"Li Ronghao, you are so disappointing!"
"Li Ronghao, you are so disappointing!"
In the long-distance race track of life, become each other's most solid backing, has been fighting side by side.

help! I'm so stoned!

the other day

# Li Ronghao Rainie Rainie kisses on the platform of high-speed rail #

rushed into the hot search, some netizens shared the picture of two people traveling by chance, dressed in a low profile and walked arm in arm.

the scene of kissing through a mask shows Bourne's love.

this picture is full of pink bubbles just when I think about it.

before, Rainie also went to see Li Ronghao's concert.

holding a glow stick and smiling, she became the number one fan.

after watching it, many netizens said:

A real couple, I hit it again, it's killing me.

the love between two people is very enviable, and they love each other well.

your shallow smile is like black plum sauce. This is not the picture described in Li Ronghao's song.

the love scene of a young couple makes it easy for the audience to call a real couple.

it turns out that the right love will really make people happy and happy from the bottom of their hearts.

plain and light, but envious of others.

after 8 years of love and 3 years of marriage, the relationship between the two not only did not fade, but added a lot of romance and tacit understanding.

since the two openly fell in love, love has been full of firmness, perhaps not romantic enough, but words and deeds are full of truth.

because of love, Li Ronghao, who has always been aloof and low-key, showed an unprecedented high profile.

at Li Ronghao's concert, Rainie showed up by surprise, and the two sang "the Theory of Ring".

when he was in love, Li Ronghao pulled her and kissed her so hard that he was out of shape.

after her success, Li Ronghao could not hide her excitement. Li Ronghao turned and jumped excitedly, while Rainie covered her face shyly.

mention the thought of "my girlfriend Rainie", affectionate confession, sweet to the throat.

Love is to tell the world that you are contracted by me.

obviously do not like to talk about love, not accustomed to saying "I love you".

but every move is deducing to keep you in mind and is willing to give you all tenderness.

Li Ronghao will go to her concert, laugh and applaud her, and be the most loyal fan.

gentle and considerate, gave her the greatest warmth, served tea, poured water for medicine, and took care of her everywhere.

she is very careful and remembers the things and tastes she likes.

the two get along well with each other, and Li Ronghao will cook for her and wash his hands to make soup.

and Rainie is willing to wash the dishes.

No wonder Rainie calls herself a "blessed woman".

having not seen each other for a long time and suffering from lovesickness, Li Jung-hao will look for a sense of existence under the beautiful photos of Rainie.

there are no gorgeous words, no moving love words, or even gather less and leave more.

but there is a constant "chatter" of concern for each other.

once, Rainie admitted that she was an unmarried woman.

after meeting Li Ronghao, everything changed.

because I like you, I become not like myself, but better and better.

there is sense of security, never ambiguous, follow the list you are the only one.

after recognizing Li Jung-ho, many people will ask Rainie, "what do you like most about him?"

quite simply, behind the "childishness" lies a mature mind.

because I met him, I didn't want to make do with it, and I didn't want to change it for the rest of my life.

their lives are never short of surprises and rituals.

the day that used to belong to only one person has since become an anniversary for both of us.

care about the person who celebrates his birthday and can give his only love at the best moment.

each other will say good morning and good night to each other and share the changes in mood in a very comfortable way.

Rainie will secretly take pictures of Li Ronghao, he focuses on playing, and she is complaining.

occasionally, Li Ronghao is also aggrieved. If his wife doesn't go home, he can only go fishing every day.

(distressed for 30 seconds


the sweetness of that love will sneak out inadvertently in details.

it is also natural to boast about his wife, and his eyes are full of love that cannot be concealed.

when Li Ronghao recorded the program, he also helped his little wife chase stars.

Lolita says:

"there are three things you can't hide: cough, poverty and love, but you want to hide them."

the wind and waves are continuous, without explanation or concealment.

simple, without losing smoke and anger, do not suspect each other, and give each other the most determined sense of security.

they prove by their actions that spiritual closeness in love can transcend everything.

is also filling life with countless sweet little things, falling in love with each other small and true.

one is a singer-songwriter who is a late bloomer, and the other is a lovely church leader who becomes famous.

two people from all over the world, but they have the same experience.

have suffered the critical blows of life.

Li Ronghao's life can be described as "hit the south wall and never look back."

at the age of 10, he got his first guitar and has been obsessed with music ever since.

repeated several times, all failed.

later, he was able to make ends meet after taking guitar classes and forming a band.

but tomorrow or accident, we never know which will arrive first.

pain was the only feeling Li Ronghao felt at that time.

the brush with death this time made him firm his idea of going north to pursue his dream of music.

but not long after Beijing drifters's life, there was bad news from his hometown. His father was suffering from leukemia, and the situation was not optimistic.

in order to make him feel at ease, he kept it from him until he was on his deathbed.

the death of his father became the biggest regret in his life.

but in reality, he still has to face the huge debt owed by his father for medical treatment.

by selling songs, arranging music and playing guitar. Pay off the debt little by little.

it wasn't until the popularity of "Model" that the 29-year-old Li Ronghao gradually became known to the audience.

on the other hand, Rainie's life is full of ups and downs.

as the childhood memories of the post-80s and post-90s generation, the role portrayed by Rainie has a place in our memory.

in "the Devil is by my side", she is a pure and astringent Qi Yue.

