In life, choose the good and choose the gentleman.
In life, choose the good and choose the gentleman.
For the rest of my life, choose the good and choose the gentleman to make friends in order to be stable and far away.


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writer Li Yue once lamented that it is very difficult for middle-aged people to make friends.

first, to guard against getting heavier, it is difficult to open the heart; second, whenever you see the intention behind the smiling face, take the initiative to stay away.

the few friends left have also begun to make a clear classification:

those who can speak their hearts, those who cannot; those who can do something together, those who cannot; those who can borrow money, those who cannot.

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the arrangement is clear and clear.

when I was young, I always thought that all over the world were brothers and everyone was sincere.

the more people you meet, the more you can understand:

choosing friends is a simple life practice.

choose friends

Wang Xiaobo once said: "Life is very long. You should be with interesting people."

there is a long way to go. If you have an interesting friend, you will be able to walk briskly, free and easy.

Jin Yong once wrote a preface to Cai Lan's, in which he mentioned the friendship between the two.

apart from his wife, Cai Lan accompanied Jin Yong to the most places and traveled a long way.

his chic and interesting can often drive away the haze and unhappiness along the way.

never complain about the food is not delicious, do not complain about the car is too bumpy, do not complain about women

the guide is not beautiful.

he drank the worst spicy Italian wine with relish, and the snacks in Singapore's Dabai stalls could also taste different flavors.

Cai Lan taught Jin Yong how to suck cow bone marrow. When he saw Jin Yong frowning, he laughed heartily.

in the past, drinking, smoking and chatting with Cai Lan was one of the great joys of Jin Yong's life.

even though Jin Yong is no longer healthy later, he still likes to sit next to Cai Lan at banquets.

Jin Yong said:

"on the one hand, they are used to it; on the other hand, they can whisper unpleasant things to each other at the table, and they are all happy; third, they can smell some of the excess gas of the cigarettes he smokes, and they are a little addicted to smoking."

fun friends, do not talk about the pros and cons of money, drink favorite tea, read favorite books, there are endless common topics.

Life will be interesting when you are with interesting friends and share songs and laughter.

if you share the same ideals with like-minded friends, you can go far away.

in the days to come, socialize with people who understand you and meet interesting souls.

choose to make friends

I have heard such a sentence:

"those who sincerely criticize you are your enemies today and your friends tomorrow;

those who flatter you blindly are your friends today and enemies tomorrow. "

compared with hypocritical sugar-coated shells, some words are really unpleasant, but they are the most sincere.

writer Cao Yu has a "friend" who dares to speak bluntly.

painter Huang Yongyu is 14 years younger than Cao Yu, and his common artistic pursuit makes them feel like each other even though they are thousands of miles apart.

in 1983, Huang Yongyu wrote a letter to Cao Yu, the language is very sharp:

"I don't like your play after liberation. I don't like any of it. Your heart is not in the play, you have lost the great well-informed Baoyu, and you have been mistaken by the position! "

it turns out that Cao Yu created classic plays such as "thunderstorm" when he was young, but in his later years, there were no more masterpieces.

in the face of such "merciless" accusations, Cao Yu not only was not angry, but also replied a long letter to Huang Yongyu:

"you encouraged me, you accused me of more than 30 years of emptiness, hit my key point, I wasted 'mature middle age', until today's age, began to understand."

there is a question on Zhihu: what kind of people are true friends?

A highly praised answer is good:

True friends can learn from each other even if they are strict with each other.

as the old saying goes, it is rare to be close friends and dare to criticize them face to face.

when you are at a loss, he clears the clouds and gives you advice.

when you take a detour, he reminds you in time and pulls you back on the right track.

when you get carried away, he doesn't hesitate to pour cold water on your head to keep you on guard against arrogance and rashness.

when you reach a certain age, you will understand that there are many people who applaud at the peak of your life, but the only one who is willing to give up his life to stop you before going astray is the one who really treats you.

all the outspoken words are brave and kind-hearted from the bottom of their hearts.

choose good friends

is there such a person around you:

on weekdays, he seems to attach great importance to you, but he can hide faster than anyone else when he is needed.

Brotherhood with you in the scenery, if you stumble, he becomes a stranger.

what you think is honest, but in the end, it's just for you to do things.

think of what teacher Chen Guo of Fudan University said:

"We make friends not because they are useful or to take advantage of each other."

the best friendship is always useless.

du Fu and Gao Shi met on the journey, but when they really knew each other, du Fu was at a low point in his life.

in 759 AD, du Fu, who was frustrated in his official career, took the whole family to Chengdu.

wandering in a foreign land, du Fu led a miserable life.

it was at this time that Gao Shi came to Sichuan to do the stabbing history of Pengzhou.

learned that the old friend du Fu's family often ate the last meal without the next meal, Gao Shi said nothing, sent someone to buy rice and oil, plus oneSome silver money was given to du Fu quickly.

seeing the supplies sent by Gao Shi and holding a heavy amount of money, he remembered the days when he was looking for bitter chestnuts to satisfy his hunger during the famine. For a moment, du Fu burst into tears.

he only said, "it will be late in autumn, and old friends will be closer."

the well-known host Lao Liang once said:

"in fact, people in this life are not asked for, but think highly of you and are willing to help you."

time knows people, but it is difficult to know them. It is easier to put the icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow.

the years are full of hypocrisy, when the wind and rain comes, we can see clearly who is worthy of a lifetime of deep acquaintance.

A truly affectionate and righteous friend, if you make it to the top, he will send you a sincere blessing; if you are frustrated, he will hold an umbrella for you to protect you from the rain.

there is an old saying:


intersect with benefits, but disperse as best as possible;

intersect by potential, but when potential goes away, it tends to fall;

intersect with power, lose power and abandon it.


if you have a good friend in life, you can meet each other only if you treat each other sincerely and make friends with your heart.

Zeng Guofan once said: "success or failure in life depends on whether a friend is good or not, so you must be careful."

Life is not long, so it's really important to choose who to be with.

for the rest of my life, choose the good and choose the gentleman to make friends in order to be stable and far away.

, may you stay with your good friends, let things change, and don't be confused and confused.