Never mess with people who are more idle than you.
Never mess with people who are more idle than you.
For the rest of our lives, may we all be far away from "idle" people and close to "virtuous" people.


is there such a person around you?

you study hard, but they noisy and chat, interfering with your train of thought;

you work hard, but they make a fuss and cause trouble to add to your traffic jam.

lazy people make a lot of trouble, and idle people make a lot of right and wrong.

being with people who are too idle is not only easy to lower your level, but also easy to get into a lot of bad things.

what Rousseau said in Confessions:

"in order to keep my distance from unrelated idle people, I would rather play alone than communicate too much with them."

people who are too idle are like black holes, constantly eating away at your energy and time.

A wise man would rather be alone than provoke a man who is more idle than himself.

most idle people are not.

the sister of a blogger once found a leisurely "iron rice bowl" job.


it turns out that because colleagues are too idle, they often fly short and long at work, turning the office into a place of right and wrong.

Today, this girl is wearing a short skirt, so people say that she is frivolous and may not want to seduce anyone.

tomorrow that colleague will take the certificate, and everyone will say that he doesn't work hard and has plans to change jobs.

in addition to judging others, several colleagues also like to form gangs.

if you get close to this side, the other side will criticize you;

if you are close to that side, this side will stab you again.

even if you work silently, people will talk about you as "deliberate" and always want to please the leader.

the blogger's sister has no way to settle down to work in such an environment.

she thinks the office is a muddy pond, and if she doesn't resign, she will be driven crazy.

as the old saying goes, idle life leads to a lot of right and wrong.

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when a person becomes idle, his energy is easily shifted to suspicion, comparison and struggle.

he has seven or eight interpretations of what you said;

one of your actions, he can produce dozens of guesses.

in such an environment, people are tired, their hearts are more tired, and there is no way to concentrate and do a good job.

instead of being dragged into the ditch of right and wrong by idle people, it is better to get out in time and stay away decisively.

stand close to the circle of positive energy and stand high beyond the reach of idle people.

in this way, you won't be in cahoots and live like you hate yourself.

idle people are apt to cause trouble

in Caigen Tan, there is a classic saying: "if life is too idle, don't miss Qisheng."

means that when a person is idle, it is easy to have miscellaneous thoughts and cause unnecessary trouble.

in the hit drama "the bottom Line", Fang Yuan's wife, Li Xiaole, never works overtime and asks for leave if she wants to.

she is usually idle, and she often shows off that her husband is a judge to satisfy her vanity.

at a boss's family party, Li Xiaole saved face and called him in knowing that Fangyuan was busy at work.

Fang Yuan wanted to refuse, but Li Xiaole blamed him for not knowing the ways of the world and unwilling to think for himself.

Fang Yuan had no choice but to keep the appointment, but unexpectedly, there were interested parties present at the party, and he almost fell into a trap.

in addition to the strength of the "pit man", Li Xiaole has also brought a bad influence on the children.

to pass the time, she set up a small group with several broken-mouthed parents.

there are several people in the group, often praising the high and trampling on the low, talking about the faults of other parents.

although in Li Xiaole's view, the words in the group of parents are harmless complaints.

but what she said imperceptibly influenced her daughter.

gradually, my daughter began to isolate other students, and even became the bully of the campus bullying incident.

"the secrecy of the small window" says: "Life is nothing but leisure, and too much leisure leads to bad karma."

if people are too idle, it is easy to cause a lot of rubbish and make people around them suffer.

he talks nonsense about things you don't think need to be publicized, causing you to be criticized.

if you don't feel the need to mess with someone, he will have a crooked mind and bring you trouble.

people, whenever they are a little busy, will not ask for trouble and make a mountain out of a molehill.

where energy is not used, it is easy to turn into redundant distractions that worry both yourself and others.

in dealing with people and things, we should not only stay away from idle people, but also beware of becoming idle people.

otherwise, it will be a consumption to yourself and a burden to others.

idle people consume their minds

my friend Xinyi recently tried to sell English classes online, but met a strange netizen.

after the netizen added her Wechat, she came up and asked if there were any free courses.

after getting the negative answer, netizens began to talk nonsense, saying that their children's grades were not good, and then asking Xinyi about how to learn English.

at the beginning, Xinyi will reply patiently.

you can see that this netizen asks endless questions, so she simply doesn't reply to each other.

before long, netizens sent another message to Xinyi:

Beauty, you are very capable, but you are too selfish. Others ask you questions, but you like to ignore them.

also do online sharing, some people are completely free, why can't you?

feel happy to seeHe was a little angry, but patiently explained:

"this course cost me a lot of hard work. I think it's worth the price, not to mention that everyone's time is very expensive. I hope you can understand."

but netizens still cling to it, saying that the heart is happy, the chest is narrow, the pattern is small, and they talked to her back and forth for half an hour.

Xinyi originally planned to prepare the lesson, but as a result, he was disturbed by the other side, and he had no time to write the courseware, so he had to stay up late to hurry up.

the next day, Xinyi became more and more angry and decisively blackened each other.

there is a concept of "law of dissipation" in psychology:

the outcome of a fight does not depend on who is right, but on whose time is less valuable.

the most idle people are time. The more serious you are with them, the more energetic they will quarrel with you.

after the quarrel, all the reasons do not work, but energy has the upper hand.

how can you beat them if you don't have extra time to fight a seesaw battle?

or what Charlie Munger said:

"one day, you will be very unlucky to fall into a quagmire with a pig. all you can do is get ashore instead of fighting with the pig in the quagmire."

in the face of idle people, it is better to give in than to fight.

is not a recognition, nor is it cowardice.

but in the same amount of time, you can create more value.

what's more, everyone has different levels of cognition.

too much entanglement will delay business, and too many explanations may not be useful.

according to your own rhythm, get serious things done first, and your time will be endowed with rich meaning.

I quite agree with a sentence in the Scroll:

"people are really busy, there are not too many complex emotions at all; only when people are too idle will they take trifles seriously."

people who are too idle have no place to go, so they naturally have to focus on others.

either orchestrate right and wrong and ask for trouble, or wishful thinking and worry about eating salty radish.

anyway, idle is also idle, do not find something to do, how to pass the boring time?

when you meet such a person, turn around as soon as possible, so that you won't get deeper and deeper in the quagmire of right and wrong.

May we all be far away from "idle" people and close to "wise" people for the rest of our lives.

spend your time on people and things that are worth it, and make the road ahead more and more open.

Zhuxi, love reading, love life