If you dare to fall out against these three kinds of people, your life will get better and better.
If you dare to fall out against these three kinds of people, your life will get better and better.
Kindness is left to those who are grateful, and sincerely to those who are affectionate and righteous.


there is a sentence in the movie the Godfather:

"softness without boundaries will only make the other party gain an inch; kindness without principles will only let the other party do as he pleases."

I deeply think that for the sake of the so-called "peace and wealth", how many people choose to be patient in the face of provocation.

do not know that blindly patient will only get worse, life is only a hundred years, how can you often wronged yourself in order to fulfill others.

when you meet these three kinds of people, you're welcome. Turn your face when it's time to fall out, and your life will get better and better.

those who bite the hand that feeds you

I agree with a sentence: "what feelings fear most is a sincere heart, in exchange for each other's indifference."

some people, when they get used to it, forget to be grateful; when they get used to having it, they forget their sincerity.

warm-hearted, give it to someone who is equally kind-hearted. Don't wait for a cold heart to find that you have paid your heart by mistake.

Gui Guzi has two disciples, one is Sun Bin and the other is Pang Juan.

Pang Juan became a general in the State of Wei, so she wrote to Sun Bin and invited him to come to the State of Wei to develop.

Sun Bin was still studying beside Gui Guzi at that time. After receiving the letter, he gave it to the teacher.

after reading it, Gui Guzi said:

"the whole article is about inviting you to work, but there is not a word of greeting to me as a karmic teacher. Such a person, too purposeful and ungrateful, will harm you sooner or later. "

but Sun Bin was young and exuberant at that time, eager to make a career and determined to go there.

after arriving in the State of Wei, Pang Juan envied Sun Bin's talent, saw that the King of Wei had a green eye on Sun Bin, and was afraid that her position would be threatened, so she designed to scrape off Sun Bin's kneecap.

later, although Sun Bin got revenge, he ended up with a disability.

there are many people in life who will say, "I have a heart and a heart to him. Why is he so mean to me?" I helped him so much, why did he have to put me in a traffic jam on purpose? "

an ungrateful person, if you are kind to him, he will take it for granted; but one day, if you do not give way, you may be mercilessly criticized or even severely suppressed.

those who do not know how to be grateful are not worthy of your kindness; those who bite the hand that feeds you are not worthy of your sincerity.

leave kindness to those who are grateful, and sincerely to those who are affectionate and righteous.

falling out with ungrateful people will make your life easier.

unkind and unjust people

Laozi said, "therefore, the main road is deserted, there is benevolence and righteousness; if the six relatives are not in harmony, there is filial piety and kindness; and the Bang family is confused and has honest officials."

means that if the family is already harmonious, no one will advocate filial piety and kindness; there will be no intrigue in society, and no one will advocate benevolence and righteousness.

there is a "Renyi Hutong" in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, also known as "Liuzhu Hutong". Behind this name, there is a widely spread story.

when Fu Yijian, the top scholar, was an official in Beijing, his family once competed with his neighbors because of the location of the homestead.

his family repaired books for him and asked him to come forward and say hello to someone.

after seeing the letter, Fu Yijian wrote a reply immediately.

the family members spread out and found only four words:

"A book of thousands of miles is a wall, so it doesn't matter if you let him be three feet. The Great Wall is still there today, but you can't see Qin Shihuang then."

after reading this, the family was very ashamed, so they gave up three feet of wall foundation and took the initiative to apologize to the neighbors.

when the neighbors saw that the prime minister's family was so benevolent and righteous, they were very moved, so they gave in three feet, forming today's "six-foot alley."

Benevolence and righteousness can also be seen in disputes.

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as stated in Huai Nan Zi: "the husband is benevolent, so save the struggle."

Benevolence and righteousness is the natural expression of virtuous nature and the expression of benevolence.

those who know enjoy water, and those who are benevolent enjoy mountains. Those who know move, those who are benevolent are quiet. Those who know are happy, and those with benevolence live a long life.

can fall out with unkind and unjust people, your road will go farther and farther.

a gossip

has always liked the saying: "sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others."

there are always people in this world who like you, and there are always people who don't like you, but the chattering and gossiping behind your back is just a sign of incompetence.

the more poor people are, the more they like to make things out of nothing, develop a good skill of embellishment, put on a gorgeous coat and call it "outspoken".

Xiao Fang and Xiao Jin are colleagues. They work in the same sales company. Xiao Fang's performance has always been better than Xiao Jin. He has been praised by the leaders many times and is highly valued by the leaders.

Xiao Jin is often jealous of Xiao Fang in his heart, thinking that as long as Xiao Fang is in this company, he will always be overwhelmed by him.

once Xiao Jin saw Xiao Fang having dinner with a female leader in a restaurant. When he got back, Xiao Jin told all his colleagues that Xiao Fang was a man who ate soft food, and that good performance depended on the care of the leader.

Xiao Fang returned to the company and heard him talking about himself at the same time. It was only when he asked that he realized that Xiao Jin was gossiping.

he had to tell his colleagues, including Xiao Jin, that the female leader was his wife, but in order to avoid suspicion, he never announced their relationship to the public.

before long, Xiao Jin resigned himself.

even if you don't like others, you can't slander them, or you'll hurt them.Kill yourself in the end.

as the saying goes, "he who speaks right and wrong is not a human being."

people who talk about others are bound to be judged by others, and those who like to gossip are more likely to cause trouble.

if you talk too much about right and wrong, your heart will become muddy; if you receive too much negative information, you will no longer be clean.

when people reach a certain age, they must learn not to speak.

not having nothing to say, but knowing what to say and what not to say.

stop wasting your mind on gossip and entertaining the sufferings of others.

for those who like to gossip, we must learn to refuse.

chat with him, but when he talks about the rights and wrongs of others, you must stop it in time, or choose to stay away.

only by staying away from such people can we avoid falling into a whirlpool of right and wrong.

the human heart is separated by the belly, but not the heart.

keep your eyes open when getting along with others. Once you find that the people around you have the bad qualities of biting the hand that feeds you, being unkind and unjust, and gossiping, you should consider staying away as soon as possible.

Deep acquaintance is useless, communication is useless.

it is better to fall out as an enemy than to walk together as a friend.

I hope we can open our eyes, support each other with friends worthy of deep acquaintance, and share the ups and downs of life.

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