traditional culture.

anyone who has a nine-year obligation to finish reading knows that the poetic flavor of this poem is not difficult to understand.

parking is not parking the car, but parking the carriage.

"sitting Love" does not give any hint, but says that the author loves the evening scene of the maple forest and sighs that the maple leaves are even redder than the flowers in February.

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the original intention of poetry is to present beautiful scenery.

is now misinterpreted by some people with ulterior motives and asked not to show it to children.

everyone's imagination can only make such a leap forward at this level.

this is not an isolated case.

A few days ago, the packaging of the aunt's milk tea shop in Shanghai was also complained.

the reason is vulgar pornography, which is disadvantageous to the growth of teenagers.

when it comes to porn, people who don't know think that their aunt in Shanghai is ready to engage in marginal marketing.

as a result, I was dizzy when I looked at the picture.

the picture is not taken in person, it is painted.

and the painting style is extremely positive, wearing cheongsam, the upper body is tightly fastened, and the lower part is normally slightly exposed.

if this is vulgar, please don't go out in the summer, especially don't take your children to the streets.

because a lot of girls wear shorts in summer.

they are beautiful and sexy, which is much more lethal than the "lethality" caused by this painting.

similar reports emerge one after another.

Last September, the cover map of the mathematics textbook for the first grade of primary school was also criticized.

the cover shows a girl sitting with her legs apart.

dress normally and there is nothing wrong with the expression.

as a result, some people take it to a higher plane of principle, saying that it belongs to "duck sitting" and is easy to arouse boys' desire.

also unlucky is the textbook cherishing Life.

this is a serious popular science book on sex education.

to be exact, it is not a book, but a volume.

author Liu Wenli is an expert in sex education and is good friends with Li Yinhe and Pan Suiming.

since 2007, she has been working on developing sex education courses for primary schools.

it took ten years to write a full curriculum until 2017.

the values in the book are very positive.

there is talk about "traditional cultural ideology of men and women".

and explained that this is a disrespect for women and a restriction for men.

with the development of the times, the traditional gender has fallen behind and is not suitable for the progress of modern civilization.

the book will also teach children how to establish a sense of self-protection.

teach girls and boys.

it is absurd that such a high gold content textbook has been reported by a large number of netizens.

take a look at the voices of opposition on the Internet.

some people reported that the textbook was so naked that adults blushed when they read it, and children even blushed when they read it.

some people deliberately pinch the head and tail and take only half of the picture.

then sarcastically said, this is not vulgar, then what is vulgar?

A good sex education textbook has become a pornographic book in the eyes of some people.

"Aunt Li is so bad."

"Aunt Li is really like a wolf."

No textbook can withstand such large-scale complaints.

search for "cherished Life Education textbook" in some east and some treasure.

there is no such book.

Last year, the incident of toxic teaching materials attracted the attention of the whole network.

since then, a lot of people have become neurotic.

anything that has a little to do with the affairs of men and women should be criticized on a higher plane of principle.

I cannot say that caution is wrong.

but frankly speaking, it is overkill to be cautious to this extent.

because the interpretation of literary or artistic works is subjective.

if you bring a microscope to find fault, there is something wrong with any book in the ninth grade voluntary textbook. Then how to carry out education?

as to how cautious is appropriate.

I have two suggestions for reference.

first, sexual implication is to teach people indecent, and sex education is to spread truth, goodness and beauty.

some time ago, a key chain store in Nanning was reported.

the words "ask for maintenance" are printed on the key chain.

on the contrary, although the words of some textbooks are explicit, their values are guided upward.

complaining about it is tantamount to the meaning of negative education.

second, we should learn to put aside prejudices and look at the world from a child's point of view.

if there is something wrong with the poem "parking only because you love the maple forest in the evening".

then, the following ancient poems should also be complained about.

but a slightly more rational reader will find this incredible.

We all learned these poems when we were young.

No one thinks there's anything wrong with it.

No one will think in the wrong way.

in that case, why do you think it will affect the mental growth of children?

this reminds me of a joke online.

A student asked his parents: what does ML mean?

parents are furious when they hear this: who taught you to ask that?

the student said: I just want to test you, which means milliliters.

so, is this because the textbook is not clean, or is it because some people's brains are not clean?

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