Hate a person, the most advanced way of dealing with
Hate a person, the most advanced way of dealing with
Time is spent enjoying life, not wasted on villains.

Lin Jing

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Zhihu saw such a question: hate a person, do you want to fall out with him?

here is a high-praise answer that says:

"for example, if you meet a dog on a log bridge, would you choose to make way for the dog or get bitten by arguing with the dog? If you are bitten by a dog, it won't help even if you kill the dog.


I think so.

people who care too much often have a bad life.

people are different, so why go the same way

as we all know, Chen Daoming is an indifferent and low-key person.

Lang Lang once commented on him like this:

"Chen Daoming plays the piano best among the actors."

the crew members who were filming with Chen Daoming also said in an interview:

"Mr. Chen likes reading very much, and there are often several thick books of classical literature on the bed and cabinets of his hotel.

when he was filming, he didn't forget to practice calligraphy. Mr. Chen wrote a good hand, so he can be said to be proficient in all kinds of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. "

every time he finishes filming a big play, Chen Daoming will take the initiative to take a rest for one or two years, study and live in seclusion.

in the numerous and noisy entertainment circle, he came out of the mud without stain, maintaining a commendable Qingming Festival.

as an actor, it is hard to avoid being judged, but Chen Daoming has never taken it lightly.

because he understands, "you can't get everyone to accept you, there will always be people in the world who hate you."

when a reporter interviewed Chen Daoming, he asked him, "what do you think of the negative comments on you on the Internet?"

Chen Daoming said firmly:

"learn not to talk about others before and after others, and allow others to talk about yourself behind your back.

I know I can't handle these things, so the way I often take is to hide. I don't carry it. I just stay away. "

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others have the turbidity of others, you have your own clarity.

the same is true of interacting with others. Everyone has his own choice. To choose tolerance is not to retreat, and to choose tolerance is not cowardice.

after all, in this life, people will always meet some people they like and dislike.

seeing through and tolerating is a rare and valuable accomplishment in one's life.

when it comes to getting along with others, Gui Guzi once asserted:

"feel the hypocrisy of people, do not show in the face; eat people's losses, do not move to the mouth; give kindness to others, do not say it; receive the benefits of others, do not forget it in the heart."


"hate the hypocritical side of others, take it calmly, and you don't have to show it on your face; if you suffer from other people's losses, you don't have to say it in your mouth; you can't just say thank you in your mouth, the key is to keep it in mind."

hate but do not reveal, see through or not expose, do not like can also tolerate, this is the great wisdom of life.

it's like two wall builders. One says I'm building a wall, and the other says I'm building a city.

people in different moods can never be on the same frequency.

run away from bad things, not entanglement with villains

David Polly said in the garbage truck Code:

"in this world, there are many people like garbage trucks, they run around full of garbage, full of remorse, anger and disappointment. As the rubbish heaps higher and higher, they need to find a place to dump and release it.

if you give them a chance, they will dump rubbish on you.

so, when someone wants to do this, don't take it. Just smile, wave, wish them luck, and then keep going your way, so you'll be happier. "

however, in real life, many people can not do this. They are easy to lose control of their emotions in the face of trash people, and as a result, they bring accidental harm to themselves in their entanglement with it, and regret it too late.

tell me something that happened to me a few days ago:

while taking the bus, a young man accidentally stepped on a middle-aged man.

before the trampled man spoke, the young man complained first: "you don't have eyes. Don't you know to move aside?"

the middle-aged man who was trampled immediately replied, "you don't have eyes, okay?" You are really out of your mind. "

then the two began to swear at each other with all kinds of dirty words, and the farce was not stopped until one side got off at the station.

after I went to the company, I told my colleagues about it, and the colleague said, "this is meeting a villain."

I echoed: "Yes, when I stepped on someone else, I blamed someone else first."

my colleague shook his head. "I'm not talking about the guy who stepped on, but the one who was trampled on."

looking at me with a puzzled face, the colleague smiled and said: "he was trampled on is obviously the reasonable side, but he returned the villain's heart in the way of a villain, so he is not reasonable. Like that trampling guy, he has become a villain who disturbs public order."

people with real level will never be spoiled by low-level people, will never waste their precious time with low-level people, and will never want to be entangled with low-level people.

when it comes to bad people and bad things, the best way is to leave him alone and stay away.

Nietzsche said in the other side of good and Evil:

"if you struggle with the dragon for too long, you will become the dragon itself." CoagulationIf you look at the abyss for too long, the abyss will come back to gaze. "

did you find out? If you get entangled with bad people and bad things, you will only get hurt in the end.

as the old saying goes, to associate with a person depends on the lowest point of his character.

you may not be able to change others, but you can change yourself.

when you encounter unreasonable villains, stay away as soon as possible; when you encounter bad people who waste your heart, give it up as soon as possible; when you encounter bad things that affect your mood, actively adjust.

instead of competing with it, it is better to have more understanding and less picky.

to be a man, to win depends on the pattern, and to lose depends on the consideration

have seen such a short story: