Five years after the loss of a loved one, Liu Yan cried to countless people: the one I love will never come back.
Five years after the loss of a loved one, Liu Yan cried to countless people: the one I love will never come back.
Fortunately, the real Liuyan is now being seen by more and more people.

some time ago, the news about Liu Yan's love affair spread in an uproar.

many netizens believed it, but finally Liu Yan himself had to stand up and respond: there is no such thing at all.

it turns out that it is another farce caused by traffic.

this is not the first time that Liu Yan has become the focus of public opinion. As the "mother of flow", Liu Yan's popularity has always been accompanied by all kinds of disputes.

but people who know her better know that after "Ferry Man", she no longer takes on any charming and enchanting characters and does not wear any sexy and revealing clothes.

in fact, "sexy" is the most unlikely path for her to take.

before becoming what people call a "sexy goddess", Liu Yan grew up in a very "old-fashioned" family.

"keep a distance from the opposite sex, study hard and do things in a down-to-earth manner" is the basic requirement of her parents.

she has been a very conservative girl since childhood.

she seldom wears short skirts and shorts, even if she later becomes a host. When choosing an evening dress, she also requires that the shoulder straps must be three fingers wide, and low breasts are absolutely not allowed.

and she chose to work in the entertainment industry because of her mother's illness.

at that time, she had just become a nurse, her father's income was not high, her mother had a subsidy of only 350 yuan a month, and the operation fee was as high as 30,000 yuan, which was tantamount to an astronomical figure for her.

in 2005, she signed up for the host draft and was eager to win the championship award of 10,000 yuan.

after becoming famous, she recalled how she felt at that time:

"if you put ten thousand yuan in front of me now and let me do something, I will think you are out of your mind.

but if you put this ten thousand yuan in front of me at that time and ask me to do something, I may really go. "

she is not sure how far she can go without professional skills, but she knows that the 10,000 yuan may be her mother's life money.

although the result was only the seventh, the organizers still noticed the excellent girl.

Liu Yan signed a contract with Light Media in this way to start his career as a host.

it was an extremely tense day.

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her cell phone is turned on 24 hours a year to make sure she is the first to arrive at any time and dare not miss any opportunity.

when she was busiest, she served as the host of 11 programs. She was so busy that she didn't go to bed every day, even during the Spring Festival.

"what's wrong with me, you tell me, I'll do whatever I want."

she replied: "my mother and grandmother both have cancer. Do you know how difficult it is to have two cancer patients at home?"

it's not that she doesn't want to rest, but her mother's operation fee is always a sword hanging over her head, so that she doesn't dare to slack off.

she worked hard day after day, but there was something wrong with her health before her life improved.

the doctor said she had a tumor on her chest. If it is serious, the whole chest needs to be removed.

at this time, she received the invitation of "men's costume". In order to commemorate her physical integrity, Liu Yan agreed.

unexpectedly, her sexy photos went viral overnight, with countless people calling her a "sexy goddess".

earlier, in a program, Liu Yan wrote down his wish: I want to be popular!

for this wish, she ran around day and night, afraid to ask for leave, did not dare to rest, or even dared not collapse.

she tried for such a long time without success, but she was suddenly remembered for "dressing sexy".

on the one hand, there are sky-high medical expenses and cancer cells that do not know when they will recur, and on the other hand, they are contrary to their own character but can change their lives. Liu Yan finally chose to seize this opportunity.

because of the "sexy" tag, many resources take the initiative to find Liuyan.

in addition to hosting the show, she began to set foot in show business.

although most of the characters she received were sexy and seductive, as a newcomer, she knew very well how difficult these opportunities were.

and with the popularity of films such as Pancake Man and Loser Man, Liu Yan's commercial value is also rising.

her value has multiplied several times, and her mother's medical expenses have been reduced.

with savings, she helped her parents buy a house in Guangzhou and had a home of her own in Beijing.

