Never be too nice to a person.
Never be too nice to a person.
Kindness is your strength, but it must not be your weakness.


early morning and good night

Mo Yan wrote in sandalwood punishment:

"the most taboo thing in the world is perfection.

look at the moon in the sky. Once it is complete, you will immediately get tired of it.

tree will fall as soon as it is ripe.

there is always a slight deficiency in everything in order to be consistent. "

this is the case with things in the world. Don't be too satisfied so that you can last for a long time, and so is the relationship.

when you see more people and do more things, you realize that if you are too good to a person, you will often lose in the end.

you can be nice to others, but don't please

there is a law of moderation in interpersonal communication.

means: when dealing with people, you should grasp the yardstick of being good to others. Once you exceed this degree, the relationship may break down.

in a relationship, it's OK to be nice to others, but don't turn into flattery.

once you give unequally, the relationship will change, and the relationship will only get worse.

as said in disqualification in the World:

"my misfortune lies in my lack of the ability to refuse."

in many cases, the breakdown of a relationship is self-inflicted.

because you are submissive in your relationship and keep a low profile, you make others feel superior to you.

because you respond to every request and never refuse, you let others test your bottom line again and again.

A heart-breaking truth is:

you often teach the way others treat you.

No one dares to underestimate you if you are kind and moderate.

if you give in blindly, others will dare to take it at will.

in any relationship, it is whimsical to try to please each other in exchange for their sincerity.

giving without a bottom line is a disaster

Yan Geling wrote in Fanghua:

"sometimes, you are kind to others, just like plain boiled water, you will have nothing after drinking it."

and your unkindness to others will take root in his heart. "

be kind to a person for once, he will be grateful.

be kind to a person a hundred times and he will get used to it.

if you treat a person badly once, he will hold a grudge.

because he has forgotten, you don't owe him anything.

this is naked human nature.

there is nothing wrong with being good to a person, but if you lose the bottom line, you will make a big mistake.

never refuse to ask for your help, and you forgive any harm.

over time, giving loses its value and forbearance becomes grumpy.

what you think is good, on the contrary, it encourages each other's greed and just wants more from you.

A relationship cannot be sustained by the efforts of one party, let alone the more you give, the deeper the relationship.

know that the tighter the sand is held, the faster it will be sprinkled; the more you give, the less you will be cherished.

it is a simple and eternal truth that "kindness is light and strong, and those who are strong at first and then forget its benefits".

people change hearts, but if you can't change them, you turn around

We often say that between people, it is a heart-to-heart exchange.

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but not everyone in the world cherishes your heart.

your efforts may not be rewarded;

some people are not familiar with each other, and some hearts are not hot.

you treat him as a friend, he treats you like a passer-by.

when he is in trouble, you pour out your money to help;

when you were killed, he hid the steamed bread and told you that he was hungry, too.

as Carnegie said in the weakness of Human Nature:

"ingratitude is human nature, and if you have to expect others to be grateful, you are probably worrying about nothing."

the sun cannot be seen directly, and neither can the human heart.

in a relationship, you can pay nothing in return, but you can't really pay by mistake.

if you can't change your heart, you must turn around in time.

Don't wait for disappointment to save up before leaving. It is wise to stop loss in time.

Seven points of kindness to others, three points of love for yourself

there is a good saying:

"it is good for a person to dig out his heart and heart, either to be a lifelong confidant or to learn a lifetime lesson."

however, bosom friends are rare, and what you get from the bottom of your heart is often a lesson.

when the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon makes a profit, it loses.

No one in this world can give too much or love too deeply.

because people will not be hurt by unimportant people, can hurt us, only the people they care about most.

along the way, we are always kind to others and ignore ourselves.

took care of the hearts of others, but wronged his own.

but think about it in the end, what do you get from this kind of pay?

if you are too kind to a person, you will consume yourself.

as the old saying goes: eat seven percent full, treat others seven percent better.

I don't know the meaning of it when I am young, but when I think about it carefully, it makes a lot of sense.

you can only be healthy if you are full with seven percent of your meal.

if you treat others well, your heart won't get hurt.

all feelings are like this, a long stream of water.To last for a long time.

take what is good to others and save more love for yourself.

you know, if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come.

only if you are good enough can you attract people who are equally good.

it is never better to please than to go in both directions.

from now on, be seven percent kind to others and stay three percent to love yourself.

your kindness, in front of those who are grateful, is the nourishment of each other's feelings.

in front of an ungrateful person, it is only a tool to satisfy his desires.

kindness is your strength, but it must not be your weakness.

Don't give everything you have to be nice to a person, give yourself room for manoeuvre at any time.

this is not only self-protection, but also responsibility for feelings.

, may you be kind, have a bottom line, and give your goodness to others.