Li Xiang's daughter Wang Shiling overturned? High-profile show of wealth rushed to the hot search, the whole network exploded: is it the parents who are so crazy?
Li Xiang's daughter Wang Shiling overturned? High-profile show of wealth rushed to the hot search, the whole network exploded: is it the parents who are so crazy?
May everyone be a unique person!

00, we began to rectify the Keyboard Man!

some time ago, Li Xiang's daughter Wang Shiling updated her updates on ins.

the photo is the Pearl of the Orient taken by her and marked with time.

seeing this behind the scenes, some netizens left a message:

Proper and Vibrant, second hand homecoming gowns near me are definitely your essential. These collections perfectly match all occasions.


Poetry age has returned to Shanghai.


Wang Shiling replied bluntly: NO.

this seems to touch Wang Shiling's "reverse scale" and hurriedly reply:

"who are you to teach me to do things? Who are you? Why should I listen to you? "

soon, Wang Shiling was put on Weibo, causing an uproar.

many netizens have supported Wang Shiling

"the opposite is good! Just hate the villains who preach and mind your own business. "

"I am really speechless to some keypad warriors, and it is best to be myself."

for a long time, Wang Shiling's life has always been overly concerned and interpreted by netizens.


shopping for Di

Olympic handbags, all

will be deliberately described as "showing off wealth" by netizens.

even if you simply post photos of your dormitory, you will be teased. You are really a "little princess".

do not realize that these are just simple sharing of daily life, and are not as bad as netizens say.

I don't know when the second generation of Xing, like Wang Shiling, was exposed to the spotlight all the time.

it seems that every word and deed should be "tried" naturally, and such things have been getting worse and worse.

do you still remember Jia Jingwen's daughter Wu Tong Mei?

recently, Wu Tong Mei posted a group of photos on the social platform, attracting a full screen of malice.

in the photo, Wu Tong Mei's hair is not yet dry, she is wearing a sling vest, and she is young every day.

but it happens to be a photo of daily life, but it has been labeled as "too Sister" and "wipe the edge" by netizens:

even from the evaluation of dress up to personal attack, I think she is "useless".

I don't understand why so many people treat a child with malice.

and such criticism has been made more than once.

as Jia Jingwen's daughter, she has always received a lot of attention from the outside world, and her every move will be infinitely magnified.

earlier, Wu Tong Mei was criticized by many people for her high exposure because of her clothes.

whoever looks at it, there is a sense of immediacy that my family has just grown up.

but in front of the public, it is gaudy, that is, bad children, under attack from netizens.

these insulting words make people shudder.

Beauty has never been single. We can dislike beauty that is not imagined, but there is no need to vilify it maliciously.

someone asked, "Angel (Wu Tong Mei) is a little hot now. Do you think it's still OK?"

Xiu Jie Kai responded with a smile:

"as long as she thinks ok, then we think it's okay."

there are still netizens who do not give up and one after another shout that Jia Jingwen should take care of her daughter.

in this regard, Jia Jingwen's attitude is surprisingly consistent with that of Xiu Jiekai:

"respect the child's freedom of choice."

care but not interfere, respect but not indulge. This is a compulsory course for parents all their lives.

and those Internet keyboards, unprovoked discrimination, abuse and slander, may destroy a good heart.

it seems that every time a mature costume does not match with his peers, it will attract countless voices of questioning.

and Li Yan, Wang Fei's daughter, is one of them.

since she was born, Li Yan has been doomed to live in the limelight and be examined by passers-by

she once posted a group of photos of playing at the seaside.

Sunshine, sandy beach. Take pose photos in front of the camera, just like a graceful girl.

did not expect that just because it was "too mature", it led to network-wide humiliation.

"will you show it and be smart?"

"it always feels so open, how big it is!"

"what kind of mother is what kind of baby!"

in the face of these groundless accusations, Li Yan did not hesitate to send several photos angrily.

White shirt, sling vest, eyes sharp straight at the camera, suspected to respond: "you have to take care of it!"

"at a young age, the uglier you are, the more fearless you are."

No matter how strong a child is, he can't resist a full screen of malice.

when a humiliation hit, Li Yan chose to empty her social account and use her signature to represent her attitude.

