Learn to brake yourself (deeply)
Learn to brake yourself (deeply)
There is not only the courage to step on the throttle, but also the wisdom to hit the brakes.


Lin Zhiying once said in the program "Let's talk":

"Life is like a racing car, you must master your steering wheel and know when to speed up and when to slow down.

in fact, many people can step on the accelerator, but not everyone can step on the brakes.

so the brakes are the most important. "

vehicles without brakes can't control the speed, which will lead to serious accidents.

out-of-control emotions and desires are exhausting; unprovoked obsession and annoyance make people trapped in a corner.

when people reach middle age, learn to brake in time in order to turn a crisis into an opportunity and seize every opportunity in life.

emotional brakes


@ Fatty says workplace experience

shared his story.

A few years ago, a big client's contract was about to expire, but their person in charge was replaced at the end of the year.

after hearing the news, netizens immediately brought people to visit to renew the contract.

although this kind of thing happened for the first time, I don't know why that day, and netizens were extremely angry.

he rushed directly into the office of the head of the technical department and accused him of not doing a good job in the technical manual, resulting in the loss of old customers.

the head of the technical department was bewildered by him, but he still suppressed his anger.

he fell all the way back to his office and closed the door angrily.

with a loud noise, the glass door of the office shattered.

that night, the company's punishment notice came down, with a three-month bonus deduction and suspension.

he explained and apologized many times, but to no avail, and finally held on for a few days, but had no choice but to leave.

there is a good saying:

"emotion is like a ferocious beast. If it is allowed to go wild, it will not only hurt others, but also harm itself."

in the past, we used to vent our emotions to innocent people, but later we realized that controlling our emotions was a compulsory course in life.

people reach middle age, life is trivial, and the pressure of work makes people physically and mentally exhausted.

most of the time, what really bothers us is not the thing itself, but our mood and state of mind when something happens.

Don't be emotionally bound in everything, but deal with things rationally, and even big problems will become minor and trivial.

when you are emotionally stable, your life will go smoothly.

learn to brake your emotions, even if the wind is high and the waves are strong, you can take your time and be able to handle it easily.

desire brake

have read such a sentence:

"We often think that the misfortune of life stems from material poverty, but in fact most of them have nothing to do with rich or poor."

sometimes, it's not that life is too cramped, but that we want too much.

learn to restrain your desires and simplify your life so that you can live a comfortable life.

when Yang Jiang was a professor of Western languages at Tsinghua University, the school held a meeting to evaluate everyone's salary and exchange it for food according to it.

the process is to report the number yourself first, and then let everyone discuss the decision.

every time it was Yang Jiang's turn, she reported less.

according to the final evaluation, Yang Jiang got only more than 600 jin of grain.

this is seriously inconsistent with Yang Jiang's real salary at that time.

but Yang Jiang feels that she can barely have enough to eat, which is already a very happy thing.

and Qian Zhongshu were studying at Oxford, Yang Jiang's life was even more simple.

she is never picky about the three meals provided by the landlord, and her clothes are always those two sets, but they are also clean and tidy.

in her spare time, Yang Jiang can practice calligraphy. Without paper, she writes on a napkin beside her.

after the death of her husband Qian Zhongshu, Yang Jiang went out and carefully sorted out Qian Zhongshu's manuscripts and donated all her manuscripts to Tsinghua University.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"A simple life and a noble soul are the highest realm of life."

We run between endless temptations, thinking that getting is happiness.

wait until a certain age, only to find that owning is also a kind of burden.

the more things you get and the more time and energy you consume, people will be burdened by external things.

unrestrained desires can only make people fall into the abyss. Only by doing something and wanting to be controlled is true prosperity and well-being.

in the second half of life, make subtraction to life and get rid of superfluous things in order to be light-footed and refreshed.

obsession brake

Zhou Guoping once said:

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"the reason for many pains in life lies in blind competition."

you know, it is lucky to have everything going well, and it is normal to ask for it rather than it.

some people, the more they care, the more tired they are; the more important some things are, the more counterproductive they will be.

Dong Bihua, the mother of Wu Jiajun in the TV series "Big exam", in her opinion, going to a famous school and taking an examination of civil servants is the best way out.

but his son, Wu Jiajun, is so fond of painting that he only wants to apply for the animation school. If he fails to pass the exam, he will repeat it.

at first, the two sides quarreled. Dong Bihua first destroyed the entries his son had spent months preparing, forcing his son to run away from home.

again and again, under the banner of "for your own good", he quit his job as a hotel manager and concentrated on taking the exam at home.

later, he broke the lock on his son's door and kept an eye on his every move.

her operation one after another was like mountains pressing on Wu Jiajun, making him out of breath.

when Wu Jiajun's father saw that his son was forced by Dong Bihua and their relationship was tense, he comforted her:

"even if we plan everything for our children, can you predict what it will be like in 20 years' time?

in the end, Dong Bihua gave up his obsession and supported his son's dream of animation. Ng Jiajun also laid down the burden in his heart, and his grades were greatly improved.

have read a sentence:

"Let go of obsession, be humiliated and humiliated, and life should be joyful."

indeed, if you always blindly cling to the immediate gains and losses, regardless of the truth, the losses will often outweigh the gain.

instead of being unrepentant, you might as well look at the problem from a different point of view, improvise, and things will be easily solved.

in life, the really wise way to live is not to hit the south wall and not to look back, but to let go of your obsession and stop your losses in time before you can start again.

when you learn to make peace with yourself, life will turn around and usher in the dark willows and flowers.

worry brake

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"there is no simple happiness in the world. Happiness is always mixed with troubles and worries."

in fact, a lot of troubles are nothing but self-torture.

the writer Shinshima Oshima talked about such a thing in his book courage that he doesn't care.

once, the neighbor's car exceeded the parking space, and Oshima was very angry when he saw it:

"it's hard for my car to get out of the parking space like this!"

in fact, most people will ignore such small things, but Oshima thought at that time:

"this neighbor must be looking for trouble with me. He must be told to park well."

"if I really say that to my neighbor, will he make more trouble with me?"

"if I didn't say it, he might do something that would make me even more unhappy."

later, he gradually realized that he had wasted more time on this and almost affected his work.

it dawned on him that unless the neighbor had obviously broken the rules.

otherwise, what does it have to do with me if other people's bikes are parked?

he also set a rule for himself:

things that happen beyond your reach have nothing to do with you. Ignoring those messy things will make life easier and more enjoyable.

many people have experienced this in their lives:

because of what other people say and look in their eyes, they are bitter about it.

worries about things that have not yet happened begin to be unfounded.

later I realized that most of the things I worry about are nothing more than asking for trouble.

there is no need to criticize trifles that have nothing to do with principles; there is no need to haggle over details that do not hurt elegance.

after middle age, learn to be relieved and look down upon the light in order to see the bright moon.

Matsuura Mitaro once said:

"driving life is like driving. Knowing the brakes is far more important than just speeding up and steering the wheel."

A mature middle-aged man has both the courage to step on the throttle and the wisdom to hit the brakes.

only when you control your emotions, keep yourself calm, and do not get sick slowly, can you be stable and far away.

the true wealth is to restrain desire, live a simple life and have a rich soul.

Let go of obsession, walk lightly and feel free, so that you can have a free life.

get rid of your troubles, relax in details, and focus on the present in order to enjoy the scenery along the road.

in the unknown road, the wind and rain suddenly, ups and downs, but as long as we adjust the state of mind, slow and moderate, life is full of smooth road.

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