Never push yourself into a corner.
Never push yourself into a corner.
All the thoughts of the heart are the past; only by letting go of the obsession can the heart return to peace.

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seeing a picture, I was deeply impressed.

A worker is painting the floors and walls of the room with red paint.

, he realized that he had been forced into a corner before he knew it.

in reality, there are a lot of people like painters.

they chose the wrong direction at first, moved forward stubbornly, and finally put themselves in a dilemma.

as the old saying goes, "to choose direction is to choose fate; to choose path is to choose the future."

Don't stick to the wrong direction and force yourself into a corner on your way through life.

learn to adapt and adjust in time, jump out of self-restriction, the pace can be light, life can be clear.

take an impassable road, turn

there is a kind of fish called Magna Fish in the deep sea.

all fishermen need to catch them is a strong net, tied with iron, dragged by a small boat, and then put into the water.

although the fishing net was open on three sides, the Magar fish was successfully caught.

it turns out that this kind of fish has a characteristic, that is, once it has the right direction, it will forge ahead.

the more blocked it is, the more it rushes forward, and finally gets stuck tightly by the mesh.

in life, many people, like Ma Jiayu, encounter difficulties that may be caused by their own stubbornness.

the writer Zweig said a sentence in "when the Stars of Man shine":


moderate persistence is persistence, persistence is good medicine; excessive persistence is obsession, obsession is poison.


No one in this world can be flat, and there are many twists and turns in life.

instead of stubbornly banging his head against the south wall, it is better to change the road as soon as possible and give himself a new life.

chemist J. Wallage, who aspired to be a painter in high school, studied oil painting from his art teacher.

whenever he is free, he stays in the studio to practice silently.

I thought that with hard work, I could make some achievements in art.

after a semester, his grades ranked first from the bottom of the class.

the teacher's comment said: "

with the qualities you have shown in painting, I'm afraid you won't have attainments in the future.


when he was sad, the chemistry teacher came to him and said:

"your serious attitude is exactly what chemistry needs, so you might as well spend a little more time on chemistry."

hearing this, J. Wallage gave up oil painting and began to delve into chemistry.

there is a saying in "casual love": "change is new, unchanged is rotten; change is living, unchanged is a board."

when you don't see hope on one road, you might as well change your mind and look for other breakthroughs.

when you encounter difficult hurdles, don't dwell on your head and learn to adjust your direction in time.

only by knowing how to turn can we get around many obstacles and usher in a new turning point in life.

put down what you can't figure out

Mr. Zhou Youguang, the father of Hanyu Pinyin, lived to be 112 years old.

A reporter once asked him about his secret of longevity, and Old Zhou said, "if you want to be open-minded, you must look forward."

the reporter joked: "what if you still can't get over it?"

Old Zhou followed up and said, "put it down, don't you just let it go!"

in everyone's life, there will be a lot of things that can't be seen and figured out.

very often, too much entanglement, entanglement, in the end will only force themselves into a painful situation.

writer Hong Lu Peilin once said that he very much agreed:


if you can't give up yesterday, you will spend your life wasting your life in the hesitation of this moment.

if you can't give up the present, you can't find another expanse of sky.


Life is too short. Don't waste your good time on things you can't change.

forget the past so that we can take the burden off our shoulders and travel light.

Art, the ace producer of American film and television, used to work as an announcer for a media company.

he thought that with his own ability, he could get a promotion and a raise soon.

unexpectedly, a few years later, the company suddenly announced layoffs, and Art was unfortunately on the list of layoffs.

when he got home, he told his wife the news and locked himself in the room.

the wife stood outside the door worried, not knowing what to do.

however, in the past ten minutes, Art opened the door and excitedly said to his wife:

"Honey, be happy for me, because I finally have the chance to start my own business!"

program was broadcast, it became so popular that he became famous.

with an open mind, Art devoted himself to his career and eventually became a famous producer.

