Hate a person, the most correct way to deal with
Hate a person, the most correct way to deal with
May you be lucky to meet all the good people, and may you be strong and have everything you ask for.

Sakyamuni said:

"No matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life. He has a reason and a mission. It is no accident that he will teach you something."

indeed, everyone's appearance seems to have his own meaning.

the person who likes you brings you warmth; the person you like teaches you to love;

people who hate you bring you introspection; people you hate teach you tolerance.

and a sign of maturity is to learn to get along with people you hate.

the three values are different, so there is no need to argue

Why do we hate someone?

probably, what he said is not in line with your expectations; what he does is not in line with your values.

therefore, you will be uncomfortable when you get along with him, and you will be uncomfortable when communicating with her.

but with such a person, you don't have to argue or get angry.

selective neglect is the best solution.

Douban netizens

@ Cui Zhengzhen

once sent an advice post asking everyone how to get along with roommates with different values.

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Cui Zhengzhen's roommate is a girl with some "love brain". What she thinks about every day is not only love, but marriage, or future children.

as long as she is idle, that is to say, what about this person's boyfriend and that person's girlfriend.

there is always a lot of gossip among parents.

but Cui Zhengzheng thinks that the good times should be used to study and see the world.

even if you are in love, it is also your own private matter, so there is no need to bring everything to others to talk about.

so, every time she is alone with her roommate, she feels a lot of pressure and doesn't know what to do.

some netizens put forward suggestions:

"it is recommended that the landlord study foolishly, as long as the other person does not force you to accept and feedback her point of view, turn a deaf ear and treat it as if nothing has happened."

indeed, there is no need for us to argue everywhere when we get along with people who disagree with the three values.

after all, there are no two identical leaves in the world, nor two people who are exactly the same.

he has his concept of doing things, and you have your way of being a man.

as long as the other person doesn't interfere with you, you can let it go.

blindly refute, not only can not compete, but also affect their own mood and waste their own time.

take yourself away from the argument, you will have the energy to do what you like, and you will have time to find like-minded friends.

different levels, keep distance

some people chat and find that their values are different, while others find that they are at different levels.

and the most important thing to get along with people in different positions is to keep a distance.

when I first met Gao Qiqiang in the hit drama "the Wind", an Xin felt that although he was a bullied fish dealer, he was kind, so he helped each other in all aspects.

but after experiencing some things, an Xin found that although Gao Qiqiang's social status had risen, he was no longer a kind person.

and I was unwittingly taken advantage of by the other party.

it's just that Anxin at this time has no evidence to bring the other party to justice.

after all, one of them is a kind-minded policeman and the other is an unscrupulous black boss.

even if it is far away and persistent, it brings suppression and loss.

but also for this reason, an Xincheng won the final victory of the anti-triad campaign for the light of the right path.

many people will wonder whether, in their relationship, an Xin, like Huang Yao, using some unconventional operations will lead to Gao Qiqiang being arrested earlier.

but if you do that, Anxin will inevitably be fishy.

because if you struggle with an evil dragon for too long, you will become an evil dragon; if you stare at the abyss for too long, the abyss will eventually come back to gaze.

We should not be covered in mud just because each other is illegal and our own procedure is not just; we cannot make ourselves covered in mud just because each other is dirty.

in the face of other people at the level, the best thing to do is not to defeat magic with magic, but to keep your distance.

only by keeping your distance can you stay awake; only by learning to stay away can you complete yourself.

disgust from the bottom of my heart, surpassing silently

I have heard such a sentence: "if I don't work hard, should I give up the world to someone I don't like?"

indeed, there is a top way to hate a person, which is to work hard and surpass.

Song Zhiming, an education blogger, told such a story.

when he was in college, his roommates were nice to him and often praised him for being smart and handsome.

one day, when the library lights out early, he went back to his dormitory early.

as soon as I got to the door, I heard the discussion:

"this Song Zhiming, why is he so fond of showing off?"

"Yes, he takes part in all kinds of competitions. Can he be the only one?"


, he didn't hear all the words, so he went back to the classroom for self-study.

YesSometimes we hate the filth of a circle; sometimes we hate the appearance of a group of people behind their backs.

at this point, the best thing to do is not to complain, not internal friction.

but to improve their own strength, so that they can be strong enough not to be disturbed, strong enough to rewrite the rules.

you have to know that in some people's world, there is no growth, no effort, no change.

complaining and mocking is the way they judge the world, and wrist and dirt are the way they realize their value.

in the face of such a crowd, silently accumulate strength, refueling to get rid of, is the best way to achieve.

even if you can't leave for a while, you have to believe that every effort you make is useful, and every effort you make counts.

the universe favors the strong, and the world is yours only if you become a better self.

have seen such a sentence:

"No matter what kind of circle you are in, the probability of meeting annoying people is basically the same."

even if you block one, there must be another one to make up.

therefore, in this life, people should not only learn to deal with their own relationship, but also learn to deal with the relationship with others.

No matter whether the people you meet like it or hate it, face it positively and choose the right way to deal with their relationship.

in this way, you can live more and more comfortably, and walk more smoothly.

how do you deal with people you hate?

, may you be lucky to meet all the good people, and may you be strong and have everything you ask for.