Let yourself go (good text in depth)
Let yourself go (good text in depth)
The best cure in life is to let yourself go and learn to let go.



it is often said that there are eight hardships in life:

"birth, old age, illness, death, love parting, resentment for a long time, cannot beg, cannot let go."

the hardships of birth, old age, sickness and death are necessary in life, and no one can escape.

and the rest of the suffering is often the suffering of the human heart.

if you are too obsessed with yourself and refuse to let go of yourself, you will bear too much weight.

Aristotle said, "No one can torture a man but himself."

if people want to be really happy, they have to let themselves go.

Don't force anything, just try your best

growing up, for most people, is the process of knowing and accepting that you are an ordinary person.

when we were young, we were always ambitious and convinced that we were born extraordinary.

think about it carefully, how many things have come true along the way.

the older you get, the more you understand that many things don't always go the way we want them to.

efforts may not be fruitful, and things are always difficult to be perfect.

if you force the result, you will only get yourself into a whirlpool of pain and be unable to extricate yourself.

however, not to insist is not to do nothing, but to try your best and then keep a normal mind.

as the saying goes:

"if you try your best to strive for it, even if you do not succeed, you will have tough armor and will no longer be easily afraid of the wind and rain in the future."

Life is never easy. Maybe we try our best to live a normal life.

but so what? If you try your best, you will be the strong one in life.

in the future, learn to relax a little bit and don't be so hard on yourself.

you can pursue greatness, but also accept the ordinary calmly.

just do your best and let nature take its course.

both closeness and closeness follow fate, so just do your best

in this life, people will meet thousands of people, most of whom are passers-by, with few bosom friends.

you can't be friends with everyone, and you won't be liked by everyone.

if you work hard to cater to the expectations of others, you will live a hard life.

people who live soberly have already learned to focus only on their own feelings.

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people with different values do not have to cater to each other. If they can't talk to each other, they will take the initiative to stay away.

if you don't like to do something, you don't have to do it against your will, refuse if you want to, and turn your face when you turn your face.

other people's help, do not want to help, can not help, can not help, do not feel guilty.

Life lasts only a few decades, and living your own life is far more important than meeting the expectations of others.

as Fang Qi said:

"We spend our whole lives not to satisfy everyone, but to find people who resonate with us on the same frequency."

live the way you like, those who are predestined will be attracted to you, and those who are screened out don't have to be friends.

in the future, fate is not forced, friends are not forced to stay.

be yourself, then be close and close, and love and hate at will.

Don't worry about the past, it's good now

Mr. Ji Xianlin said:

"one must be open-minded in life. If one cannot 'forget', then the pain will be fresh and vivid all the time."

there are always regrets, big and small, in one's life.

some people cling to the past and allow themselves to sink in pain;

some people choose to let go of the past and only seize the present.

in fact, most of the time, it is not the thing that can't pass, but your own heart.

the wheel of life moves forward, and no matter how difficult it is, it will end. It only depends on how your heart chooses.

if you can't let go of your inner obsession and dwell on the past, you will miss the happiness of the present.

A broken cup cannot be repaired no matter how sad it is.

instead of complaining about remorse, be happy to buy a new one.

the greatest sobriety for adults is not to worry about what has happened.

after all, let bygones be bygones, and it doesn't matter whether it's remorse or breast-beating, it doesn't help except to increase grief.

wasting time in self-pity is a groundless consumption of life.

it is better to pack and store your regrets and live your present life with a positive attitude.

in the future, learn to say goodbye to the past and don't look back.

only by putting aside the pain of the past can you free your heart.

all gains and losses are bearish, contentment is good

there is a good saying in Caigen Tan: "those who are contented are in Wonderland, and those who are not satisfied are in the ordinary."

when you are alive, you can always be happy when you are contented, and you can only be calm if you are broad-minded.

in this world, there is no eternal gain, no blindly loss.

besides, if you lose your horse, you can't know it's not a blessing.

what is obtained at present may bury unknown risks.

the loss of the present may save the blessings of the future.

Life can be open-minded and calm only if you treat it with a normal heart.

all vanity in the world is like a dream, and floating clouds are blessed people.

people's blessings are never elsewhere, only in their own state of mind.

obsessed with the gains and losses in front of us, how can we embrace the scenery ahead?

Life is not always what you want, soIt is said that life is only half gained and half lost.

what you get, cherish it and live up to the gift of life.

Don't regret what you lost, it just leaves a place for the future.

get it calmly, lose it calmly, then be worthy of this life.

from now on, we will be content with our gains and losses.

if there is nothing wrong with my heart, it is always sunny.

Lu Yao wrote in the ordinary World:

"if you don't worry yourself, others can never worry you."

trouble is self-inflicted, and happiness is self-inflicted.

the best cure in life is to let yourself go and learn to let go.

ordinary self, accept calmly; fate goes or stays, let nature take its course;

past regrets should be packaged and sealed; temporary gains and losses should not be cared about.

Life can be happy only if you let yourself go.

, the rest of your life is long. May you let yourself go and live at ease.