If a man is kind, heaven will help him.
If a man is kind, heaven will help him.
Life is full of ups and downs and fickle.

some people say: "the most precious wealth in life is not money or status, but the kindness of the heart and the kindness to others."

I deeply agree that life is full of ups and downs and capriciousness.

it is difficult for money to last forever and its status cannot be guaranteed. Only a kind and kind heart can stand the polish of time and the test of human nature.

kindness is the best pass. Those who are kind are blessed by God.

if you are greedy for small gains, you will suffer big losses

if you want to get, you first know how to give; if you want to return, you first learn to give.

there is a way to balance everything in the world. If a person only cares about the immediate interests, covets for small gains, and even does not hesitate to harm others, he will deviate from the road.

in the end, it will not only fail to get what it wants, but also lead to disasters and experience the consequences.

once upon a time, there were two families in the village, the Zhang family and the Li family, who raised a flock of sheep.

the Zhang family always drives the sheep to the fertile fields to graze, so as to destroy the neighbor's crops.

not only are they not ashamed, but they are complacent because the sheep have eaten fat grass.

the Li family could not bear to see other people's hard work destroyed, so they went up to the mountain to mow the grass and feed the sheep every day.

A year later, all the sheep of the Li family were fat and strong, while the sheep of the Zhang family, although they had eaten the best grass, were unable to gain weight because they were tossing around.

as the old saying goes, "you can't enjoy all the blessings and you can't take all the cheap."

when blessings are used up, misfortune will follow; when bargains are used up, losses will follow.

in life, some people do all their tricks, but they don't know that others have a thousand tricks, but they are defeated by nature.

if you plan too much, you will forget your heart, lose your way, and eventually lose your heart and fortune.

on the contrary, those who are kind and considerate of others often win respect and live a happy life.

being kind is a kind of wisdom

although the avenue is invisible, it can dominate everything. Only by being in awe and being honest can one know the truth of nature and master the truth of life.

being kind is not only an attitude towards life, but also a rare wisdom.

during the Qing Dynasty, there was a businessman in the capital named Jia Shun who opened a teahouse with good business and good profits.

but Jia Shun found that some

the guests are cash-strapped and will not renew their tea after ordering a pot of tea.

there are also some outsiders, it is difficult to ask for a free tea here.

so he decided that the second pot of tea was free, and set up a tent outside the door to give tea to people from far away who were passing by.

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the wife said angrily, "if you don't charge, how can this business go on?"

who knows, later, there was a steady stream of guests, and outsiders also left money in return.

since then, Jia Shun's business has become bigger and bigger and his reputation has become better and better.

the wise man said, "the heart is short-cut, and wealth is close to people."

whether it is to make money or do things, it is inseparable from being a man and cultivating the mind.

the upright heart and good character will naturally attract wealth and achieve success.

because all goodwill will eventually return to the Chamber itself; all kindness will virtually pave the way for itself.

if a man is kind, heaven must help him

kindness is a person's greatest weapon, kindness is a person's best armor.

people who are kind and kind tend to get help from God and have good luck somehow.

in ancient times, a woodcutter saved a Taoist while chopping wood, and the Taoist gave him a bag of seeds.

soon after the woodcutter was planted, many fruit trees grew.

the next autumn, the tree was covered with big, round fruit, and the price was good, so the woodcutter became rich.

later, there was a severe drought in the south, and many people came here.

when the woodcutter saw that they were hungry, he let them go up the mountain to pick fruit and eat.

when everyone heard about it, they went up to the mountain and looted one after another, and the fruit trees were destroyed.

the woodcutter was very sad because of this. Three years later, he inadvertently came here and found fruit trees growing all over the mountains.

it turns out that the kernels scattered on the mountain took root and sprouted after meeting Rain Water, and more fruit trees grew.

as the saying goes, "if a man is kind, heaven will not be deceived."

as the saying goes, there is reincarnation in the way of heaven, and heaven is the most just and selfless.

your good thoughts may not be answered for the time being, your good deeds may not be rewarded at present, and your kindness may not be understood now.

but as long as the time is long enough and the heart is pure enough, you will find that if a person is kind, heaven will help him.

honesty is a person's biggest card.

Xue Xing, a famous thinker in the Ming Dynasty, once said, "only leniency can tolerate people, and only thickness can carry things."

all things in the world have a certain amount of energy, and only things with the same energy attract each other.

how many blessings a person can carry and how many external things one can control are related to his own energy.

A kind person, with a clear heart, strong mindfulness and enough energy, can carry all things and retain blessings.

inadvertently, attract more dignitaries and good deeds into life, so that you can get what you want and get what you want in life.

so don't rush, don't panic, follow the guidance of your heart, keep mindfulness, and be kind to others.

allAll the good things are on the way, and I will bump into you at the right time.

May you and I not be disturbed by prosperity, lose our minds for profit, keep our hearts pure, and learn good wisdom for the rest of our lives.

to make the best of yourself, you have your own best arrangement.




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