Mo Yan: if you don't experience something bad, what kind of life is that?
Mo Yan: if you don't experience something bad, what kind of life is that?
In the course of spiritual practice in life, there must be some disasters in order to be successful.




Mo Yan once wrote in Frog:


how to achieve positive results without suffering; how to have an epiphany without suffering.


walking in the world, whether it is Mo Yan, or you and I, will encounter countless bad things.

but the emergence of these bad experiences is not without benefits.

as the saying goes, the chief executive is an adult.

as soon as the pattern of human life is large, it will not be sunk by the bad things at hand.

when others are still in internal friction to break things, people with large patterns have already got rid of the feud between right and wrong, and have realized their own transformation.

have met bad people several times

to know that some people don't have to compete

Nietzsche said in the other side of good and Evil:

"if you struggle with a dragon for too long, you will become a dragon; if you stare at the abyss for too long, the abyss will come back to gaze."

if you compete with bad people, you will always be the loser.

Mo Yan once portrayed a bad person, kung fu, in the late ripening Man.

Kung fu is a man with a vengeance, and as long as others upset him a little bit, he is bound to retaliate.

once, a man in the village had an altercation with kung fu.

Kung fu has been uttering foul language and spreading rumors that other people's son is not his own.

this man wanted to beat kung fu to relieve his anger, but when he saw that kung fu was not afraid of boiling water, and thought of the previous warning of others, he took his family out of the village, and the matter came to an end.

and martial arts were rejected by everyone because of their various acts in the village, and ended up betraying their relatives.

as the saying goes, it is better to have a fight with a wise man than to talk to a bad man.

A bad person is like a swamp, entanglement with it will only make you sink deeper and deeper.

when you meet them, the best choice for smart people is to throw in the towel.

in the late ripening Man, Mo Yan told another story.

is also called Mo Yan. Mo Yan became famous by writing, but he also attracted the jealousy of his cousin Ning Saiye.

one day, my cousin found Mo Yan, first a burst of cynicism, scolding Mo Yan for his defiance.

later, he accused Mo Yan of refusing to recommend his works to others because he was jealous of his talent.

Mo Yan wanted to fight back angrily after several accusations for no reason.

but then I thought that if I argued with him, I was afraid that he would talk more and more vigorously, so it would be better to rest in peace and avoid him from then on.

so Mo Yan just made a few perfunctory words and stayed away from this man.

Bai Yansong once said, "it's not honorable to beat a dog, but it's bad luck to be bitten by a dog."

if you struggle with bad people, it will always be you who will get hurt.

people who are really smart ignore the provocation of their opponents.

he forced him to be strong, and the breeze blew the hills. He is crossed by him, and the bright moon shines on the river.

being calm is the worst revenge on the bad guy.

go through several bad things

just know that some things don't need to be entangled

writer Bi Shumin was deeply troubled by a problem: she was very afraid of speaking in public and dared not go into KTV.

and this all stems from an experience in her childhood.

in primary school, Bi Shumin signed up for the school's singing competition. But she always sings out of tune and is often laughed at by her classmates.

one day, while they were practicing the chorus, the music teacher unceremoniously picked out Bi Shumin and insulted her in public:

"A rat shit spoils a pot of soup! Now, I've removed you from the list! "

this harsh remark made Bi Shumin burst into tears and left her a serious psychological shadow.

in the following decades, whenever singing was mentioned, Bi Shumin would think of that unbearable experience, so that she could no longer sing.

Balzac once said, "Life can't go on without forgetting a lot."

most of the time, the harm caused by bad things is one-off.

but if people can't let go of their obsession and pull the scar over and over again, the wound will always be as fresh as new.

Mo Yan talked about a similar experience in a speech.

when he was young, his family was so poor that he often followed his mother to the fields to pick up ears of wheat.

without saying a word, the man took away the ears of wheat his mother had picked up and slapped his mother in the face.

this scene is deeply branded in Mo Yan's mind.

after that, whenever he thought of it, Mo Yan resented that man.

many years later, Mo Yan and his mother came across the field keeper in the bazaar, by which time he was grey-haired.

Mo Yan rushed forward and got even with him.

this calm remark suddenly awakened Mo Yan.

it turns out that my mother has long let it go, but she has been carrying a grudge for so many years.

as said in fatigue of Life and death: "the world is like a book, page by page turned over." People should look forward and dig less into the past. "

the injuries given by others are thorns that grow in the heart, and the bad things of the past are the abyss that pull people to the abyss.

if you keep entangling, you will only bring more pain to yourself.

put aside the bad things that have happened, and be bearish on the bad things that cannot be changed.

putting aside the entanglement of the past is not a kind of relief to yourself.

Don't go through some bad things

what is life?

Mo Yan has experienced a lot of bad things in the past 60 years.

it was difficult for him to be born, he had to starve when he was young, and he often endured the beating of his father.

as an adult, although he has published some works by writing and gradually gained some fame, he is still looked down upon by others because of his birth and appearance.

even after winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mo Yan did not get the respect he deserved, but was criticized and despised by many people.

some people denigrated his works as dark and pornographic, while others abused him and his family.

after Mo Yan did not publish a book for a long time, some people ridiculed him for running out of talent.

however, he saw all the above very thoroughly.

talking about the tragic experiences of childhood, he said: "it is precisely because I have deeply experienced the taste of hunger and poverty that my pen can take root in the local soil and write works that make a sensation in the world."

speaking of the experience of being abused and ridiculed, Mo Yan responded with only four words: "Don't listen and don't care."

he let go of the gossip of the world, and the slander of the bad man did not bring him down.

in his muddy life, he walked calmly and lived a chic life. All kinds of bad things make his heart stronger and stronger.

as the old saying goes, one cannot become a god without fireworks, and one cannot be an adult without suffering.

people's most powerful ability is to face life squarely and allow bad things to happen.

the writer Bova once said: "pain itself is life."

it's hard to encounter bad people and bad things on the way of life. But the so-called bad things are stepping stones to life.

how can people grow without going through some bad things;

how can you see the truth of the world without experiencing some bad people?

those bad people and things you encounter torture a person's body and mind, but heighten a person's height of dealing with the world.

Yang Jiang once said:


the years of dark clouds obscuring the sky are hard to look back, but what stays in my memory is the Phnom Penh with light and heat.


No one has a life, only sunshine and no dark clouds cover the sky.

there is no one around, only dignitaries, no villains.

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all the pains and setbacks experienced in life can be seen as the best opportunity for growth.

always remember: all experience is growth.

in the course of spiritual practice in life, it is necessary to encounter some difficulties in order to be successful.



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