Eating appearance determines a person's appearance.
Eating appearance determines a person's appearance.
To see a person clearly, it is more accurate to eat than to look.


as the saying goes: "people are iron, rice is steel, do not eat hungry panic."

everyone has to eat, and three meals a day can't be left behind.

therefore, if you want to see a person clearly, it is often more reliable to eat than to look.

eating appearance is a portrayal of a character

what is eating appearance?

eating appearance is a person's manner when eating, and it is often extended as an attitude when doing things.

look at the way a person eats, you can see his appearance.

people who eat ugly will do things for their own benefit, regardless of the rules.

it is very disgraceful to act in this way.

I have heard such a story:

the son of the entrepreneur took the partner home for dinner, and after dinner, the father advised the son to stop working with the man.

my son is very confused.

Father said:

"just when he was eating, he was talking while eating, and the food residue and saliva flew all over his face, and he kept talking without apology.

when picking up food, he brought delicious food to himself. He was so defiant that he must be very selfish. "

the son laughs that his father's thinking is too old-fashioned, this is just other people's eating habits, how can it rise to be a man.

Father went on:

"although you have different eating habits, you don't have to bring delicious dishes to yourself. This is a sign of selfishness! "

my son disagreed.

there are three partners in total, divided into three equal parts, but that partner is unwilling.

he felt that he took all the credit for the success of the business, and in the end they gave him a little more.

but he was still not satisfied, so he went to a big company to sell their project privately and ran away with all the money.

details can be seen in character, and morality can also be seen in people who eat ugly food.

Show a sense concinnity and harmony when in our prom gowns in egypt. Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

people often say that we meet each other when we eat.

most of the time, people who eat ugly are very selfish.

in the face of interests, they will be good at calculating and do whatever it takes to achieve their ends.

A person, whether eating or doing things, gives convenience not only to himself, but also to others.

people who eat well with each other know how to think of others, so that they can have more friends.

you can see a person clearly and you can tell by his eating appearance

I often hear people say, don't you just have fun when you eat? If you are so poor and fastidious, can you still eat happily?

that's true. The most important thing to eat is to be happy.

but eating with others requires more respect.

the table manners handed down by our ancestors have never been passed down for the purpose of keeping people from eating happily.

but because of the good eating appearance, it can not only maintain its own image, but also give enough respect to the people who eat together.

have seen such a story:

A professor has a scientific research project and needs to set up a project team of five people.

many students came to sign up, and he thought it was good to have six people after the interview.

but the funding for scientific research is limited, and there are only five people. He is very confused about how to choose five out of six people.

he wanted to invite these six people to dinner and get to know them better.

during the dinner, the boy sitting next to the professor stared at the food on the table all the time.

the turntable on the turntable in his left hand, chopsticks in his right hand and the head of chopsticks in his mouth.

he didn't stop until it was his turn to eat his favorite dishes, and then opened them with chopsticks and only picked up meat.

the other students were a little unhappy at this, and no one went to pick up the dish any more.

in order to distract his attention, the professor talked about scientific research projects.

the professor moved aside silently with some anger on his face.

after dinner, the professor didn't choose the boy at last.

the TA asked the professor why, and the professor said that boys didn't respect people, so it was difficult to be a team with him.

there is a saying: "in this world, only good food and love can not be disappointed."

it is only natural to love good food.

if you eat alone, you can eat as much as you like; if you eat for many people, you need to be polite.

people who eat well with each other are more graceful and more tolerant of others.

they are comfortable and others are willing to get close to them, so their popularity will not be bad.

the way you eat is your blessing

as the old saying goes, "there is a sitting phase and a standing phase."

all this is to make you behave better, and it's the same with eating, and you have to look good when eating.

A good look is actually very simple.

eating your own food well and not disturbing others' meals is a good way to eat.

on the Internet, I have heard such a story:

netizens said that anyone who had been to his house for dinner said that his family's tutoring was very good.

when his family eats, they eat in an orderly manner, chew slowly and eat slowly. There is no one to protect the food, and they swallow the food in their mouth before they speak.

all the friends who have been to his house feel that eating in his house is too comfortable.

netizens said that table manners were regulated by his 80-year-old grandfather and told his grandfather's story.

his grandfather was poor when he was young, and his parents helped cook in a merchant's house.

once during the Spring Festival, the parents' employer invited all the workers' families to have dinner together.

other children scramble for food as soon as they get to the table, and their parents can't hold on to it.

and his grandfather sat down first, ready to eat slowly.

among a bunch of children, the businessman noticed his grandfather and asked him why he didn't grab food.

his grandfather said, "I also want to eat those things, but I can scramble to eat them. If I eat too fast, I still eat too much."

the businessman was so satisfied with his answer that he asked his grandfather to worship him as his teacher and teach him how to do business the next day.

it turns out that none of the merchant's children have any ambition to go into business, so he has been looking for a successor.

later, his grandfather became the richest businessman in the family.

the ancients said: "the resources of qi and blood are strong, and those who have sex can eat and drink."

We often say that eating is the first big thing.

at the dinner table, different people have different eating styles.

A person's temperament will also be reflected incisively and vividly on the dinner table.

A steady person eats neither tightly nor slowly; an impatient person eats hungrily.

people who eat lovers will not only have better popularity, but also have more opportunities in the social arena.

therefore, it is said that the good eating appearance is the lucky phase.

William Hansen said:

"I only need a meal to know your parents' living background and your educational background."

to see a person clearly, eating is more accurate than his face.

one porridge, one rice, one bowl of chopsticks, although it is a small matter, you can see a person's self-cultivation and height.

selfish people only see themselves at the dinner table;

kind-hearted people are more likely to take care of others at the dinner table.

it is said that the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

those who make you comfortable at the dinner table are the ones who deserve your deep acquaintance.