Look on the bright side and live a simple life.
Look on the bright side and live a simple life.
Look at the complexity of the world with a simple heart, live up to yourself, be worthy of this life, and be happy and wanton.

Lin Jing

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I quite agree with one sentence:

"the darkness of the night is not hard, but what is hard is the tired heart."

in this life, we always want to live happily and easily, but the real life is not always satisfactory.

because he cares about the eyes of others, it is not easy to be happy because he is careful.

because I cling to too many things, I am distracted and tired.

when people reach middle age, they gradually understand that the most comfortable way to live is not to have everything going well, but to hope for the best and live a simple life.

look on the bright side,

Life is happier

hear a story:

two people got lost in the desert, leaving only half a pot of water.

A person said in dismay:

"there is only half a pot of water left. What if I haven't gone out after drinking it?"

the other said happily:

"I'm so lucky to have half a pot of water, enough to get me out of the desert."

the same thing, because of different mentality, produces different results.

the way you look at things determines your quality of life. There is light in your heart, and there will be a day of success even when you are at a low ebb.

some time ago, Xiao Meng, a post-90s girl who filmed a short video of rural life in Northeast China, was sought after by countless people.

Xiaomeng is a girl who married far away from the rural areas of Northeast China, where the living conditions are difficult and the soil goes to and fro.

in her spare time, she went to find someone to play, but all her peers went out to work and had nothing in common with the people around her.

when she confided to her best friend, her best friend told her what the junior high school teacher said:

"if everyone wants to be a doctor or a scientist, who will be a farmer?

Showcase your desirable figure with our trendy collection of long sleeve prom dress. Ideal choices for your big days!

Peasants should also have knowledge, self-cultivation and moral character. "

Xiao Meng changed her depression and began to create short videos as part of her daily life.

she records her life with a smile. 100 breakfasts are not the same. She goes into the river to fish, burns the Kang and draws water from the snow.

she also publicized the beautiful scenery, introduced local conditions and customs, donated money to assist students, and promoted local products with great interest....

she was surprised to find that

the place that used to be dull in her eyes is now so interesting.

after shooting a short video for more than a year, Xiaomeng gained millions of fans and was named the local "March 8th Red Flag bearer".

some people say:

"the optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the abyss."

Yes, if you live with a positive attitude, you will find the beauty in the predicament.

A true wise man knows how to hope for the best and achieve himself with joy.

even if there are strong winds and showers, you can walk around, and even if you are sleepy and bleak, you must forge ahead.

Life is easier, life is easier

some people say:

"if life is simple, people will be happy. If the heart is simple, people will be happy."

the famous painter Wu Guanzhong is such a person with a simple life.

as the "most valuable artist", Wu Guanzhong's works used to be hard to find.

some people even crushed the glass to buy his paintings.

but little is known that the most valuable artists lead a low-key and simple life.

an old-fashioned apartment with white walls and simple patchwork furniture is Wu Guanzhong's home.

the studio is so dark and small that it barely makes some small pictures. if you do a big one, you have to roll up the paper before you can draw it.

the street park in front of his house is his favorite place.

sometimes, he will spend a few yuan to find a stall to shave his head.

he keeps a low profile, never holds birthday parties, and is not complacent about the high price of his paintings.

even if the exhibition is held in an ordinary art factory, there are no tickets.

it is precisely in this way that Wu Guanzhong put aside fame and wealth and is not bound by fame and wealth, so that he can devote more energy to creation without distractions.

I have heard a sentence:

"A quality life is not a return to complex sophistication, but a return to simple innocence."

A high-quality life is from complex to simple.

most of the time, we like to put too many things into our lives, be infatuated with things outside us, and care about the gains and losses of interests, but we do not realize that this is not necessarily a good thing, but we will lose control of our lives.

instead of entangling in complex and trivial things all day, it is better to take off the burden and live a simple life.

by subtracting matter, we can gain insight into the truth of life and live a rich spiritual world.

subtract from desire so that you can live in a relaxed state without being burdened by false fame and wealth.

A simple life is not a cheap life, but a matter of keeping things simple and focusing on what you want to do.

look on the bright side and live a simple life

there is such a sentence:

"We spend our lives trying to find ourselves.

only when you understand that pleasing yourself is the meaning of life shows that you are on your way to find yourself. "

in life, get rid of superfluous things, live yourself well, and be happy.

what touches me most in the best-selling book worth it is not the thought-provoking philosophical story, but the life experience of the 90-year-old author Grandma Hengzi.

Grandma Hengzi, in the eyes of outsiders, is always in a light and leisurely state of mind.

in fact, her life is not plain sailing, but she interprets this sentence with a detached attitude: