Openly mocking Jackie Chan, angrily dumping 5 billion giants, 60-year-old so far childless: this time, she is crazier than Zhang Ziyi?
Openly mocking Jackie Chan, angrily dumping 5 billion giants, 60-year-old so far childless: this time, she is crazier than Zhang Ziyi?
No matter what age a woman is, she can shine.

just now, 60-year-old Michelle Yeoh made history.

at the 95th Academy Awards, Michelle Yeoh became

the first Oscar-winning Chinese queen.

40 years of hard work has finally made Michelle Yeoh's artistic career in full bloom.

in fact, Michelle Yeoh's victory in this year's Oscars is widely expected. Long before the Oscars, Michelle Yeoh had already swept a number of important international awards.

after the success of the film, Jackie Chan sent congratulations to Michelle Yeoh with remorse:

Congratulations on your movie! You know, the director came to me first. "

Yeoh replied: "this is your loss."

I have to say that Michelle Yeoh is lucky to meet this script. And "the Universe in an instant" is also lucky to meet an actor like Michelle Yeoh.

in the film, Michelle Yeoh plays a frustrated housewife, and one day, the task of saving the world falls to her unexpectedly.

as a result, originally trapped in family chores, she continued to travel through parallel universes to experience different kinds of life.

in different worlds, she is sometimes a professional cook, sometimes a kung fu actress, and sometimes she sings Beijing opera.

play is like life, life is like a play.

the constant switching of roles has many similarities with Michelle Yeoh's life.

as Michelle Yeoh herself said, "I feel like I've been rehearsing this movie for 40 years of my career."

Michelle Yeoh's image in the eyes of the audience has always been linked to "hitting a girl", but few people know that Michelle Yeoh actually came from a beauty pageant champion.

in Malaysia, with a rich family, she was raised as a lady of a famous family from an early age.

for her ballet dream, she spent a lot of time in the practice room, but she was forced to give up ballet because of a spinal injury.

with the encouragement of her mother, 21-year-old Michelle Yeoh took part in the Miss Malaysia contest.

her extraordinary beauty not only made her win the championship, but also opened the door to the entertainment industry for her.

Our homecoming dresses for tall juniors will make you feel at the top of fashion. We have a huge selection of cuts and styles to choose from.

her debut experience can be said to be smooth, and the first advertisement is to work with Jackie Chan.

Michelle Yeoh would never have thought that she would go the same way as Jackie Chan.

in 1984, the first film Owl and Dumbo, starring Michelle Yeoh, was released in Hong Kong.

film, she has long hair and a weak personality, and is often bullied by students.

but this kind of vase that needs to be saved by men is enough for her to perform once.

"I can call for help once. Next time I don't want you to save me. I'll do it myself."

after seeing the action scenes of Sammo Hung and others, Michelle Yeoh suddenly came up with the idea of filming.

it was the golden period of Hong Kong action movies at that time, and the more thrilling the action, the higher the box office.

in this male-dominated field, no one believes that a beauty pageant can suffer like that.

but the more this happens, the stronger Michelle Yeoh is, the more unconvinced she is.

she cut off her long hair, joined the Hong class, and practiced hard every day with the martial arts masters of the Hong class.

in less than a year, she completely subverted her previous image of "Jade Girl" in the film Sister Royal.

without a stand-in, she, with a tanned skin, did many thrilling moves herself.

the film received rave reviews after it was released, and everyone changed their impression of her daughter.

after Michelle Yeoh's "Royal Warrior" and "Chinese Warrior" triggered a drama frenzy, she completely established her position in the entertainment industry.

in the Hong Kong entertainment industry at that time, there was no shortage of beautiful women.

Michelle Yeoh knows that she doesn't have an advantage in appearance, but she takes a different approach, punching and "punching" all the way to become the most valuable action actress in Asia.

for actors, Hong Kong action movies have the lowest threshold, but they are also the most dangerous.

so, for so many years, Michelle Yeoh has been hurt every time she makes a movie.

Michelle Yeoh was almost paralyzed when A Jin's Story was filmed.

the script at that time was that she was pushed out of the car and left on the car.

as a result, the actor did not control her strength, and Michelle Yeoh landed on her head first.

"at that moment, my head was in the gap between the two cushions, and then my legs were almost folded, and I could clearly feel my feet hitting the back of the head."

later, when the movie was broadcast, it ended with the following line:

"pay tribute to Michelle Yeoh and Wu Xing who has made great contributions to Hong Kong films."

