Guan Xuan broke up! There is no need to pity Wang Ziwen
Guan Xuan broke up! There is no need to pity Wang Ziwen
Such a woman can afford it, put it down, love it, and so on.


in the latest issue of semi-familiar Lovers, Wang Ziwen says softly:

the state of not having a lover.

they have been together for less than two years since April 2021.

maybe it's earlier to separate, but it's just now.

several times, she has been able to make harsh judgments about some relationships, such as that sentence, in fact, I think financial independence is a very important thing, in fact, I don't care very much about what to do.

and inadvertently said "the importance of emotional feedback for girls in love".

I myself will feel:

Wang Ziwen is really a very mature and restrained woman, and such a woman is not easy to live a very bad life, often free and perfect.

when it comes to Wang Ziwen's love life, I know that Wu Yong-en is the easiest thing to think of.

it has been rumored that they have broken up, and many people feel unworthy of Prince Wen.

after all, single female stars with children, with rich second-generation lovers variety protagonists, are also really hit.

now that Weibo, where the two are interacting, has long been deleted, Wang Ziwen admits that "no lover" really doesn't mean anything.

looking back on their relationship, the most talk is:

"does the man dislike the woman who has children?"

"does the man dislike the woman?"

"is the man unfaithful?"

in my opinion, Wu Yong-en's biggest problem is not because he is too bad, but because he is praised too high in variety.

climb high and fall heavily.

as a result, the problems with many ordinary men have become bombs on him, shattering the expectations of many women.

but Wu Yong-en is actually a very ordinary man.

the temper is not gentle enough, occasionally choking the other half;

not considerate enough, but also a little male chauvinist;

did not even consider the woman's reaction, but also had physical contact with other female guests.

but I don't know if you have ever thought about whether there is a possibility:

does the woman really dislike the man and feel that the man is not suitable and cannot give her emotional value? So I don't want to be with him anymore.

someone here is bound to say:

"Wang Ziwen is so old and still has children, how could he give up such a man on his own initiative?


won't it?

but Prince Ziwen is not.

I always think that Wang Ziwen is a person who is very independent and faces his life bravely, even if he has feelings.

before, at the variety show, her best friend saw Wu Yong-en and said:

"I'm really worried that Wang Ziwen will never find a lover in his life.


what Wang Ziwen looks like a "brain in love" is actually sober.

the feelings of teenagers are probably the waves of love and life, and they still believe that there is a boat that can help each other.

such a woman can afford it, put it down, love it, and so on.

Love is originally a car shared by two people. If someone doesn't think it's right, get off first; if you think it's right, go a little further.

if Wu Yong-en cannot provide her with emotional value, a woman like Wang Ziwen is very likely to be separated.

when I was at the airport, someone caught Wang Ziwen and Wu Yong en together. Wang Ziwen didn't seem to be so happy.

well, whether you are happy or not is your own business, so how can you let others judge you?

even if there are rumors of a breakup, Wang Ziwen simply disdains to tell everyone whether it is true or not.

A woman like Wang Ziwen is a rare independent woman in life.

Economic independence, emotional independence and spiritual independence.

emotional independence and spiritual independence are sometimes more important than the so-called economic independence.

when you meet someone you like very much and like yourself, it is important that you continue to be yourself;

when you meet someone who wants to spend your life hand in hand, whether you can really have a comfortable mood in this relationship is also important.

before I had a little sister, divorce was really quick.

she said that she didn't feel that her husband had touched the bottom line much, but she was unhappy when she was together and felt unhappy every moment.

outsiders think that this woman is really easy to do, how can she still do so when she is almost 40 years old?

the child has grown up and his career is stable, but her husband often adds traffic to her, losing his temper and getting into a bad mood, and has to coax him.

sometimes we have dinner together, but we fall out without paying attention, and we often have a bad face.

parents-in-law said: "Men, a little bigger temper, not eating, drinking, whoring and gambling to return domestic violence, it is not necessary."


she said, "I don't need to rely on him. I really don't have to jam myself.".


have money, career and children.

such a woman is not in need of anything.

I have seen enough ups and downs in marriage for so many years.

for many women, it is far more valuable to have someone who can protect her mind from the wind and rain than how many bags she buys.

Prince Ziwen, she is wide awake.

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there is no need to worry about her. At the age when feelings are the icing on the cake, women have their own comfort abacus.


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