Guan Xiaotong Lu Han's new melon is a little big this time! Netizen: I have already guessed their ending.
Guan Xiaotong Lu Han's new melon is a little big this time! Netizen: I have already guessed their ending.
I hope you and I can meet the other half who sincerely express our love.

Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong, who haven't had the same frame for a long time, finally fit together!

when Wuha was recorded in early March, sharp-eyed netizens found that Guan Xiaotong went to visit the class at the scene and ate at the same table with the guests.

originally this thing was quite sweet, but unexpectedly, some irrational fans began to have various connotations of Guan Xiaotong:

"she loves it so much that she can't help it."

"I think you will lose it if you don't watch it firmly."

in response to these attacks, many netizens have come forward:

"are we saying that this kind of sister-in-law with virtuous legs, long face, high skin, white family, rich vision and good vision is not worthy of Lu Han?"

"what kind of paste is Lu Han? where does the capital come from?"

it is revealed between the lines that Lu Han does not deserve Guan Xiaotong's sense of vision.

thinking back to the time when the two officials declared love, almost the whole network felt that Guan Xiaotong was superior.

but in just a few years, their word-of-mouth has changed completely, and we have to talk about the reasons for it.

in the early years, Guan Xiaotong was good-looking, but he always suffered from the loss of character, so that the audience fell again and again.

when left ear was released, director Alec Su brought the leading actors to a variety show to promote it.

when it comes to the game, according to the rules, the loser will be punished by pulling a strap and bouncing his mouth.

Guan Xiaotong, as a winner, did not grasp the strength in his hands and directly bounced out in the face of Ma Sichun.

the impact of that moment made the pony cry out in pain: "Guan Xiaotong how much you hate me."

and Guan Xiaotong immediately ran to Ma Sichun and said, "Why don't you slap me in the face?"

wait until another part of the game, both sides of the game have to climb to the high platform, yes, it is this pair of "sisters" to participate in the competition.

in the process of pulling, Guan Xiaotong lowered the collars of the pony, making people frown again unconsciously.

these two actions may have been unintentional, but after the program was broadcast, "scheming Girl" and "Social Tong" became the label of Guan Xiaotong in the minds of many viewers.

although the popularity of passers-by has broken down, it has hardly affected her career development.

in those years, she acted in many works with her good acting skills.

in the Little husband, she is a ghost, Ouyang Miao Miao, who does not allow her own father to find a new lover.

in "good Mr.", she is naughty and cute, like a "little sister" Peng Jiahe:

because most of the characters are "daughters", she is affectionately known by the audience as "the daughter of the country". Her reputation has slightly improved, and her popularity has also increased.

in the entertainment industry, with popularity, the caf é will naturally go up.

Guan Xiaotong began to play the leading role, but the natural acting skills that made people feel relaxed when they first played the supporting role seemed a little inadequate.

2.4 score of "Love of the Aurora" shows the audience how "perfunctory" acting was born.

the good word-of-mouth accumulated in the past did not last long, but it took a sharp turn for the worse.

this time, she didn't come out of the circle again with a clever and sensible character until she was resident in "ace to trump".

when Jia Ling is hard to record, she will stand behind her and squeeze her shoulder to relax her body.

calmly accept the song of the stewardess, which has been hacked by the whole network, and recreate this embarrassing scene in the program:

at the beginning of each program, she tries her best to show the stage, regardless of whether she is performing or dressing up, it is all satisfactory.

sometimes domineering queen, showing charm:

sometimes beautiful and lovely, just like the girl next door:

after gaining a foothold in variety shows, the actor didn't lose his job.

with the popularity of "Twenty without doubt 2" last year, many people were moved by Guan Xiaotong's "Liang Shuang".

her crying scenes in the play really cry out the little emotions in the hearts of many girls at the moment, giving people the impression that she is "the other person."

in the face of not having the same frequency with the one you love in the future, you choose to break up, but after crying hard, you still keep smiling and endure your work

(very much like us who are lovelorn and can't lose our jobs! )

Slide into charming lilac-colored bridal party attire and flaunt your sexy figure. The available collection can go well with all occasion.


came home from busy work, took a facial towel after washing, only to find it was empty. Earlier, these were all her ex-boyfriend's worries for her

(can't hold back all of a sudden, friends! )


now when we look at her crying scene, it is true that she has made a lot of progress than before. She no longer cries for crying, but slowly drives the audience's emotion, poking the emotional pain, making people have a strong sense of resonance.

the serious shaping of her role also won her the "Outstanding Actor of the year" award and completed her transformation in the past.

