Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse suddenly announced the good news in a high profile! Congratulations, this is the day at last.
Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse suddenly announced the good news in a high profile! Congratulations, this is the day at last.
Vigorous and vigorous may not be true, but the long flow of water is the most moving.

the afterheat of Dong Jie and Pan Yueming's great reconciliation in the century has just dissipated, and another century has touched the hearts of thousands of netizens.

Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong showed up at the airport some time ago and were exposed by the media.

there is no taboo or hiding in front of the camera, but they hold hands and show it in front of people.

after 23 years, they finally face the public again.

in June 2000, this slightly legendary "Fengfei Love" was widely known, and it took Nicholas Tse several twists and turns to catch up with the goddess.

things are unpredictable, the two are on and off several times, and after their own wavering marriages, they were not reunited until 2014.

because it is too low-key, all kinds of breakup rumors and speculations have been rampant during this period.

now that the dust has settled and the love story has a happy ending, the hardship is self-evident.

it is clear that it has been back together for 8 years, but the love between the frontline and the Philippines always makes people feel fresh for a long time.

in 2000, Nicholas Tse was only 20 years old, and Faye Wong just broke away from her last marriage and divorced Dou Wei, a rock genius.

Love, which is 11 years apart, burst into flames in silence, which puzzled the world.

but the feelings of the world are meant to sweep the snow in front of each door, and each has his own obscurity and cleanness.

accustomed to seeing the current situation of internal entertainment in "flow is dominant", I seldom think of the former glory of "cook" Nicholas Tse--

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rewrite Hong Kong entertainment to beat the real top of the "four Heavenly Kings".

my father is Hong Kong movie star Xie Xian, and my mother is Deborah, the first Hong Kong sister champion in the 1970s. Nicholas Tse was "born with a golden spoon".

be famous and have a face.

Unfortunately, Xie Xian and his wife have always been at odds with each other, and Nicholas Tse suffered a lot in it. In order to get rid of this glossy family life, he "fled" to study abroad early.

he had an unhappy childhood and gradually became the recalcitrant rock boy who made an early debut to pay his father's debts.

Nicholas Tse, with long hair, often keeps a straight face, showing no doubt about his aloof temperament.

but I have to say, this unique demeanor made the girls at that time love miserably.

at the age of 19, he has won dozens of music awards, and the concert has been held in Hung Hom.

even if he moves to the highly hierarchical Hong Kong entertainment, it still can't stop him from shining brilliantly.

the media at that time said: "the popularity of Nicholas Tse ended the era of the four heavenly kings who monopolized the Chinese music world for nearly a decade."

pian and cold teenagers who have never thought of fame and wealth, but they also have their softness.

that's Wang Fei.

when he was young, Nicholas Tse became a fan of Faye Wong early on. As long as there was Faye Wong on TV, Nicholas Tse was not allowed to change the channel and kept his eyes fixed on the sister who took root in his heart.

the column of favorite singer also has Faye Wong's name written by hand.

Faye Wong's concert Nicholas Tse is also a constant, silently admiring the moving voice and posture of the people in his dreams.

the stories of "diva" and "top stream" intersect.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse have one thing in common: being proud of talent.

when she was young, Faye Wong always had an "arrogant" posture and only flattered herself.

when others won the prize, they thanked the judges for their affirmation and fans for their support, but Faye Wong just said:

"I know that I can sing, and I fully affirm the recognition given to me by the judges of the Golden Melody Award."

I have to say, this is very Faye Wong.

this indifferent attitude is admirable and annoying, but she doesn't care, and she can't act.

the scene "my biggest worry now is that it is too popular" is the truest portrayal of her.

Faye Wong pursues nature as she pleases her heart in character, as well as emotionally.

when she was already a popular diva in Hong Kong, Dou Wei still lived in a dilapidated courtyard with few talents.

but love is love. Faye Wong gave up her prosperous future, shared joys and sorrows with Dou Wei, and "forgot my name" for him.

in 1996, Faye Wong married Dou Weifengzi. Even though this would attract numerous criticisms, Faye Wong said categorically:

"I think clearly, bless me."

it's just that marriage is not as satisfactory as love. In the end, we can't hide too much. Three years later, Faye Wong left quietly with her daughter.

both of them kept quiet about the reasons for the divorce, each bearing the inner pain, leaving only the appearance of decency.

maybe it really should be that sentence: sometimes when we get together and leave, nothing will last forever.

A year later, the divorce diva x top idol's century hand in hand caused a sensation in Hong Kong.

Nicholas Tse finally got the "man of his dreams" who had loved deeply for many years.

amid numerous doubts, Nicholas Tse shyly walked behind Faye Wong and announced everything to the world.

they love each other calmly, regardless of the age gap and past love history.

nothing is more impressive than the license plate "FE1" that Nicholas Tse took great pains to buy, and the hundreds of thousands of antique guitars and sports cars that Faye Wong gave away.

the love of the rich is so simple and unadorned.

keep a low profile, the media can still find bits and pieces of their love from clues, and even Zhang Guorong has openly teased Wang.Fei:

"your smile is only for Xie."

the word "diva" lofty above has never existed in Nicholas Tse's heart, but only a little girl she loves.

the moment he fell in love, he announced to the world: "when I am 25, I will marry her."

however, the bride becomes Cecilia Cheung.

No one knows how the relationship between them is misplaced.

maybe when Nicholas Tse joked with Cecilia Cheung at the 2001 Golden Song Awards, Faye Wong looked back and foresaw everything.

after releasing her last album "will Love", Faye Wong dropped out of the entertainment industry forever.

this relationship is buried in history, and neither of them talks about it.

the lyrics "Wind, Wind and Fire are vigorous, our love is like a war, and we have sacrificed without bloodshed".

after many things in the world, I have to sigh that fate is like a play.

in 2012, Fengzhi Love came to an end under the rumors of public opinion, and Nicholas Tse left the entertainment industry to become a "chef".

after circling around, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong hit a brick wall in their respective marriages and returned to the state of being single.

the dust-laden love resurrected, and the century reunion was caught off guard.

the two go shopping together and go home hand in hand.

when chatting, Wang Fei talked about being happy and excitedly pedaling her feet on the bed.

when Nicholas Tse sat alone on the windowsill, Faye Wong volunteered to him, gave him a gentle kiss, and immediately ran away with a smile.

program, Nicholas Tse immediately replied: "Orange."

but Xiao Jingteng shook his head and threw a cold joke:

No, it's durian, because sometimes, I'd rather choose durian than let go.

Nicholas Tse still denies it very seriously: impossible, she doesn't eat durian.

(all right, all right, you know her best)

A lot has changed between them, but the only thing that hasn't changed is pure love.

leaving the spotlight and public opinion, putting aside the gulf between the past and the heart, and getting back together, the two people who get back together are the truest appearance of love.

vigorous may not be true, but a long stream of water is the most moving.

No one can easily judge whether a relationship is right or wrong, whether young or wayward, it is enough to have no regret process and no regret result.

Today, when it comes to this relationship, there are still a lot of criticisms and doubts: "are you worthy of Cecilia Cheung?"

but we have to admit that we can't see whether and how much they used to love each other.

the only thing that can be seen is that they still have their own flowers and live a comfortable life after they are separated.

Love is because of love, and feelings do not have to be generous.

once the beauty was never false, but now the love between the frontline and the Philippines across the mountains and seas, and let the story continue to write a sweet ending, this is enough.

, may they continue to keep this "out-of-date candy" sweet, and may you all bump into your love after going around.