It turns out that this is the "house dilemma" (depth good article)
It turns out that this is the "house dilemma" (depth good article)
No matter what age you are, you can live your life well.


there is such a cartoon.

A person is looking for something in a brain-structured room, which is empty, only a flashlight emits a glimmer of light.

most of the time, we always think that the human brain can hold everything and seems to have everything, but it is often the easiest to trap us and slowly become nothing.

in this era of fast food and wisdom, only by breaking through the prisoner's mind can we tear down the high wall standing in our head and meet the willows and flowers.

Don't get caught up in the "house dilemma" and let your cognitive level drag you down all your life.

the biggest dilemma of life

is actually a "thinking cage"

on Douban, there is a group called "Cognitive Warfare", in which there is a straightforward sentence:

what really limits our lives has never been economic poverty, but cognitive hardship.

if the cognitive level is not enough, it is useless to try again; if the cognitive level is too low, it is futile to work hard.

throughout our lives, we are all playing games with our cognitive abilities.

indeed, the reason for opening the biggest gap between people is a person's cognitive level.

there is a thought-provoking cartoon.

A man was locked up in a cage, his eyes glowing, and he only wanted to hook the bread in front of him with a branch, but he could not see the better key next to him.

even if he turned his head or changed his mind, he could see the key to the cage, but he always turned a blind eye.

in reality, many people, like this person, are limited to what is in front of them every day, never think about updates and take the initiative to live a better life.

our cognitive thinking is like a mirror, it reflects the result of your judgment of the outside world, and then in the contrast process, there is an invisible gap.


@ Fog blocks the river

once said:

"those who do not know enough will be trapped in their own hearts, raising their eyes to see only some meaningless things, searching desperately, but not changing their own destiny.


Xiangzi in Lao she's Camel Xiangzi is such a person.

he has a good style and works hard to buy a car.

but when he bought a car, he worked hard and turned a deaf ear to what happened outside the window.

later, when he encountered a disaster, everyone else hid, and he went out of the car in spite of the danger in order to earn two yuan.

as a result, the car was confiscated and was taken to work as a coolie to leave a scar. He complained that he was unlucky.

with great difficulty, he escaped and tried to save money to buy a car by renting a car.

fourth Master Liu and Mrs. Fang, the owner of the car, gave good advice to help him, but he only accepted death and was reluctant to pay interest.

as a result, he was followed and cheated out of all his belongings, and he once again complained about his unfair fate.

because he is trapped in his own "thinking cage" and cognizes a single stubbornness, no matter how hard he is, he still has nothing.

fourth Master Liu, on the other hand, was also born poor and broke out in society, but he knew that he could raise his cognitive level according to the facts and adjust his management in a timely manner, so that his business was getting bigger and bigger, and he had no worries about food and clothing.

the so-called cognition is actually the embodiment of one's thinking and vision.

the lower the cognitive level, the narrower the thinking and vision, the lack of flexibility, unable to accept changes, and ultimately nothing.

as Schopenhauer said, "the largest prison in the world is people's consciousness of thinking."

so, sometimes, it's not the outside world that bothers you, it's your perception.

only by breaking the cognitive dilemma and improving self-awareness can we escape from the cage of thinking and get rid of most of the troubles of life.

Don't be trapped in your own "house dilemma"

is the most sober consciousness of adults

in the book "you should fly to your Mountain like a Bird", Tara, a girl, grew up in the garbage.

her father is paranoid, pursuing and asking his children to pursue the truth of "no school, no medical treatment".

the bad environment made her think that her life was destined to be so bleak.

however, her brother, who left home to study, had a strong impact on her thinking, and made her suddenly realize that her fate might change.

in her brother's constant encouragement and breakthroughs in self-thinking, she slowly saw the outside world and improved her thinking.

her changes make us understand deeply:

only by changing thinking and believing in action can we have a new starting point in life and gain a better life.

Meteorologist Matthew Shepherd once gave a speech at TED:

the biggest mistake I've ever made is that I only look at the information that supports my ideas, and I'm never interested in anything to the contrary.

in other words, I am bound by my own cognition. But it happens that your cognitive radius determines your ability.

indeed, this is a mistake that many people make.

oneWith the increase of age and experience, people are most afraid of ideological rigidity.

only when we dare to change our thinking and maintain our desire for knowledge, can we improve our cognitive level, our life will take a turn for the better, and life will naturally become more and more smooth.

in the ordinary World, Sun Shaoan, who came from a peasant family, did not face the loess all his life, but dared to accept the idea of the tide of reform and decided to break out of his own world under its influence.

when he made money when helping people pull bricks, he was not satisfied with continuing to help others pull bricks, but decided to be his own boss.

he boldly ran the brick kiln, did not flinch in the crisis, but reflected and summed up, reopened the brick factory, and finally invigorated the brick factory.

after the success of his career, he was well aware of the importance of common prosperity and education, so he chose to forgive the villagers' previous attitude towards him, funded the renovation of the village school and helped the village with his own career.

was finally elected by the villagers to be the director of the new villagers' committee.

in every down-to-earth change and sober consciousness, he not only improved the life of the whole village, but also gained a different life.