Bad laughing Flowers, she boldly breaks through her image and becomes a silly and tacky Jiang Xiaohua.

in Shanghai Sweets, she is Chen Baozhu, who is withdrawn and fragile at heart.

but many people don't know that she made her debut because her father failed to invest and ran away with NT $9 million in debt.

the accident at home almost made Rainie grow up overnight, and the burden of life was hard on her mother's weak shoulders.

at that time, she wanted to make a career, to make money, and to share for her mother.

in order to pay off her debts, 15-year-old Rainie did not hesitate to drop out of school and sharpen her head to participate in various competitions.

however, this journey has not been very smooth, and she has been defeated again and again.

finally came to the fore in the competition, making his debut as a girl band "4 in love".

can "


"didn't last long.

No one knew them, the record sales were even worse, and the group hastily disbanded.

as a last resort, Rainie shelved her dream of being a singer and began to edge in variety shows and spin around in the film and television circle.

without fame, her life is still bumpy and helpless.

live a life without a meal, and are often forced to move because they can't pay the rent.

even taking a taxi has become a luxury and is often ridiculed as the "poorest female star".

and Lin Yichen, who is also in debt, met and joked: "how much does your family still owe?"

for fear of missing notices, her cell phone is never turned off.

even if she is notified in the early hours of the morning, she will immediately get up and put on makeup and rush to the scene.

so, even if she became famous later, Rainie never thought of giving up, because she knew she couldn't stop.

similar experiences and similar backgrounds have contributed to their sympathy for each other today.

for Li Ronghao, Rainie is a bosom friend and always knows what he is thinking.

for Rainie, Li Ronghao is a harbor, giving her security to help her grow up.

with each other, they are no longer alone.

in the long-distance race track of life, become the most solid backing for each other, always fighting side by side.

in the Band of Flash, Rainie wears white gauze and holds flowers in her hand, singing day lilies affectionately.

then, Rainie even said bluntly on the social platform:

"I've never worn a wedding dress for personal reasons, and it's the same this time."

some people speculate that the perennial separation of the two is not going to be cold, is it?

just when everyone's opinions were divided, Rainie let all the rumors go away.

it seems that rumors of divorce have spread every now and then since they got married.

it is nothing new that the emotional problems of stars have been mistakenly hurt by the media.

it may be angry and confused, but it will all go away.

for them, the voice of the outside world is just a reference, not for those who are unhappy.

Life is your own. If you live behind closed doors, you can live comfortably.

whether they are deeply in love with each other, they have not lost themselves, and none of them are attachments to each other.

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as Rainie Rainie said in "sweeping":

"Happiness is not bought by sacrifice. You must first find your own position and let your happiness go to you."

Li Ronghao and Rainie are both enterprising people who never give up at the expense of one side.

Rainie is a "desperate woman" who takes life and work very seriously and works very hard.

A petite body can emit boundless energy as soon as it is on the stage.

when she parachuted "Sister Lang" into the hall, she had already done all the dances in the public performance.

when the earring fell, she could cover it quickly, and she got a full score on the spot.

with the annual ring theory, she was shortlisted for the Golden Song Award, becoming the first female artist in Taiwan to be shortlisted for three gold medals.

A movie called "sweating" took her to the Golden Bell Award for Best Actress.

go to the masked singer when you are happy.Stop if you don't want to work.

Rainie always knows where the direction of her life is and never yaws.

of course, Li Ronghao's life is not just Rainie.

after 10 years, his songs began to become popular and became a super dark horse in the Chinese music world.

such as "Li Bai", "youthful behavior", "everywhere" and so on, they are liked by countless people and are known as "Li-style love songs".

some people even described him as: "he sounds like Eason Chan, looks like Jay Chou, and is as talented as Fang Datong."

but he didn't care, but challenged himself step by step, from lyrics and music to production, and was ridiculed as "a person is a team."

in addition to the music producer, he also serves as the mentor of "Youth has you" and "The Voice of China", digging out people who have been doing something and working silently for many years.

you are fine, but I am not bad.

Adult love should not sacrifice one side to cater to the other, but go hand in hand.

you can chase your dreams, and I can be myself.

it may not be perfect, or it may not fit 100%.

but in reality, love doesn't always look like a convention.

as Rainie said: "Don't force yourself to be perfect, because perfection is not beautiful."

so, don't pay too much attention to other people's eyes, just let nature take its course.

as long as you pay attention and are willing to understand each other's thoughts, you will always be able to feel the existence of love.

, I hope we can all meet the right person and reap a rare period of happiness.