Fourteen years ago, a man in Hunan cut off his kidney to save his wife and became a model husband. Today, it has been found that the kidney is still there: what happened that year?
Fourteen years ago, a man in Hunan cut off his kidney to save his wife and became a model husband. Today, it has been found that the kidney is still there: what happened that year?
Perhaps, from the moment he lied, it was doomed to such an end.

"your father must have two kidneys. He doesn't believe to read the examination report."

"No way. My father transplanted one kidney from himself to save his mother. How can there be two more?"

the girl took the examination report and couldn't believe what she saw.

it is clearly written: two kidneys are complete, one is not less.

how did this happen?

the girl's father is Tan Kejun.

in 2009, my wife suddenly fainted and was diagnosed with advanced uremia. There was no other way to save her life except kidney transplant.

in order to save his wife suffering from uremia, Tan Kejun did not hesitate to cut out his own kidney to continue his life for his wife.

this act of deep love for his wife has made Tan Kejun what everyone calls a "model husband" for the time being, and not a few people have donated money for it.

but when the sky didn't work out, his wife gave up and left, leaving Tan Kejun and a pair of children.

13 years later, Tan Kejun collapsed and was criticized by the public. even his children looked disappointed and pointed at him on the nose.

then, why did Tan Zhijun lie to set up his beloved wife who "cut off his kidney to save his wife"? Was there anything else at that time?

this story has to be told from that year.

the husband and wife are not highly educated and can only do some manual work on the construction site.

although it is hard, it is much better than farming at home.

before long, the wife gave birth to a daughter.

in order to support a pair of children, the husband and wife work even harder, take any odd job, and earn a little more.

A family of four lived a prosperous and happy life.

but when it comes unexpectedly, I won't say hello to anyone.

on August 29, 2009, Tan Kejun was working at the construction site when the worker hurriedly ran over and said that his wife suddenly fainted.

over there, the workers hurriedly dialed 120 and dragged people to the hospital after the ambulance arrived.

however, after all, it is too late for hemp rope to be broken.

my terminally ill wife closed her eyes forever before she could save her.

he thought of something from a few days ago.

my wife said she felt very tired and was not feeling well.

people from poor families seldom go to the hospital at any time. Tan Kejun thinks he is just overworked and doesn't take it too seriously.

who knows the distance between heaven and man in the twinkling of an eye.

No one can understand the pain of losing his wife in middle age. Tan Kejun could not accept the blow, so he had to drink to drown his sorrows.

Tan Kejun, who used to like drinking, has become a complete alcoholic without the restraint of his wife.

the workers really couldn't bear to watch it, so they all advised him to cheer up and raise his children well, otherwise he would be sorry to his dead wife.

Wanna shop a glamorous masquerade prom wear and be the center of attention. New and stylish arrivals up for grabs now!

these comforting words poked Tan Kejun's sore spot.

I don't know if he was in a trance or alcohol, he patted the table and shouted:

"how did I feel sorry to her? In order to save her, I cut out a kidney to her! "

the blurted out sentence stunned everyone.

driven by strong curiosity, Tan Kejun told everyone about what happened in the hospital:

after arriving at the hospital, the wife was examined to be in the advanced stage of uremia. Unless a suitable kidney source was found, the wife would die at any time.

but where to find a kidney in this vast sea of people?

Tan Kejun, who extremely blamed himself, made an amazing decision: cut off the kidney to save his wife!

however, the next operation was not as smooth as expected.

the wife died before the removed kidney was fully implanted in his wife's body.

after hearing this story, Tan Kejun's image became incomparably tall, and his muddled behavior could be forgiven.

after waking up after drinking the next day, Tan Kejun was bewildered when he remembered what happened yesterday, but he didn't explain anything.

since then, the story of Tan Kejun cutting off his kidney to save his wife has spread widely.

after his story was reported by the media, countless people were moved.

some caring people in society heard the story and raised money for him.

his overwhelming reputation made him feel elated and even paralyzed himself.