I have read such a sentence: "in life, trying to improve yourself is always more meaningful than looking up to others."

indeed, it is never the mountains and the sea that can trap you, but the invisible wall in your head.

things are changeable, complaining can not solve the problem, only stay awake, learn to renew yourself, is the way to break the situation, can promote the development of life.

break the cognitive limitation

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to get out of trouble

there is a passage in "transition" that says:


the master is not stronger than us in ability, higher in IQ and better in concentration.

thousands of gold prospectors have spent their life savings to come here, hoping to find gold and make their families rich.

however, the limited amount of gold, coupled with California's dry climate, water shortage, "walk" is not reconciled, "do not go" gold is not found, but also buried here.

as a result, many people are trapped in limited thinking, constant internal friction can not solve the problem.

but these two people broke the cognitive limitation and got rid of the predicament.

A man named Yamer sees the dry climate in California, and panning for gold is a manual task that requires a lot of moisture.

as a result, Yamer withdrew from the gold rush and turned his gold tools into ditch digging tools, collecting the dug water and selling it to gold prospectors.

process, he took it calmly.

relying on a fortune accumulated by selling water, he hired people to dig canals, introduced the river into canals, processed and filtered fine sand, and turned it into cool and delicious drinking water.

A few years later, he became one of the few millionaires selling water.

the other person is called Levi Strauss. He sells canvas for a living and his business is poor.

when he saw that the gold miners dug for gold, their clothes were easily worn out.

he tried to make a batch of thick and durable trousers with canvas and sold them to gold prospectors, but they were very popular.

so he named it "jeans" and expanded production, opened a company specializing in canvas overalls, and laid the road to wealth.

A person's cognitive level determines his fate in life.

if we do not break the cognitive limitation, we can only be trapped in the dilemma of thinking like a prisoner, and the outcome may fend for itself.

like Yamer and Levi Strauss, they are not like other gold prospectors, because they can't find gold and fall into the prisoner's mind.

but dare to jump out of the shackles of thinking, break through the cognitive circle, see moves, and finally win life.

then how should we improve our cognitive thinking and do the following:

1. Read and think more actively

it is not difficult to find that from small to large, we are all used to passive learning and thinking, so it is easy to limit ourselves and slowly develop a fixed mode of thinking, but more importantly, we force ourselves to develop a "growth mode of thinking."

someone may ask, "I have read a lot of books, but then most of them have been forgotten by me. What is the meaning of reading?"

there has been a sharp answer: "when I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can't remember what I ate."

but it is certain that some of them have grown into my bones and flesh. "

reading, you think you can no longer remember, but they are latent in your speech cultivation and thinking ability, which is very different from not reading.

therefore, each of us can change ourselves and achieve our own growth by deliberately and actively practicing reading and thinking, constantly exercising our thinking, improving our cognition and horizons, and broadening our minds.

2. Have grayscale thinking and learn to look at things in a comprehensive way

economist Leng Bing once said:

"those who are smeared may not be really black, and those who are heavily made up may not be white. We need to regain our wisdom, rationality and even compassion.

this is grayscale thinking.


it tells us that everything is multifaceted, not as simple as black and white.

if you only wear black and white glasses to see things, you can only see the surface, but there is actually a gray transition zone in the middle.

and this gray transition zone is often the key to solving the problem.

therefore, we need to have grayscale thinking and learn to look at things objectively and comprehensively in order to better solve the problem.

3. Stop complaining and go out to see the world more

most of the time, you will complain that you don't know enough.

is like a frog in a well, trapped at the bottom of the well, knowing that there will always be a small world with a large wellhead above the head, so it is easy to imprison the mind and keep complaining when it falls into the state of the victim.

when you come out of the well, the more you experience, the broader your knowledge, the deeper your thinking, and the higher your cognitive level.

see the sky and the earth, dare to go to the hole to see a different self.

there is a passage in "lifelong growth":

"the main difference between people's destinies often lies not in intelligence and talent, but in the boundaries of thinking.

thinking is blocked, self-limits are set everywhere, and efforts are just dilemmas.

thinking freely, constantly refreshing challenges, life is full of prosperity.


, may we all be aware of our "house dilemma", jump out of the limits of thinking, and write more possibilities of life.

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