Don't be confused about big things, don't worry about trifles, and have your own ideas about everything.
Don't be confused about big things, don't worry about trifles, and have your own ideas about everything.
The best way to do things is to be confused without losing, surprised but not confused.

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the higher the level of life, the farther you can see.

only by looking at the world can we have a comprehensive world outlook, and only when we look at life can we have a three-dimensional outlook on life.

Zhou Guoping said:

"philosophy is to make you have a good state of mind, big things are not confused, small things are not entangled, and life is more clear and detached."

when you can understand everything clearly, you will show great wisdom.

Don't be confused about big things

when it comes to Zheng Banqiao, it is well known that he is "rarely confused".

as the saying goes, "it is rare to be confused", but it is difficult not to be confused on the major issues of right and wrong.

during Zheng Banqiao's tenure as county magistrate,

he took pity on the sufferings of the people and opened the warehouse and released grain to save tens of thousands of people.

Zheng Banqiao was praised by later generations because he attached great importance to the people, despised his personal interests, and kept the bottom line of being a man and doing things.

A person can achieve something only if he is not confused about important things.

however, there are always people who misinterpret "hard to be confused" and regard emotion as the criterion for doing things. As a result, they often make mistakes again and again, resulting in heavy losses.

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A person will do a lot of things in his life, and the most basic thing is to stick to his principles in the face of right and wrong.

there is still a chance to make up for minor mistakes, but if you are confused about big things, you can only regret and blame yourself.

Li Zhi, a thinker in the Ming Dynasty, once inscribed himself: Zhuge was cautious all his life, and Lv Duan was not confused.

important things are not confused, you need to have a mature mind, be able to distinguish between right and wrong, and never get emotional.

be able to look at the overall situation and not be seduced by immediate interests.

if this is the case, life will be able to weather the wind and waves and finish well.

Don't worry about trifles

in life, there are always people who struggle with trifles.

I can't make up my mind about what to wear and what to eat.

is too entangled in one thing, in fact, it is not against the matter, but with oneself.

the writer Chekhov tells a story about "entanglement" in his famous novel.

when the protagonist of the novel was watching a play in the theater, he could not help sneezing and accidentally splashed on the shaved head of the rich man.

he was afraid that the rich would punish him. First, he was obsessed with how to apologize to the rich, and then the rich reacted calmly after the apology.

however, the rich man didn't take this little thing to heart, and he couldn't let it go.

entanglement is that a person's pattern is too small and attaches too much importance to gain and loss.

is often reflected in the need to make a choice, disturbed by their own imagined consequences, unable to accurately weigh the pros and cons.

this is the case for many people. They are often hesitant to do things, and they are anxious as long as they hear that others have different opinions.

if a person spends too much energy on useless little things, he will naturally have no time to improve himself.

if you are hesitant and entangled in doing things, you will miss a good opportunity and it will be difficult to accomplish great things.

have an independent mind in everything

it is recorded in Xiaolin Guangji that there was a man named Bao Jian in the Han Dynasty.

he went to see Stuart Cuilie for the first time, and for fear of impoliteness, he sought advice from those who arrived first.

that person says "follow the ceremony", which means that you can do what the ceremonial officer says.

but Bao Jian misunderstood and thought he wanted him to follow the ceremonial officer.

during the visit, he repeated what the ceremonial officer said, giving others a laughingstock.

there are times when we are misled and don't know what to do.

Blind obedience can be saved for a while. If everything is followed by others, you will only lose your heart and accomplish nothing.

Liang Shuming, a master of Sinology, said:

"if you have a mind of your own, you must have yourself; if you have yourself, you must have others."

just because one has one's own mind does not mean that one does not listen to the opinions of others.

is not to say that he is headstrong and does not accept criticism even if he is wrong.

it's about sticking to the truth and living out of yourself.

it is difficult for everyone to be happy when doing things. Sometimes, the more thoughtful one is, the more difficult it is to be thorough.

others proceed from their own subjective ideas, and they still have to bear their own responsibility for the success or failure of the final result.

Life is not a muddle-headed account, so you don't panic if you know it.

the big things are not confused because they have principles, and the little things are not entangled in the big pattern.

A person who has principles in doing things, has a big pattern when things happen, and has an independent mind in everything, is the one who really has the great wisdom of life.

the new edition of Zhaode says:

"the quiet pole of the water makes the image clear, and the quiet pole of the mind leads to wisdom."

the cleverest attitude is to be confused without losing, surprised but not confused.

big things are not confused, little things are not entangled, and there are opinions in everything.

between the surging winds and clouds, there is always a calm helmsman in his heart.

in this way, no matter how big the storm is, you can't help it.

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