Don't take other people's rulers and measure your own life.
Don't take other people's rulers and measure your own life.
Living like yourself is your best gift to life.




Liang Xiaosheng wrote in the World:

"from the moment you were born, it was decided what bowl to carry, what to eat, what to experience, and when to marry.


Don't be too hard on yourself, just let nature take its course.

you have already read the script of life in heaven. You chose this script because there is something you think is worth it in this life.

everyone's life script is different, joys and sorrows are also different, there is no need to compare with others, let alone look up to the happiness of others.

behind the scenery you admire

there are vicissitudes you can't imagine

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I was deeply impressed by such a story.

there is a monk and a farmer living on both sides of the river.

the monk watches the farmer work at sunrise and rest at sunset every day. Life is very interesting, unlike himself, except for ringing the bell and chanting sutras, which makes him very envious.

and the farmer saw that the monk chanted sutras and rang bells carefree every day, so that he didn't have to face the loess and turn his back to the sky, which made him yearn for it very much.

one day, the two met on the bridge and told each other how much they envied each other.

so they decided to exchange identities. The farmer went to the temple to recite the scriptures, and the monk went to the farmer's house to farm the land.

after a few days, the farmer found that the life of the monk was not easy at all. He rang bells and chanted sutras, but he looked leisurely, but in fact it was both boring and boring.

when the monk who became a farmer returned to earth, he was more miserable than the farmer. in the face of earthly annoyance, toil and confusion, he missed his days as a monk very much.

then they realized that the old days were the most suitable for them.

in life, we often only see the scenery of others, but do not realize that others have experienced vicissitudes that you can't imagine.

in fact, no one's life is easier than anyone's. Life is not only difficult for you, but also difficult for others.

I have read a saying: "if you wear a crown, you will suffer from it; if you are on high ground, you will suffer from its cold."

any success needs to pay the price, bear the long night to walk alone, in order to usher in the bright fireworks.

how glorious the face is, how much gloom you have to bear;

how brilliant people are in front of them, how much despair and collapse they have to bear after them.

when you know the truth of life where flowers go the same way as thorns and tears fly with laughter, you will not easily envy the scenery of others.

the good life you envy

is not necessarily the way you want to go home

have seen a fable:

A crow met a parrot in a cage. The crow envied the ease of the parrot and the parrot envied the freedom of the crow, so the two birds discussed an exchange of life.

the crow was at ease, but it was difficult to please its master, and finally died of depression.

the parrot was free, but could not live on its own, and finally starved to death.

in life, we always like to envy others, but forget the simplest truth: a life that suits others may not be suitable for you.

there is a good saying: you can't measure your life with other people's rulers.

in life, each has his own good and tired, and the scenery of others may not be your way home.

during the Tang Dynasty, du Fu admired Li Bai's talent very much and envied his unrestrained and unrestrained life.

on one occasion, du Fu met his idol Li Bai in Luoyang. He was so excited that he happily followed Li Bai to search for immortals and visit the mountains and rivers.

this kind of carefree day, drinking and writing poems, was very attractive to du Fu at first, but after a long time, du Fu began to get restless.

he found that such a life was not suitable for him at all.

although he could drink and sing happily every day, he wasted his time so that he could not find the meaning of life.

aware of this, du Fu resolutely bid farewell to Li Bai and walked into Chang'an City.

in this world, everyone has his own way of life, and other people's life track does not have your way.

No matter how delicate other people's flowers are, they may not look good if they are pinned on your head.

No matter how lively other people's lives are, if you join them, you may only feel noisy.

only by living a life that suits you can you live a comfortable and comfortable life in this complicated world.

envy the happiness of others

will only magnify your own pain

teacher Tu Lei once said such a paragraph:

"most of the time we are not being ourselves, but imitating others;

is not living his own life, but admiring the lives of others;

is not pursuing one's own happiness, but copying the happiness of others.


in the short film "neighbor's window", the hostess passes through the opposite neighbor's window.

snoop on the passionate life of the neighbors, yearning, thus more dissatisfied with their tedious and tiring life.

but when she was in the binoculars, she found that the man opposite had died of illness.

and the hostess across the street was also shocked when she looked forward to a lively life in her family through the window.

in life, we often feel that other people's lives are happy, but it is cruel to put them on ourselves; what we don't have is full of envy.Once I have it, I feel no more than that.

once saw a group of cartoons:

at the classmate reunion, Xiaoqing, a stay-at-home mother, saw the delicate and elegant single white-collar frost and thought to herself:

"I really envy her. I fly all over the world, unlike me, I have endless work every day."

Kobayashi, who serves as CEO of a listed company, has a full atmosphere, and Xiao Shuang thinks to himself:

"it's not like me to work so hard to make so much money a year at such a young age."

Xiaoya, a civil servant in a small county, sat next to Xiao Lin, and Xiao Lin thought to himself:

"I really envy her, her job is stable, there is no pressure, unlike me, long-term insomnia."

Xiaoqing, a stay-at-home mother, sat lonely in the corner, but did not realize that several classmates were envious of her quiet years.

if we always blindly compare with others, we will infinitely magnify our pain;

if you always envy others blindly, you will make yourself restless all day long.

people live a lifetime, you have your pain, I have my tired, no one needs to envy each other, no one needs to look up to each other.

do not envy others, do not look down on yourself, you will find that you have more happiness than you think.

the poet Tagore wrote in delusions:

"this bank of the river sighs to itself. I believe all joy is on the other side.

the other side of the river sighed, ah, perhaps, happiness is all on the other side. "

it is beautiful to see the mountains from afar, but if you look at me in the near future, you and I are all scenery on the way of life.

Life is all kinds, each has its own joys and sorrows, there is no need to envy others, let alone embarrass yourself.

, living like yourself is your best gift to life.