Beijing drifters's hard work for many years has finally paid off.

but as her fame grows, so does the sound of questioning and misunderstanding.

when holding an event, in order to boost her popularity, the staff will take the initiative to tell her, "Sister, it's up to you today. Remember to be strong on stage later."

if she can bear the misunderstanding of her peers, then the insult from the outside world is an even heavier blow to her.

some people regard her as a gaudy actress and scold her for showing off, while others define her success as "borrowing breasts".

countless foul language appears on her Weibo every day.

not only her, but also her family was targeted.

the blacklist on her agent's mobile phone records more than a thousand numbers.

she said: "countless people make harassing phone calls and send love messages to me, and all kinds of strange people send me hypocritical voice messages or obscene photos in the middle of the night."

the most impressive thing is the scene at Bauer's wedding.

someone suggested throwing Liu Yan into the water, and several tall best men immediately surrounded Liu Yan in the middle.

Liu Yan screamed with fear, and the guests around him watched coldly with a smile. At the critical moment, only Jia Ling came out as a substitute to help Liuyan out.

but this is what many people think of Liu Yan: you are sexy and coquettish, and you deserve to be flirted.

even if this incident was later exposed, it was Liu Yan, the victim, who came out to apologize first.

after the storm, Liu Yan's career suffered a heavy blow.

over the years, she has enjoyed the bonus of "sexy" and tasted the bitter fruit of "sexy".

but stumbling along the way, no matter what kind of wind and waves he faces, Liu Yan is as firm as ever.

the reporter once asked her, "do you really not care about those comments?"

Liu Yan replied:

"it's best for someone to understand you, but it doesn't matter if no one understands it. It really doesn't matter."

as a grass-roots with no background, only she knows how much she has suffered so far.

what's wrong with being sexy? That in itself is her natural physical advantage.

she never resents her sexiness and doesn't want to take off the label.

she wrote on her personal account:

"Hello, this is Liu Yan. I have a career line, yes, and please see my ambition. "

she has the strength to cut through difficulties and the courage to face criticism.

from the moment she entered the show business, she knew exactly what she wanted.

"improve the situation at home, buy a big house for your parents, and take them around the world."

this has always been Liu Yan's dream.

when she was getting closer and closer to her dream, fate played a joke on her again.

in 2017, Liu Yan's father was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer, the worst kind.

the doctor told her directly, "stop messing around and take your uncle for a walk sometime."

the moment she got the diagnosis form, she hid in the tea room and cried red eyes.

she could not accept such a fate. "I have just changed their houses, and his happy days have just begun."

my father said, "in the past few years, I have gone to many places, lived in a big house and lived a good life. I have enough in my life."

after doing everything possible, Liu Yan still failed to keep his father.

the departure of her father also made her understand gradually:

"I worked so hard to make money that I thought my family needed me. Over the years, I found that I need them, they are the reason for my struggle, but also the whole driving force for me to live. "

Liu Yan, who lost his family, seems to have lost the motivation to work hard for a while.

who should I live for for the rest of my life? Do you still want to act in order to make money?


for a long time, Liu Yan has been a sexy vase in the eyes of the audience, without a masterpiece, let alone acting.

in 2019, Liu Yan returned to the public with her film the beneficiary.

this time, the focus of discussion is no longer her figure, but her acting skills.

but in fact, she has no mother, and she has to take care of her sick father and young brother alone.

such an experience is fatally similar to Liu Yan.

in the last scene of the film, Yue Miao Miao in front of the camera took off his makeup and confided to the audience:

"Today is my last live broadcast.

I want to leave home and go to Beijing drifters. I've suffered a lot and been fooled a lot, but I finally found someone who wants me to be who I really am.

I'm going to start a new life in the future. "

with this movie, Liu Yan got the first film queen of her life.

Last year, "Menghualu" went viral, and Liu Yan played Sun Sanniang, who dared to love and hate, and once again used her acting skills to correct her name.

Liu Yan has been misunderstood for too long.

Sexy is actually the least worth mentioning about her.

she once said, "I don't want to be a willow rock that can be flirted by anyone."

rolling and crawling over in the strong wind and small waves, Liuyan honed himself step by step, always going all out, playing a pair of bad cards with strength, courage and high EQ.


even if Liu Yan gives up talking with his figure, he can still use his acting skills to gain a foothold.

so, even if the road ahead is rough, don't be afraid.