Guan Xiaotong's changes over the years are visible to the naked eye.

even though it was mocked by the crowd in the past, even if it occasionally turns over, it can basically play steadily and amaze the audience.

like the Weibo night some time ago, among the many gorgeous actresses, she appeared in a black gauze and stepped out of the momentum of self-confidence and glowing. Instead of becoming a background board, she received a lot of praise.

her slender back and slender legs in the camera are more beautiful than finishing.

her acting career is getting better and better, she has resident variety, there is no shortage of fashion resources, and she still has "clubs and hearts", "Zeng Youth" and "Great us" waiting for the show.

in contrast to her boyfriend Lu Han, his career is obviously not as good as it used to be.

Once Lu Han can be said to be the well-deserved top of the entertainment industry.

Ten years ago, the flow of Han Tuan is incomparable today. Lu Han happened to catch up with Nabo Fengkou and made a smooth debut in EXO as a foreign artist.

in terms of appearance, Lu Han has an elven appearance, fair skin and a small cherry mouth, which is very much in line with Korean aesthetics.

in terms of strength, proper C facade, as a dance load, the strength is in place without losing the sense of beauty, and the skillful dance is described with both spirit and rustle, which is not against the law at all.

Lu Han's popularity soared and returned to China from overseas.

means that when there are millions of posts, the light will illuminate the doll.

before that, there were relatively few people on Weibo, but Lu Han still made 42 million comments and had an astonishing 28.3 billion views on his personal topics.

has a huge amount of traffic, which makes his return more intense, and both brands and producers are eager to cooperate with him.

Lu Han was in the limelight in those years.

the debut film "back to the Twenty" has earned more than 100 million at the box office in just four days, with a Douban score of 7.1, and word-of-mouth box office success.

the Story of choosing Heaven, as his first TV series, has repeatedly surpassed the dramas of the same period during its broadcast, and has even been broadcast in many countries in seven languages, making it the fastest domestic drama to break through 10 million overseas.

has a high popularity and topic, Lu Han was also named "influencing China's 2016 Personality of the year" by China Newsweek in 2016.

so far, no one can match Lu Han's influence.

but after reaching the top, it is inevitable to go downhill.

in 2017, Lu Han suddenly announced his relationship. The sentence "Hello everyone, let me introduce you, this is my girlfriend" made the whole network boiling and the server crashed directly.

to tell you the truth, until today, I still admire Lu Han when I read this official copy.

Lu Han, as the first generation of traffic, has a large fan group, the vast majority of which are female fans, and he knows what he will have to face once he announces it.

but he still chooses to do so, and for him, it is a responsibility and responsibility.

Lu Han lost a large number of fans because he announced his relationship.

followed the rise of the draft era, and held out a group of young and beautiful idols, loved and sought after by many people.

Lu Han, the first generation of traffic, was also "forced" to hand over his baton.

but the dismal end of "Shanghai Fortress" added fire to his declining reputation.

fortunately, the acting skills of the later starring in "Crossing the Line of Fire" are commendable, but it is a pity that although word-of-mouth has reversed, the serious decline in traffic is destined to be difficult to return to the top again.

compared with his new variety show "Wuha", it is obvious that it is not as much attention as when he first settled in "running Man".

although it is not as hot as it was at its peak, it is more comfortable and enjoyable for Lu Han.

in the recording of "Wuha", he has no regard for any image, often appears without makeup, and it doesn't matter if his hair sleeps like a chicken nest.

each program takes good care of Wang Mian, and they are like conjoined twins, so Wang Mian is envied by many netizens:

when I heard that there was a couple's outfit, I immediately popped up and asked the staff if they could help buy two sets:

Lu Han now leads a free life, which may run counter to the expectations of many career fans.

but to be honest, there's really nothing wrong with it.

Today, he is still active in the show business, and he has settled down to hone his acting skills, hoping to hand over a good report card to fans and audiences.

after all, the flow will pass, but the high-quality works will last forever and let people keep them firmly in mind.

as Lu Han steps down from the top position, more and more people begin to take a fresh look at his relationship with Guan Xiaotong.

from the original sister-in-law to the present brother-in-law.

bears witness to the change of their status in the hearts of the people.

but this is just the judgment of the outside world, for them, the right and wrong of the outside world does not affect their relationship at all.

when I had time to go out on a date, I was accidentally met by fans and took a group photo with a happy smile on my face, without star airs.

program, Guan Xiaotong said magnanimously: "it's all there."

every year to Lu Han's birthday, the sweetness of the young couple will overflow the screen, and every year they get stuck in unexpected points to send blessings:

"00:17 means to determine the year of love;"

"00:30 ghostwriter Lu Han, 30 years old;"

"23:31 represents 23 and 31."

when it comes to romance, Guan Xiaotong is accurate

during the six years when they firmly chose each other, they have experienced abuse and bad words to each other, but they never flinch because they love each other enough.

even if we have been together for many years, the freshness of love still exists, willing to pay attention to details and create a sense of ritual.

emotional things are always like drinking water, cold and warm, as spectators, we do not need too much evaluation, respect and blessing.

, I hope you and I can meet and express our love with sincerity.Half.

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