Fourteen years ago, the "point-and-reader girl", who became popular but was criticized for her magic advertising slogans, now makes people dare not go high.
Fourteen years ago, the "point-and-reader girl", who became popular but was criticized for her magic advertising slogans, now makes people dare not go high.
I believe that Gao Junyu will have unlimited possibilities in his future life. Let's wait and see.

at that time, this advertisement spread all over the country and was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, which could be called brainwashing.

playful words and crisp and beautiful children's voices also make everyone remember the little girl in the video deeply.

she wears a pink dress and a ball head, smiles like a crescent moon in her eyes, and her sweet appearance gives people a very good impression of her.

her name is Gao Junyu. She entered the advertising circle at the age of 4. At the age of 8, she became popular because of the ads for the reader, and she was affectionately known as the "reader girl".

but with the soaring popularity, Gao Junyu suddenly "disappeared" in the public view, rarely heard of her.

until recently, a piece of news about "Reading Machine Girl Baoyan Zhong Zhuan" aroused hot comments and once again evoked people's memories of "Reading Machine Girl".

Gao Junyu, who did not follow the path of a professional child star and chose to return to the life of ordinary people, is now successful in Baoyan. What has she experienced over the years?

looks sweet and embarks on the road of shooting advertisements

in August 2001, Gao Junyu was born into an ordinary family in Guangzhou.

as an only child, her parents have high hopes for her, especially her mother, who attaches great importance to her education.

my mother teaches while having fun. After she went to kindergarten, her mother created her own "printer" game to teach her to read and learn.

under the guidance of her mother's "ingenious" companionship, Xiaojun Yu, who is lively and cheerful and sweet-looking, is deeply loved by adults, and children also like to play with her.

the love of parents, the love of relatives and friends, Xiaojun Yu's childhood is surrounded by love, simple, ordinary and carefree.

until 2005, by chance, Xiaojun Yu had a different experience.

A toothpaste company went to her kindergarten, looking for a suitable young actor to shoot a toothpaste advertisement.

among a group of children, 4-year-old Xiao Junyu looks particularly outstanding. No matter how many strangers she is, she is not afraid. She is so generous that the director takes a fancy to her and asks her to go home and tell her parents and invite her to audition.

when the mother learned of this, she thought: if there is such an opportunity, let her daughter have a try, and it is also good to exercise.

in this way, accompanied by his mother, Xiaojunyu filmed the first advertisement in his life.

in the studio, she doesn't know what it means to shoot an advertisement or what to do. She just thinks everything in this place is novel and fun, which is different from her normal life.

under the guidance of the director, Xiaojunyu quickly entered the state. After filming, the director and staff praised Xiaojun for his high understanding of rain and being a good candidate for advertising.

Xiaojun Yu received a reward of 500 yuan the first time he shot a commercial. At that time, 500 yuan was a "huge sum of money".

after that, Xiaojun Yu received advertising invitations from different industries one after another, but shooting advertisements was not as easy as imagined, and sometimes shooting was not very smooth.

even if Xiaojun has a good understanding of rain, he is so young that he will inevitably meet a demanding director and repeat NG many times in one shot.

when she was 5 years old, Xiao Junyu received an advertisement and one of the scenes required her to drink water.

in order to get the best shooting effect, the director keeps asking for a fresh start.

even if Xiaojunyu at that time had already drunk water and had an upset stomach, her mother was so distressed that she even advised her not to shoot, she also chose to stick to it.

as soon as he turned it on, Xiaojun Yu picked up the water and drank it until the director was satisfied.

it is this earnest and strong spirit that Xiaojun Yu at a young age has become a "model worker" in the advertising circle. In just a few years, he has shot no less than 100 advertisements.

but at this time, she is not well known to the public.

went into battle as a substitute, unintentionally becoming a hit

in 2009, luck befell her.

the young actor who originally planned to shoot "step by step higher Reader" accidentally fell and lost his front teeth, for fear of affecting the shooting effect, the brand decided to change someone else.

at that time, Gao Junyu was already well-known in advertising circles. After seeing Gao Junyu's past works, the brand decided to invite her to shoot.

Gao Junyu, as usual, was unambiguous and completed the shoot professionally and professionally in accordance with the requirements of advertisers.

