Liu Yifei was publicly humiliated by wearing a "bust dress": whose eyes were hindered by her breasts?
Liu Yifei was publicly humiliated by wearing a "bust dress": whose eyes were hindered by her breasts?
The freedom to dress is a long way to go.

unexpectedly, it has been 2023, and the magic of the Internet has not diminished at all.

some time ago, a group of advertisements by Liu Yifei went viral, which was so beautiful that it went crazy.

in the short film, the sexy and handsome jacket and skirt make the whole person look cool and amazing.

the blessing of black underwear makes people say, "Sister Fairy is so hot."

such a sexy and charming shape has caused a lot of controversy.

some people think that the immortal sister is bold in shape and very attractive.

but there are still dissenting voices: "too much exposure, too vulgar!"

should women be scolded if they dress sexy? Should you be insulted?

at a ktv in Shenzhen, a girl sings with her friends in fitness clothes.

inadvertently, she found a strange man secretly photographing her with a mobile phone.

therefore, he immediately came forward to communicate and asked him to delete the video.

did not expect that the other party not only refused, but also openly humiliated:

"aren't you disgusting dressed like that?"

the girl had no choice but to explain: "I came out to exercise, and I haven't had time to change my clothes."

after that, the other party became even worse, and the words were full of contempt and filth.

"aren't you dressed like that for people to take pictures of?"

"otherwise, take off your clothes and see if someone else can shoot you or not, and see if I dare to film you."

but it is clear that the girl is wearing an ordinary sports vest + sweatpants, no exposure, no indecent behavior, but was cast a strange eye and picky.

you may not like it or support it, but at least you should maintain basic respect instead of hurting words at each other.

even if it is not exposed, there will always be someone with a magnifying glass

always come to judge

to judge you.

unscrupulously evaluate others as "showing off sexy" and throw dirty water on them.

but forget that sexy is not a word of tiger or wolf, let alone the original sin.

Women's clothing is so common that it is not worth mentioning at all.

so, since when is it that women's clothes are often questioned?

the answer may be: sexy starts with being stigmatized.

Tan Zhuo once said:

"showing sexuality is a unique power given to women by God, and the beauty of women's curve should not be hidden."

remember the Internet celebrity blogger 1saye?

she often shares her beautiful photos on the Internet, as well as some good things and make-up skills, which are deeply loved by fans.

once, she shared a set of sexy pictures of herself with everyone.

As a piece to bring our elegance and romance to you, short white dresses for wedding is almost a basic need for any lady. Have a look at our smooth textile collection now!

in the photo, 1saye, dressed in a white sling swimsuit and long hair, plays comfortably at the seaside.

the blue sky, white clouds and the sea are simply beautiful to everyone's hearts!

but it so happened that many people focused on her figure, and all kinds of comments came across her face.

"am I right? is the front flat?"

"wouldn't it be better not to wear it?"

"the breast stickers are all exposed, so that's not the case."... "

as the controversy grows, 1saye has to respond to questions on Weibo:

"I've never been ashamed of my body's organs, and I don't have to be ashamed."

Yes, I don't know why I should be ashamed to choose the clothes I like under the right circumstances.

in fact, whether the world is clean or dirty does not depend on the eyes, but on the idea.

in a narrow and nasty perspective, women's sexuality is dismissed as worthless and even stigmatized.

in the minds of many people, sexy itself is an original sin, and freedom to dress is still just a slogan.

I have read this sentence: "I was treated unfairly as a woman when I didn't do anything."

is sarcasm and despair.

but this unfairness never stops.

and when it comes to being sexy, people can't help thinking of Liu Yan.

from his debut, Liu Yan could not do without the word "sexy" in both magazines and film and television works.

"borrow chest" seems to have become a label that she can't tear off.

even she can laugh at herself:

"Liu Yan, I can't do anything but borrow my chest."

although it is self-teasing, it is so sour that others cannot understand it.

gradually, she wrapped herself up sexy and gave herself a brand new label with acting skills.

Liu Yan's experience may be a microcosm of many of our women.

skin exposure ≠ exposes ≠ vulgar ≠ porn.

although online

the slogan of "dress freely" can be seen everywhere

, but the price paid by women has never been reduced by half a point.

if you indulge the environment to women

speak ill of each other

, it will only make more women fear and hold back from the freedom to dress.

nowadays, when it comes to Reiza, there are a lot ofWhen people know the Flying Shadow, they deserve it.

but I can't get around the scene when she showed up at the airport wearing a yellow sling.

the photo was posted on the Internet, which instantly detonated the whole network.

many people stared at Reiza's looming flab and complained about her figure.

and Reiza jokingly replied to netizens' complaints:

"strive to lose weight and strive to reproduce the vest line."

however, this dispute of public opinion is not over here.

used to have netizens

post, implying that she has a "breast exposure fetish".

makes Raiza once again pushed to the forefront of public opinion and attacked by many netizens:

"if you dress like that, all you need is a sign on your chest."

"it's shameless to attract eyeballs in this way."

"are you a 'bust freak'?"

the unbearable Reyiza chose to fight back head-on, and finally the two sides went to court to quell the public opinion war caused by "freedom of dressing."

"Women's clothing should not be a topic of discussion."

Yes, everyone has the right to love beauty. How to dress is a person's most basic freedom.

Why does this most basic freedom become a reason for women to be attacked and humiliated?

Yoga pants, halter top, Lolita. Again and again, girls have been humiliated from dressing style to personal humiliation because of their dress preferences.

the malicious imagination of women reflected from these farces is even more distressing.

the beauty of women is diversified, and everyone has a different style of dressing.

there is no need to impose your own knowledge on others, to ask or even insult others.

the women who are really ashamed should not be shackled, but those who stifle the diversity of charm.

looking at it, there is still a long way to go to dress freely.

May every girl be respected and treated kindly.

it is hoped that more people will regulate themselves with the "dress code" and tolerate others with the "freedom of dressing".