Japanese writer Hengko said: "there is no need to think too much, people just have to think about what happened today."

for what has happenedNo matter how much you think about it, it will only aggravate your own pain.

when you can't figure it out, you might as well go back to the moment and do what you should do most.

take an open mind, leave the past behind, and bid farewell to yesterday, so that you won't miss every moment.

those who can't stay, let go

writer Lin Qingxuan said: "where there is love, there is entanglement, and where there is love, there is entanglement."

but in a relationship, the root of pain often lies in being too persistent to let go.

in the TV series "Young Pi", singer Pei Yin married businessman Qian Yukun.

after a few years of marriage, the relationship broke up, and the husband had another woman outside.

all her friends advised Pei Yin to divorce quickly, but she refused to do so all the time.

for the sake of her children and family, she still wants her husband to come back.

once, my son was ill and was hospitalized for surgery.

the husband, who heard the news, ran to the hospital, blamed Pei Yintong, and then left.

then Pei Yin realized that it was precisely because he was unwilling to let go that he pushed himself step by step into the quagmire of pain.

Sanmao said a sentence:


We should give up the things we don't like, and we don't have to miss them, even if it's just one thing, we don't have to leave him behind.


the same is true for feelings, it is better to get out of it than to stick to it with wishful thinking.

when he was young, Sanmao studied at Huagang College of Arts.

there is a classmate named Liang Guangming. The two often talk about literature together and soon get together.

when Sanmao talked to him about marriage, Liang Guangming evaded it again and again.

he says that at the moment, it is still career-oriented.

after hearing this, I have been longing for Sanmao of sense of security, and I feel that the two people have different ideas.

it wasn't long before she decisively broke up.

for those who are not suitable, Sanmao puts aside without nostalgia.

because of her free and easy character, she lived sober and leisurely in the following years, attracting the love of her life.

I agree with the saying: "you can't stay or leave. Let go when it's time to let go."

it is most important for adults to get along with each other.

those who are not suitable can only become more and more tired in paranoia.

if you can't hold on to your fate, you'd better give it up; if you can't hold on, you might as well leave.

only by letting go in time can you find your final happy destination as soon as possible.

unforgettable injuries, turn the page

the writer Tagore once told such a story.

A painter who is good at portraits was betrayed by a friend.

from then on, he broke with his friends and regarded them as enemies.

but the enemy still came to him again and again to buy a painting.

the painter said to him angrily, "I will never forget the harm you have done to me. It is useless for you to come here many times."

before long, the painter found that his current paintings were getting uglier and uglier.

he compared his previous paintings and was surprised to find that

in the portraits of these days, the eyes, nose and mouth are clearly painted according to the enemy.

because he is bitter about his enemy, the painter is full of his appearance, so he will no longer be able to complete a high-level painting.

in this world, everyone is bound to get hurt.

but if you keep thinking about it, hatred will be wedged into your heart like a nail, and you will eventually hurt yourself.

writer Feng Tang said:


Let bygones be bygones. You don't have to chew it over and over again. Life is not long, and there are not so many important things. At dawn, you make money again.


learn to forgive and let go, so that you can free your heart and let life go on.

writer Oscar Wilde said: "for my own sake, I must forgive some people."

the days always move on, and clinging to the past can only drag you down.

learn to pull out the nails from the bottom of your heart and turn over the past injuries.

Let bygones be bygones and turn over the old page of life before you can write a new chapter.

there is a passage in "break up":

"what you can't do should be decided; those who have no chance in life should give up; if you want to cling to something in your heart, you should leave."


all the thoughts of the heart are the past; only by letting go of obsession can the heart return to peace.

when you live a lifetime, don't push yourself into a corner and don't mess with yourself.

in the face of powerless things and people, turn in time, put it down as soon as possible, and stay away.

do not hold on to the moment, do not be trapped in a thought, can be free to embrace a happy tomorrow.

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