"everyone says that I donated a kidney to my wife, but I did donate a kidney to my wife."

when the construction site boss heard the story of Tan Kejun, he was full of sympathy.

specially arranged an easy job for him, but Tan Kejun did not accept it.

he resigned and returned to his hometown county.

people are lazy, drinking for a long time, and people give a thumbs up wherever they go. Tan Kejun, who has a little money for charity, begins to float away.

after returning home, Tan Kejun did not work aboveboard on the grounds that his body could not do heavy work.

he also used the money raised by caring people to eat meat and drink.

seeing that the family is about to fail, Tan Bin, his 14-year-old eldest son, has to drop out of school and go home to take on the responsibility of supporting his family.

but he is a minor, so he can only work as a shampoo in a barbershop or as a waitress in a restaurant.

if you work hard for a month, you will earn more than 1000 yuan.

Tan Kejun at that time was also a fan.Fell in love with gambling.

after losing his family background upside down, he came up with the idea of his son's salary card again.

because my son is a minor, the salary card can only be tied to his name.

Tan Kejun secretly took out all the thousands of yuan in his card and took care of himself.

Tan Bin has been dissatisfied with his father for a long time. When he learned about this, he was very angry and scolded:

"you don't deserve to be a father!"

Tan Kejun angrily beat his son, calling him unfilial.

Tan Bin ran away from home in anger and never came back.

the departure of his son gradually sobered Tan Kejun.

he realized that he had done something wrong and decided to pick himself up and bring up his daughter.

Tan Kejun's ideas are beautiful, but the reality is cruel.

I can only do some small business without effort, and the money I earn can barely make ends meet.

in the twinkling of an eye, my daughter Tan Yaxin is 15 years old.

she grew up listening to her father's deeds, and she is even more grateful to her father for taking great pains to raise her over the years.

so since she became sensible, she has taken on the important task of taking care of her father.

until one day, Tan Kejun fainted because of anemia.

Tan Yaxin was so anxious that she sent her father to the hospital with the help of her neighbors.

she said to the doctor, "my father once donated a kidney to his mother. Did he leave a sequela?"

the doctor made a comprehensive examination for Tan Kejun and was stupefied when he got the examination report.

examination showed that Tan Kejun's left kidney atrophied, but both kidneys were there.

moreover, Tan Kejun does not have any wounds, that is to say, kidney donation does not exist at all.

what on earth is going on?

this is a mistake, but it is Tan Kejun who is wrong.

it turns out that no one ever said that his wife died of cerebral hemorrhage, and that the so-called uremia and donating a kidney for his wife were all lies made up by him after drinking.

"I don't want to face the fact that my wife is gone, coupled with guilt, I can only make up lies to make up for my mistakes."

people found it hard to believe that the widely circulated story of cutting off a kidney to save his wife turned out to be a hoax!

and what is even more unacceptable to this fact is Tan Yaxin, Tan Kejun's daughter.

in order to take care of her father who is "missing a kidney", she missed the check-in time for high school, and it is still unknown whether she can go to school or not.

after some efforts, a reporter contacted Tan Bin, Tan Kejun's son.

currently works as a waitress in a restaurant with a monthly salary of 3000 yuan.

when he thought of his father in the middle of the night, he would say to himself:

"although the father is incompetent, his love for his mother is real."

now, the last glimmer of glory in my father is gone.

Tan Bin resented his father, but his sister was innocent.

Blood is thicker than water, and he can't let his sister miss school at an early age.

after the school knows about the Tan family's situation, it will give it an understanding.

not only can Tan Yaxin come back to school, but also waive her tuition and fees.

facing the camera, Tan Yaxin said she was grateful to her brother.

"I will certainly study hard and repay my brother when I earn money from my work."

not a word was said about the father who lied to her and everyone else.

maybe when she grows up, she will still provide for her father, but the broken relationship can no longer be repaired.

this is the end of the story.

A drunken rave deceived everyone.

it is also quite exclamatory.

Tan Kejun was originally in good health and his kidneys were intact, because he always donated one kidney to self-paralysis, and as a result, one kidney really shrunk.

his life is like this atrophied kidney, full of chaos and unbearability.

some people say: this is the Law of attraction, and you will be attracted to whatever you want to be.

from the "model husband" of "donating the kidney to save his wife" to the betrayal of his relatives, perhaps it has been doomed to such an end from the moment he lied.

and the most distressing thing is that the brother and sister, who share such a father, are doomed to have a rough and difficult future.

however, with their moral character, I believe that they will certainly support each other and live their own lives even without the protection of their parents.