Michelle Yeoh knows that she has to face all kinds of unknown dangers in action scenes, but she insists that she doesn't need a stand-in. It's a real fight, and jumping out of a car is a real jump.

in Police Story 3: Super Police, there is a scene in which Michelle Yeoh is swung around with her hands hanging from the car.

this is actually an accident caused by an operational error, but once Michelle Yeoh does not hurry, the consequences will be unimaginable.

because filming is too hard, Michelle Yeoh, Jackie Chan and Jet LiIt is even on the blacklist of Hong Kong's insurance industry.

No insurance company dares to do their business.

Why do you spell it that way?

Michelle Yeoh once said:

"I must prove to everyone that I am worth staying here."

in 1999, Michelle Yeoh participated in the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

fight with Zhang Ziyi,

7 kinds of weapons have been changed before and after,

hand guard hook, crescent shovel, whip.

but while becoming addicted to it, Michelle Yeoh suffered a lot.

in the high-intensity rhythm of shooting, shortly after shooting, the ligament in her leg was torn.

after the operation, she continued to shoot and broke her hamstring again.

it is this dedication and hard work that makes this film a wonderful fight.

well-known director Yuan Heping commented: "Michelle Yeoh should be a benchmark, and there are not many people who can keep up with her."

obviously you can rely on your appearance, but you have to fight for your strength and play with your life in a martial arts play.

from beauty pageant champion to kung fu superstar, Michelle Yeoh has won respect and recognition in this male-dominated circle with her own strength.

such a saying has been circulating on the Internet:

"there is no shortage of stars in jianghu, but Michelle Yeoh is a myth."

Jackie Chan once commented on Michelle Yeoh: "Women should stay at home with their husbands and raise their children, except Michelle Yeoh."

in fact, Michelle Yeoh has never thought of being a housewife, but several failed relationships have made her fully recognize herself.

in 1988, Michelle Yeoh, who was at the peak of her career, got married hand in hand with the tycoon Pandison.

at the request of her husband, Michelle Yeoh, who married into a wealthy family, announced her withdrawal from show business.

then Michelle Yeoh met Alan, an American doctor, but she was also asked to take a rest.

Michelle Yeoh refused this time.

in an interview, Michelle Yeoh said bluntly:

"I felt accommodated when I was young, but now many women are single and wonder why I should accommodate him instead of him."

Michelle Yeoh returned to the entertainment industry after her divorce.

in her first comeback, Police Story 3, she challenged the difficult moves again.

even Jackie Chan is involved:

"are you trying to kill me? If you get to this level, what am I going to do? "

after nearly four years without filming, she has become the desperate San Niang before.

in 1997, Michelle Yeoh entered Hollywood and was invited to play Bond Girl in the Empire of tomorrow.

she was the first Bond girl in Asia at that time, but her ambition was obviously more than that.

in the past James Bond films, Bond Girl was usually positioned as a vase against the male lead.

but Michelle Yeoh broke with this tradition.

in the movie, there are not many heroes to save the United States, but Bond Girl and Bond fight side by side.

so Pierce Brosnan prefers to call Michelle Yeoh a "female Bond" than Bond Girl.

her career is back on track, and emotionally, Michelle Yeoh has really found someone who is willing to understand and support her.

she has been in love with her current boyfriend for more than ten years, but she is still as sweet as ever.

in the eyes of the mother, life without marriage and without children is a failure.

but in Michelle Yeoh's opinion, it is OK to fall in love and get married, but it is not possible to stop yourself from doing what you like.

if she can't be herself, she'd rather not marry.

23 years ago, the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was very popular overseas, and director Ang Lee once said:

"looking at the world, there is only one Michelle Yeoh who can play Yu Xiulian, and there is no one else."

23 years later, the movie "the whole Universe" went viral, and the two directors left similar comments:

"if it hadn't been for Michelle Yeoh, the play would have been blown. We couldn't have thought of anyone else who could play the role."

this is not only an affirmation of her strength, but also a reward for her decades of hard work.

she once said: "I won't wait for an action movie to find me to exercise. I exercise every day."

because of this love and persistence, she was able to wait for her favorite script.

"I have played my mother and aunt in the past few years, and I have even been invited to play my grandmother.

now I have finally come across a script that allows me to show what I have learned in my life. Instead of just seeing my age. "

the martial arts actresses of the same period have either changed or can't quit, and only Michelle Yeoh is still active on the screen.

age has not become her limit, but has made her acting more mature.

she uses her own experience to tell us that no matter what age a woman is, she can shine.

Michelle Yeoh smiled and said, "it doesn't matter, there's me."

60-year-old Michelle Yeoh is still fresh, fierce and full of strength.

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