"never get too close to people who are too poor."
"never get too close to people who are too poor."
In life, the greatest fear is to set self-limits and hold back in the quagmire of the past.


recently chatting with friends, talking about middle-aged people, what are you most afraid of?

A friend blurted out: "Poor!"

if you think about it, it is true.

as soon as we open our eyes every day, we have to carry the burden of life.

the world is in a panic, only for a few taels of silver.

but even if many people try their best, they are still like little mice stuck in place in "Poor Dad and Rich Dad" running desperately on their hairy legs.

author Kiyosaki wrote in his book:

"the reason why a man is poor is not how much money he can earn, but what he thinks and does.

in the final analysis, making money does not depend on brute force, and there is no point in working hard without changing the "poor mind".

A poor mouth: love to make excuses and always complain

in Fortress besieged, Fang Hung-chien had a good family and his father was a famous squire.

compared with their peers, the starting point is obviously higher.

but when he was studying abroad, he complained about the poor living conditions.

without a friend around me, my studies were abandoned and I changed to three schools in four years.

with graduation imminent, in order to cope with his father and father-in-law, he bought a fake diploma for $30.

because of his lack of talent and learning, his performance as a teacher at Sanlu University was mediocre, which was looked down upon by his colleagues and disliked by his students.

but he blindly complained that his colleagues excluded him and had no room for him.

never took the time to study and improve himself, and was finally dismissed by the headmaster.

afterwards, he still complained that his fate was unfair, and others got off the hook by nepotism, but he repeatedly hit a brick wall and was down and out.

A good hand is played badly.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"complaining is a simple confession on the surface, but it is essentially a self-paralysis."

it only makes us attribute our failure to others, never reflect on ourselves, and let ourselves get deeper and deeper in the quagmire of mistakes.

people like Fang Hung-chien can be found everywhere in life:

I don't work hard, but I complain that my parents come from ordinary families and are unable to provide rich economic conditions.

I only browse videos when I come home from work. I never help with housework, but I hate that the house is too messy and the children are disobedient.

treats the work carelessly, but complains the colleague "too much", harms oneself the achievement always to be at the bottom.

people who only complain in times of trouble not only fail to deal with the matter at hand, but also plunge their lives into a mess.

only when you learn to explore inward and reflect on yourself, can the problem be easily solved and life will be smooth.

when one is alive, it is not terrible to encounter the trough of life. What is terrible is the habit of complaining, blindly "poor mouth" and not seeking change.

short-sighted: short-sighted, focusing only on the present

I read a post on the Internet.

there was a girl who loved writing when she was in college, and her literary talent was appreciated by the leaders of the department.

when she graduated from the undergraduate course, the leader of the department approached her and said that she could get a place to stay, but she needed to pay a deposit of 30,000 yuan to the school.

because only graduate students can stay in school, the deposit will be refunded later.

she calculated an account in her mind:

the tuition fee for half a year is 1200, the cost of living for a month is 100, and the cost of writing is only 15 yuan. It is almost impossible to raise 30, 000 yuan.

in order for her to go to college, her parents scrimped and spent a penny in half, and her family had already emptied out.

so she replied to the head of the department without telling her parents that she didn't want to stay in school and wanted to work as soon as possible.

she returned to her hometown prefecture-level city newspaper to work as a reporter, and then the print media gradually declined, and she was forced to find another way out.

years later, when 30,000 yuan was no longer difficult for her, she plucked up the courage to tell her parents about it.

after hearing this, her father said with moist eyes:



you discussed this with your family, and we

even if you smash pots and sell iron and ask for help everywhere, I will find a way for you.

because this opportunity is hard-won. "

people often magnify the immediate difficulties and ignore the development opportunities behind things.

people with poor eyes attach too much importance to the small gains and losses of the present, do not understand long-term planning, and will not build up momentum for the future.

often misses a good opportunity to confine himself to a third of a mu of land.

poor ears: soft ears and lack of independent opinions

author Li Weiwen told the story of a consultant in Social burden reduction.

Ms. Zhu has a friend who is working as a product agent, who often sells products to her on Wechat.

although she was unhappy, she was embarrassed to refuse directly.

once, the other party unexpectedly came uninvited and brought a bunch of products to the home for her to experience first.

Ms. Zhu said that recently there was a lot of pressure on housing loans and money was relatively tight.

did not expect that the other party waved his hand and said

"it doesn't matter, we know each other so well, you use it first and wait until you have the money."

, she often receives products from the other party, and there are more and more kinds of products.

every once in a while, the other party also asks her how she is using the product and what needs to be improved.

then she complained that the company was asking for the money back, reminding her to pay in time.

in this way, Ms. Zhu spent a lot of money on a bunch of useless products, which made her regret.

in life, there are always some people who are soft-hearted and affectionate.

Be beautiful, stylish and outstanding when in our homecoming gowns for small busts. Here are the absolute best choice to make you shine!

clearly rejected, but did not dare to refuse decisively.

you know, if you lack your own opinions, you can't get other people's respect. On the contrary, it gives others a chance to take an inch.

most of the time, we stand on tiptoe to help others, blindly listen to the opinions of others, and often end up paying the bill ourselves.

people with "poor ears" always wronge themselves, fulfill others, and get themselves into trouble and disputes.

if you have your own judgment, you won't get lost by the sound in your ear.

Heart is poor: greed is too much, energy is consumed

Xiao Li, a colleague of the department, graduated from 985 schools with a stable job.

she is the only child in the family, and both parents have retirement benefits, but she is a "stingy" person.

I know I have a car, but in order to save money on fuel, I always brazenly rub my colleagues' cars to get off work.

when he saw that his colleagues brought meals, he asked others without thinking, "you have to cook anyway, bring me one, too."

not only that, she also picked up the company's wool from time to time, secretly stuffed the paper towels in the bathroom into her bag and brought them home.

Xiao Li seems to be careful, but he drowns himself in daily chores and even gets in the way of his work.

when something goes wrong, he blames someone else.

if you encounter benefits, if you don't contribute, you should also get a piece of the pie.

for a long time, not only did not improve the ability to work, people gradually see her character, have nothing to do with her.

finally, the company department needs to streamline staff, and Xiao Li naturally appears on the list of layoffs.

as the old saying goes:

"picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelons."

people have limited time and energy, and the more energy they spend on petty gain, the less energy they have left for their own management.

the writer Wu Jun once mentioned his own experience in pattern.

when he worked in the early years, he found that a sales contract was very thick because there was a lot of blank space on each page to describe the details.

in order to save paper, he made adjustments in the database to merge those very short terms on one page.

he thought the leader would praise him, but the leader said:

"never save paper in the office.


it was only then that Wu Jun understood the intention of the leader and did not waste his efforts in order to save money.

only by grasping the big and releasing the small, can people improve the pattern and concentrate on doing what needs to be done to the extreme.

A truly knowledgeable person would rather be taken advantage of by others than waste his kung fu on "shortcuts". This is a person's greatest shrewdness.

Business consultant Liu Runzeng said:

"the average person changes the result, the good person changes the reason, and the top person changes the thinking model."

in life, the greatest fear is to set self-limits and hold back in the quagmire of the past.

only by tearing off the "poor mind" can we become stronger from the inside out and create more opportunities and values.

keep your mouth shut, be calm and solve the problem calmly;

keep your eyes wide open, break free from the present and focus on the future.

listen attentively, learn to distinguish, absorb and use for reference;

Open your heart, concentrate, and grow up all your life.

, may you constantly enrich your thinking, rise abruptly based on your accumulated strength, play a leverage role, and pry up your life with a single point.