First learn not to be angry, then learn to piss people off.
First learn not to be angry, then learn to piss people off.
The world of mortals is the ashram, and life is spiritual practice.


people always get angry for a variety of reasons in their lifetime.

anger, although an instinct, but unable to control their emotions, is a disaster.

A really smart person knows how to learn not to be angry before he learns to piss people off.

fools punish themselves with other people's mistakes

Schopenhauer said:

"getting angry at other people's behavior is like losing your temper with a stone, it's just as stupid."

once people are in anger, their IQ plummets, and it is easy to do things that they regret later.

and the stupidest thing in the world is to pay for other people's mistakes.

there was an incredible billiards championship match.

contestant Louis Fox has been so far ahead in scoring that he can win the championship as long as he plays normally.

when he was ready to bend over to hit the ball, a sudden fly landed on the cue ball, and he waved away.

when he leaned over again, the annoying fly flew back and he had to drive it away again.

when he posed for the third time to hit the ball, the fly seemed to be against him and flew back to the cue ball.

seeing this, the audience roared with laughter, which also made him so angry that he used clubs to drive away flies.

as a result, the club hit the cue ball, the referee fouled him and he missed a shot.

seeing his opponent scoring goals one after another, he became more and more upset, which in turn affected the performance of the next few shots and finally lost the game.

if it ends this way, it's not too bad, but it's a pity that he was so ashamed and angry that he jumped into the river and killed himself in the end.

just one fly, Louis, who could have won the world championship, has since come to an end.

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perhaps in his opinion, the fly that deliberately spoiled the situation was sent by heaven to fight against it.

in fact, the fly was just an accident, and he lost in his own mood.

Pythagoras once said:

anger begins with folly and ends with remorse. "

there are many times in life, such as this game, the more critical the moment, the more the situation.

anger will not only solve any problems, but also make all the efforts that have been made come to naught.

after all, many of the failures in the world are buried by emotions.

Wise people know how to control their emotions

A philosopher once said, "anger is the expression of the incompetent and the most powerless weapon."

A true wise man knows how to restrain his emotions and take the initiative in life.

in ancient times, there was a man who ran three times around his house and land when he got angry.

later, he became one of the richest people in the area, with bigger houses and more land.

whenever he is angry, he still runs three times around the house and the land, even if he is out of breath, he never changes.

Sun Tzu is very confused about this:

"Grandpa, is it a secret that you run around the house and the land when you get angry?"

he said: "when I was young, when I was angry with people, I would think-my house is so small and there is so little land, how can I have the time and energy to be angry with people?"

now that I am unhappy with people, I think-- why should I be angry with people when my house is so big and there is so much land? "

there is a saying in "Capital of a lifetime":


at any time, one should not subject all actions to one's own emotions, but should control them in turn.


on the way of life, the biggest opponent we meet is ourselves, and the biggest enemy is our own emotions.

emotion comes first, you can't understand the truth of the situation. Only by letting the mind go first can you make the wisest choice.

when you feel emotional surge, you might as well find an exit for it in some ways.

such as drinking a glass of warm water, listening to soothing music, watching a relaxing movie, or going to nature to relax.

Don't get more upset just because you have emotions.

it's not easy to control your emotions. If you give yourself time, you can always find a way that suits you.

the smartest way to do things

it is better to win than to be angry

the Deyun Society founded by Guo Degang can be said to be at the top of the crosstalk industry.

but ten years ago, few people knew who Guo Degang was, and the gate of Deyun Society was deserted.

at that time, a professor publicly belittled Guo Degang, saying that he was just a bubble and was over in a few days.

there are also many colleagues who think that what Guo Degang expresses is too vulgar and humiliates the traditional culture.

there is even a public mockery on his Weibo:

"how can a person who eats green onions be with someone who drinks coffee?"

Guo Degang ignored all kinds of derogation and abuse on the Internet.

as usual, he devotes all his energy to the study of crosstalk performance, and he will also go into his study and be nourished by traditional culture.

later, Deyun Society became so famous that it was hard to get a vote.

netizens even call Guo Degang "crosstalk master".

even People's Daily published a 9, 000-word article praising his contribution to crosstalk.

Wang XiaoBozeng said: "all man's pain is essentially anger at his own incompetence."

most anger in life stems from the contempt and disapproval of others.

is that you are not strong enough, you want to be recognized by others, and you also care about the approval of others.

however, using anger to express anger is undoubtedly the most powerless.

A wise man knows that it is better to win than to be angry.

learn to calm down before you become a great player.

when you don't need to care about other people's eyes and comments, you won't get angry easily.

in fact, no matter where you go in your life, there will always be some people who will hold their heads high and look down at you.

when you become wise enough, you will understand that this overlooking is ridiculous.

instead of spending limited time to compare, get angry, and prove yourself, spend your time investing in yourself and living yourself.

the world of mortals is the ashram, and life is spiritual practice.

this spiritual practice will not change because of the change of your status.

after all, people are emotional animals, and emotions are the underlying operating system of life.

restraining emotions has become a lifelong lesson for adults.

you can learn not to be angry, which proves that you understand;

being able to stand up for yourself means that your life is complete.

the greatest freedom in life is not to live in the mouths of others, but to live in your own heart and share with your friends.


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