"step by step high-end readers" has become popular, and sales have skyrocketed. With this advertisement, Gao Junyu quickly became popular in the streets and alleys of the country.

everyone affectionately called her "click-reading machine girl". Over time, they all forgot her name was Gao Junyu.

when it comes to "tap-reader girl", everyone will say, "I know that's the girl who says she won't order anywhere."

has become a label on Gao Junyu and has been with her for many years.

after becoming famous, Gao Junyu continued to receive various commercials and invitations from the film and television crew.

the famous actress Jiang Shan has repeatedly invited Gao Junyu to play her daughter in several romantic characters.

they have no objection to their daughter shooting commercials, which is her daughter's interest, and the shooting time of commercials is short, and most of them can be arranged on weekends and winter and summer vacations, and will not take up too much time.

however, it takes too long to shoot a TV series, which will delay Gao Junyu's study.

until 2010, coinciding with Gao Junyu's winter vacation, she had the opportunity to star in the first film, "Tigers have to marry" starring Luo Jiaying..

during the summer vacation of the same year, she starred in the kung fu movie Bruce Lee, my Brother, in which she played with actors such as Liang Jiahui and Zhong Litti.

unlike shooting commercials, Gao Junyu only occasionally participates in movies and TV dramas, and the schedule is strictly stuck in the winter and summer vacations. this is the "iron rule" set by his mother.

with the increase in the number of appearances on the screen and working with a large number of celebrities, Gao Junyu is becoming more and more famous.

some people say that if Gao Junyu develops into the entertainment industry, he will certainly achieve something.

however, just when everyone was looking forward to seeing more of her works, she slowly fell silent.

trapped in a whirlpool of public opinion, rely on strength to break rumors

after primary school, Gao Junyu's parents began to deliberately reduce the number of filming of Gao Junyu. Occasionally, when the shooting time happens to be a holiday, her parents will take pictures for her.

Gao Junyu's parents have been reminding Gao Junyu: shooting so many commercials, people recognize you just because your lens is expressive, and you are just an ordinary child in life, so you should always be humble.

therefore, on weekdays, like other children, Gao Junyu is an ordinary student and grows up step by step.

in 2015, an online revelation pushed her to the forefront of the storm:

at that time, Gao Junyu was in the second year of junior high school, and there was a rumor on the Internet: the score of the click-reading machine girl in the college entrance examination came out, with a score of 403, not even the undergraduate line, which made you so easy every day.

for a while, Gao Junyu and his family were scolded as "liars", and some people even wrote anonymously to her school, satirizing her "stars fell."

the mother was both distressed and worried when she saw her daughter being subjected to Internet violence. Unexpectedly, Gao Junyu in turn comforted her mother that she faced everyone's discussion positively and optimistically, but simply ignored it after releasing a statement on the Internet.

she knows that actions speak louder than words, and only strength can break rumors.

in the end, Gao Junyu was admitted to Zhixin Middle School in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou with a total score of 727 and a grade An in all subjects.

she also proved her strength by hitting those who mocked and abused her in the face with her grades.

after entering a talented high school, Gao Junyu has both study and interest.

because of her good voice and good image, she hosted various programs many times with the recommendation of her teacher, all of which performed well.

by this time, Gao Junyu found that her real favorite field was the broadcast host.

she has a precise understanding and orientation of herself.

Gao Junyu thinks that although he likes acting, he is not suitable for development in the show business. She began to make full preparations for her broadcasting dream.

at the end of June 2019, Gao Junyu was admitted to the dream university-Communication University Of China, with a total score of 568, surpassing the undergraduate line, and became the younger sister of CCTV host Kanghui, Nigmati and others.

to enter the dream university, Gao Junyu did not stop for this, satisfied with this.

in addition to staying at the top of the list in academic performance, he has won many scholarships.

Gao Junyu also actively participated in extracurricular activities and accepted the invitation of many programs such as CCTV. His excellent performance on many programs has been praised again and again.

in March 2022, Gao Junyu became a guide at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games after four months of hard training.

at the meeting, she acted elegantly and gracefully, showing Chinese style.

Today, Gao Junyu has successfully secured research and entered the department of the State key Laboratory, becoming one of the 21 students in the International Communication Poplar Class (Master).

this class aims to send international communication talents to the country, and the admission requirements are so strict that only Gao Junyu is enrolled in the entire broadcasting college.

she will be here to open a new starting point and meet new challenges.

Gao Junyu, who disappeared in the magnesium light at that time, is still the brightest star when he comes back.

apart from her own efforts, she is also inseparable from her parents'"clarity" and "vision".

although Gao Junyu filmed many commercials, she never affected her study.

while her parents support and respect her interests, they also help her grasp the yardstick and balance her study and shooting work.

her family attaches great importance to the integrity of her personal growth experience and often accompanies her when she participates in activities.

after Gao Junyu became popular, many advertisers and directors threw olive branches at her one after another.

some performing arts companies even offered attractive conditions such as tutoring and babysitting to serve Gao Junyu in order to sign a contract with her, but Gao Junyu's parents refused one by one.

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in the face of fame and wealth, Gao Junyu's parents value Gao Junyu's ability to grow and learn with his peers.

seeing the gleaming appearance of Gao Junyu now, many netizens sigh that the future of their children is hidden in the pattern of parents.

wise and far-sighted parents are the best leaders in their children's life journey.


, I believe that Gao Junyu's future life will be infinitely possible. Let's wait and see.

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