If you can't see through, don't understand, or have a hard time, please take a look at the excellent reply from the master.
If you can't see through, don't understand, or have a hard time, please take a look at the excellent reply from the master.
All the experiences of life are to enrich our experience.


all living beings have their own puzzles.

the confusion of the future, the entanglement of love, the frustration of life, the contradictions of the family.

if you can't see through, think through, and have a hard time with these things, take a look at the master's excellent reply to netizens.

look at him in the face of the troubles of the world, how to use a few words to explain sentient beings.

unconsciously, I found my own answer in the confusion of others.


Q: why is there always so much malice in the world?

answer: the bad guys teach you to grow, and the good guys tell you the direction.

never blame anyone in your life.

in this world, no one will treat you for no reason, and no one will hurt you for no reason.

all the experiences of life are to enrich our experience.

the person who treats you is the benefactor of life, and the person who hurts you is the noble person with make-up.

if someone always brings you sadness and disappointment, it is because life needs to make you grow up and teach you to be strong in this way.


Q: why do most people around me take it from me?

answer: kindness is regarded as weakness if it does not grow teeth.

there is a question on Zhihu: "when did you decide to stop being kind?"


there is a highly praised answer: "in fact, I have never decided not to be kind, but to stop being kind to everyone."


We once thought that as long as we were sincere to others, we would be treated with true feelings, and as long as we remained kind, we could naturally reap gratitude.

can be disappointed, hurt more times, just understand: not everyone is worthy of your kindness.

kindness is free, but it is not cheap. Never get wet by holding an umbrella for others.


Q: why are there so many unfairness in the world?

answer: the stronger you are, the fairer the world will be.

in an interview, actor Huang Bo recalled his early acting career and said with emotion:

"I used to meet all kinds of people, all kinds of careful machines, but I couldn't get an account after I went there. Who cares about you?"

but now he is famous, surrounded by good people, and every one is full of smiling faces. "

in fact, in many cases, it is not social injustice, but when you are too weak, the cost of bullying you is very low, and anyone can step on you.

advocating high and trampling on low is the norm of this society.

Don't complain, when you are strong, the world will be kind to you.

when your world becomes wider, the person you hate disappears.


Q: which is more difficult to read or not to read?

answer: actually, they all replied, didn't they?

I have seen a set of heart-wrenching "social formulas":

another day = 32;

next time = Wednesday;

later = 13 months;

have time = 25: 00;

No response = reject.

in many cases, silence is also an answer.

Don't think that the person who doesn't reply to the message is impolite. You are the one who keeps knocking on the door that you don't want to open.


Q: I don't understand the truth in this world.

answer: what you can really understand is never truth, but experience.

writer Teng Ping said: "I have always believed that only pain in this world can really make people learn a lesson."

it is never the truth that can convince people, but the south wall;

what can teach people to grow up is never a story but an experience.

people always mature in a way they don't like and have an epiphany in a painful way.

it is only after you are ill that you realize the value of your health. Only when you are in trouble do you know that you really have a hard time. When you lose it, you realize the meaning of cherishing it.

you can't teach, but you can teach as soon as you teach.

you always have to take some detours and stumble in order to suddenly wake up in the bitter pain.


Q: is brief companionship a punishment or a reward?

answer: if you are not greedy, you are rewarded.

A guest was curious and asked the master, "Why do you receive everyone so warmly?"

people in this life, will meet with thousands of people, but also will be separated from many people.

gathering and dispersing is fate, clutch is always related to the situation.

Don't be melancholy and affectionate, and don't bemoan that there is no fate.

as the saying goes: meeting each other does not necessarily have a result, but it must have meaning.

Thanksgiving is the best response to a relationship.


Q: why do you always think about some things when you can't change them?

answer: replace why this happened to me and replace it with what it is trying to teach me.

you know, there is no such thing as suffering in vain.

fate arranges you to be hurt in order to make you stronger; fate arranges you to be deceived in order to make you smarter.

Destiny is difficult for you to surpass yourself.The reason why you get lost is to let you find a new way.

A sign of maturity is to turn the resentment of "why did this happen to me" into the awakening of "what is this to teach me?"

when you look at the world from a different perspective, you will find that everything is the best arrangement.


Q: is it really only through study that there is a way out?

answer: the road of reading is the easiest and strongest among thousands of roads.

who did not complain about the hardship of studying when he was young? after going to society, he will find that reading is the easiest thing.

you think it is hard to study, but you will know when you go out to earn money, and life without reading is even more difficult.

if you think it's useless to study, just go out and know it. If you learn more at school, you'll be able to say less asking for help in the future.

so never complain about the hardship of studying, because that's the best way to get to the world.


Q: what if I always care about what other people think?

answer: the voices of the outside world are all for reference. If you don't like it, you won't refer to it.

A reporter once asked the writer Feng Tang what he thought of him.

Feng Tang replied lightly, "those comments, good or bad, are none of my business. It's all their business."

if you want to live freely in the world, you should have the courage to "it's none of my business".

No matter how capable you are, there will always be someone who can pick out your faults, and no matter how nice you are, there will always be people who don't like you.

it is difficult for a skillful cook to cook a meal for a hundred people, but one person is difficult for a thousand people.

No one can stop other people's comments, but you can choose not to listen.

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always take other people's words to heart, and you lose.

Life is not easy, learn not to care, and you win.


Q: why do you think a lot when you are free?

answer: so a lot of pain is actually self-inflicted.

have seen a "law of tickling":

worry is like scratching. You don't feel itchy originally. If you have nothing to do to scratch it, it will tickle more and more.

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

the heart of those who think too much will be tired, and that of those who think more will be bitter.

people's energy is limited, so don't take everything to heart.

for things in life, just do your best; for emotional things, just let nature take its course.

Don't live too complicated, laugh when you're happy, sleep when you're tired, be heartless and double your happiness.


Q: the relationship between two people is like knitting a sweater. when it is established, it is stitched and stitched, and when it is dismantled, as long as it is gently pulled, people's feelings are so fragile.

answer: but this knitted sweater should also be given to those who cherish it, shouldn't it?

all affection in the world is mobile, and the relationship between people is mutual.

any relationship that wants to last, you have to exchange your heart for your heart.

"I give you March spring light, you give me April peach blossoms. I come to you, cherish each other and achieve each other. There is no reason why true feelings in the world can last forever. "

for the rest of my life, no matter how many people we meet and what happens, I hope we can do it:

I cherish those who cherish me; those who abandon me, I abandon them.

do not entangle, do not disturb; do not nostalgia, do not miss.


Q: don't they all say that if you keep thinking about it, there must be an echo?

answer: if your thoughts are only used to improve yourself, there will be echoes.

some people say: it only takes two things, time and new love to forget someone.

what is actually more effective than time and new lovers is to leave the same place and move on.

there are no people and things in this world that can't be put down, only those who can't go back to the beginning, no love and hate that can't be thrown away, and only those who can't get out of it.

Yi Shu said: everyone's destination is his own.

Don't chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend it. When the spring blossoms, there will be a new batch of horses waiting for you to choose.

in the master's reply area, "I realized" is the most frequent comment.

indeed, these replies have infiltrated the spiritual wisdom of the master for many years, with clear words and incisive words.

after reading, the whole person was cured.

Let it show you the way when you are confused and comfort you when you are down.