Please put aside your prejudice before you come in.

what happened to Li Yan was not only shocked, but also made people feel familiar with it.

Huang Lei's daughter Huang Duoduo grew up with almost all kinds of curses along the way.

whether it is hair dyeing, ear piercing, or wearing clothes or makeup, as long as it is not pleasing to the eye, you will be criticized.

some time ago, Sun Li shared a video of Huang Duoduo doing baking, but she still didn't escape Youyou.

VideoIn the middle, Huang Duoduo wore a low ponytail, exquisite facial features and skilful techniques, just like a warm and beautiful appearance.

as a result, some people like to find fault, staring at her dress, accusing her of not wearing a low collar.

for a long time, whether it is Li Yan or Huang Duoduo, these vulgar comments always seem to revolve around their dress, but they do not know that the excellence of others is obvious to all.

although she is born with rabbit lips, Li Yan has never been inferior or sensitive. She is sunny, confident and dares to show herself on the t-stage.

by the time Huang Duoduo was 8 years old, he had translated 3 English novels.

began to dub English animated films such as "the Little Prince", "Giant Dream come true" and "Ice Age 2" at the age of 10.

all these performances are sufficient to prove their excellence.

it is a compulsory subject for every adult not to judge and ask her by her own feelings.

everyone has their own preferences, and we should not try our best to deny and attack her just because others are different from themselves.

Don't just see what you want to see, but you can never explore a person's bright spot with appreciation.

otherwise, you will eventually become a nuisance to yourself.

if you look at the whole entertainment industry, there are always some controversial points in these "star two generations".

they bring their own halo, and their words and deeds are always under the magnifying glass of public opinion, and they are repeatedly scolded and searched.

however, it is biased to support and kill them with harsh eyes.

as we all know, Yi Nengjing's son Harry has been well protected since he was a child.

but as Harry grew up, his life was inevitably watched by everyone, and his social account was pulled out.

in the photo, Harry has exquisite makeup and hair, full of styling, and looks like a mirror.

but after the photo was exposed, all kinds of gossip and malice came.

someone scolded: "if there is a life, there is no one to support it!"

others complain that children from single-parent families have psychological problems.

there is no shortage of personal attacks, saying that he will have sex reassignment surgery sooner or later.

with just one photo, netizens have made up all kinds of dramas.

all the bad words and evil words were spilled on a child who was not yet involved in the world.

in the face of this sudden malice, Harry bravely stood up and explained:

"the interpretation of a dress should not exceed the interpretation of the person itself."

but all this refutation is of no avail. In desperation, he can only set his account to be private and block out gossip.

but is Harry really as unbearable as netizens say?

not so. With the halo of "Star II", he worked very hard.

at an early age, he could compose lyrics and music, which perfectly inherited his father's talent for composing music.

whether he is painting or dancing, he is proficient in everything, and he has been admitted to the coveted school by virtue of his efforts.

Harry is also a very warm-hearted child in life.

when his life is constantly magnified and attacked by the media, he cares more about his mother:

"will you get hurt, will it affect your work, and should I turn off the social network forever and stop posting any more messages?"

Yi Nengjing told him very calmly: no need.

with his mother's unconditional support, Harry opened his ins account again to share his life.

after dressing up, he will carefully tell everyone that he is dressed like this not for fun, but for shooting.

as a makeup artist, she appeared at Chanel's make-up event in New York.

when Yi Nengjing attends Sister Lang, he will accompany him in the dance

practice together in the dance studio and guide each movement patiently.

is enough to prove Harry's excellence.

and those keyboard warriors hiding in the dark, who on earth are you qualified to accuse and smear a person for no reason?

just because their parents are stars, they always take a magnifying glass to look for some defects in the "Star II" and try to discredit them.

but Uncle wants to say:

the so-called education is not to turn children into a unified template, but to blossom thousands of flowers, but not to repeat them.

the word "Star II" has always been a double-edged sword.

they bring their own halo as soon as they are born, but they are destined not to grow up as peacefully as ordinary children.

whether it is halo or yoke, as a "Star II", we always have to rely on our own strength to work hard and win word of mouth.

as ordinary spectators, I also hope that everyone will maintain a rational attitude and understand that the world is pluralistic, a little more tolerant and a little less malicious.


, may everyone be unique!

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