Low-level intelligence is more terrible than stupidity.
Low-level intelligence is more terrible than stupidity.
Starting today, ​ will abstain from low-level intelligence and low-level desires.

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Han Feizi once said, "Little knowledge cannot make you plan things, and Xiaozhong cannot make you master the law."

that is to say, cleverness is good, but if there is only one point, it is not as good as stupidity; loyalty is valuable, but if there is only a little, it is not worthy of great responsibility.

it is true that some people think they are smart, but they are often fooled by their intelligence and do something ironic.

some people seem to be silly, stupid and dull, but they tend to go further.

therefore, it is sometimes better to be a wise fool than to be a stupid wise man.

take advantage of small, suffer big losses

Free colors are often the most expensive

have read such a sentence:

"1% of the people in the world take advantage of small losses, while 99% of people take advantage of small gains. Most successful people come from that 1%. "

but many people don't understand that free lunches are often the most expensive.

they always lose a lot of money because they take a little advantage.

A while ago, the clothing clerk took away more than 800 clothes and sold them at a 25% discount on the news.

Qian has worked in a clothing store for a long time and is dissatisfied with the promotion channel and job treatment, so he often takes one or two clothes from the store privately.

then sell it at a discount through some platforms on the Internet.

he thinks he is smart and takes advantage of some companies, so no one will find out.

even as the position rises, they become more greedy and get more and more things.

although the income seems to have increased, there is no such thing as whoring in the world.

the police found his anomaly through monitoring, and through further investigation, it was found that the amount of money involved in the case reached 600000 yuan, and he was arrested for illegal embezzlement.

Life is actually an echo.

if you get something that doesn't belong to you in some way, one day you will lose it in other ways.

and that way may be too late for you to regret.

Qian originally had a bright future, but because he was a little narrow-minded and greedy for a little bargain, he ruined the bright future.

such people seem to be shrewd, but in fact they are incompetent. They seem to be greedy for small gains, but in fact they suffer great losses.

they do not ask for blessings or gains without reason. Instead, they can be blessed and surprised by God.

like to be a teacher, annoying

superfluous advice, often the most annoying

in order to show that they are smart, some people like to play tricks, and some people like to be teachers.

but superfluous advice is often the most disgusting.

in the TV series you are my Glory, there is such a scene.

Yu Tu attended the college classmate reunion and was laughed at in public because of his career choice.

there is even a classmate saying:

at the age of 30, he has not yet reached one million a year, which is really a disgrace to his alma mater.

if you really can't get along, you might as well ask the students to introduce an opportunity and start all over again.

did not expect to reply directly on the way: "do you only live 30?"

this left the mocker speechless.

after all, Yutu's income is not high because he is incompetent.

but because he aims at the stars and the sea and wants to make a contribution to the aerospace industry.

the industry may not earn as much as finance, but it is worth no less than finance.

in this world, not everyone is money-oriented, and not everyone has to fill in the standard answer of life.

there is always someone who will make some different choices.

the more stupid a person is, the more he likes to impose his views on others.

such people are not only disgusting, but also easy to stand still.

on the contrary, people who are really good know how to respect and be silent.

and their achievements will not be the slightest bit less than others just because they are not showing off or showing off.

take a shortcut and don't go far

likes to take shortcuts, often take long ones

what do you think is the biggest trap of our time?

in this age of speed, I think taking shortcuts and making quick money is the biggest temptation.

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in order to catch up and compete, many people like to take shortcuts and strive for quick success.

but I don't know if you've found out, but such people often don't go far.

blogger Xia Yuzhi told such a story.

she often sees in Xiao Pan's moments that she memorizes English words quickly in ten minutes, reads English at high speed, skillfully studies English by using American TV dramas, and effectively improves her English by reading original English works. Similar practical information articles.

she asked the other person, why do you always like to watch these?

Xiao Pan replied, "because I am not good at English because it is practical, effective, convenient and fast. Learning like this is equivalent to climbing on the shoulders of giants."

but a few years have passed, and Xiao Pan's time has been spent, but his English has not improved much.

on the contrary, the other down-to-earth memorize words, practice oral English, and participate in the English cornerOur friends, however, have made rapid progress.

most of the time, we are Xiao Pan.

always thinking about how to lose weight quickly in a few days, how to recite words quickly in a few minutes, and how to improve quickly in a few months.

therefore, to see the quick weight loss, to learn to memorize words efficiently, to try to double the speed of life.

I always think that I am smart enough to find shortcuts that others cannot find.

but after a long time, I found that all I knew was superficial.

after all, without a solid foundation, any skill may accelerate the collapse of your life building.

in fact, nothing we have to do can be done in an instant, because not everything in the world can be done in an instant.

people who are really good know how to take things slowly.

they will spend a lot of time to consolidate the foundation, they will use the best energy to grasp the essence.

it may not be conspicuous at first, but the longer it takes, the more it can show its extraordinary strength.

it is better to be a wise fool than to be a stupid wise man

Su Shi once said: "Great courage if timid, great wisdom if foolish."

really smart people seem to be a little "stupid".

and the one who is always clever is the real fool.

after all, the more calculations, the more hidden dangers; the more publicity, the more loopholes; the more shortcuts, the less the right path.

from now on, give up low-level intelligence and low-level desires.

be a fool with no intention, no showing off, no shortcuts, maybe you will reap a wider world.

, the more you take the right path, correct your fate, and be a really smart person.