Cecilia Cheung's son finally grew up! The recent photo was shocked by the exposure of the website: "No wonder Nicholas Tse doesn't like you?"
Cecilia Cheung's son finally grew up! The recent photo was shocked by the exposure of the website: "No wonder Nicholas Tse doesn't like you?"
Open your heart, as long as you are comfortable and happy, it will be the right choice.

see you for a long time, but you can still be in love with the Philippines in 2023.

Faye Wong is wearing a playful girl braid, generous hand in hand with Nicholas Tse, showing love, no taboo in front of the camera.

Destiny goes round and round, and love is still hot and fierce, as if dreaming back 23 years ago.

the two showed their love hand in hand in a high profile, which aroused a heated discussion among netizens.

many people left tears of the times and expressed their blessings on this relationship of "on and off or ta".

however, it is more a mockery and attack on two people.

there is no shortage of people who feel sorry for Cecilia Cheung and think that she is a great injustice.

in fact, Cecilia Cheung responded earlier, no escape, no anger, very calm:

"give them a hundred points of blessing."

perhaps, this is the greatest decency of adults, starting with the good care of each other and ending in peace with each other.

unlike the way we treated our feelings when we were young, when we were together, we had a great deal of fanfare; after we were separated, we were in agony.

Love has a life cycle, especially marriage.

divorce does not mean the failure of the relationship, but each has a different pursuit of life.

like Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse, they are not destined to be the same.

one is good and comfortable, the other is pursuing a career.

one is too clingy, the other is recalcitrant.

it is the worst thing in a relationship to dig up old debts and slander each other after separation.

the hardest thing about them is:

never negated the sincerity when we were together because of the change of feelings.

after divorce, we can get along well with each other.

although their identities have changed, they are still friends and relatives.

to Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas Tse is like the most familiar stranger, the father of his son, that's all.

Nicholas Tse also said frankly: "the way we get along is better than before, and we may be more suitable to be friends."

I appreciate her kindness and dare to love and hate, and thank her for saying a lot of good words for herself.

now Cecilia Cheung is very busy, busy with selection and live broadcast every day, and the focus of her career has also moved to the mainland, but her children have always been her focus.

showed the trend of acting cute in the same frame as the second son Xiao Q, and the whole smile was permeated on Cecilia Cheung's face.

being both a father and a mother, under her careful care, the family lived a very happy life.

feelings have never been an one-way line of life, good feelings have always been accompanied hand in hand.

however, life is not only fairy tales, but also cruel, cold, and sometimes even random.

No one can predict how a relationship will end.

it's good to be win-win; if not, it doesn't matter.

the important thing is, can the two sides put aside their grievances and turn enemies into friends after divorce?

after all, to say goodbye to each other and not to complain or slander is not only to give yourself dignity, but also to give each other room.

there is a topic on Zhihu: what's the best way to get along with your ex?

there is a highly liked answer:

"probably means that two people can sit together again.

it is joyful to see that the other party has become a person worthy of admiration and respect because of his departure, so that he will not fall in love in vain. "

those sweetness is true, and it is true to have been in love.

Why are they still entangled after separation, or even regarded as enemies?

once upon a time, Big S and Wang Xiaofei were so sweet that they fell in love with a lot of people.

the two fell in love at first sight. After meeting for four times, Big S decisively agreed to Wang Xiaofei's proposal.

their century wedding, full of flowers, is more like a romantic scene like an idol drama.

on Weibo, Wang Xiaofei is full of love every word.

Big S will also express its love to Wang Xiaofei:

"the first time I saw him, I knew I was going to have a baby with him."

in order to conceive a child after marriage, Big S changed his vegetarian habit and ate meat until he was sick and vomited.

in the Happiness Trio, the famous peeling shrimp stalk, Big S is difficult to deal with, and the princess is ill.

Wang Xiaofei will also stand up to protect his wife and passionately match netizens:

"I peel shrimp, I do."

unexpectedly, three years later, the breakup and ripping war with each other was eye-popping.

Big S posted an IOU saying that the house Wang Xiaofei bought in Taiwan was money borrowed from her.

Wang Xiaofei also posted a record of the consumption of Big S, and even the wedding dress she wore for remarriage was swiped by his card.

out of breath, Wang Xiaofei sent more than 20 messages in succession



"can you change the mattress, you loser?"

"I don't want to pay the electricity bill for this family anymore!"

is bound to tear up the decency of Big S thoroughly.

the big S side also rushes the front line of tear all the time,

sent a message to hit back at Wang Xiaofei's marital affair.

destroy it if you can't get it. I'm having a hard time, and neither can you.

Wang Xiaofei is like "squeezing toothpaste". If you have nothing to do, come out and tear it.

the big S side is not to be outdone, fighting back again and again.

in this way, the two sides went back and forth, killing red eyes, leaving no dignity for each other at all.

the one you love most turns into a feud overnight.

how much love there was at first, then how menacing it was.A surge of hatred.

all good memories are torn up and crushed, leaving each other unbearable and ugly to drown each other.

what if I can't forget it? what if I can't get it out of my mind?

without awe and fiery trust, it is hard to get together and break up after all.

feelings of this kind of thing, the flowers bloom from time to time, have the strength to fall in love, but also have the courage to let go.

tore up for so long, a divorce, no one is the winner, nothing more than the depth of the injury.

it would be better to let bygones be bygones and let it drift away in the wind, bringing this relationship to a satisfactory end.

Marriage is a big gamble. If you lose the bet, I think.

divorce is a spiritual practice. Let go, I dare.

after seeing on-off and on-off, I just realized how rare it is to get together and break up.

because whether it is marriage or divorce, the ultimate goal is happiness.

the divorce of talk show actors Cheng Lu and Siwen gives us a good sample.

there is no tearing up each other, no evil words, marriage is gone, but the relationship is still there.

the two met on a talk show, with Cheng Lu as the host and Siwen as a passing audience.

fate began. They were attracted by each other's humor. Cheng Lu invited Siwen to join the talk show.

not only became a colleague, but also became a couple with the same point of laughter.

spent a difficult time together, but also tasted the sweetness of life together.

but gradually, their marriage is always filled with quarrels, because of the dishes that haven't been washed for days in the sink, because of the takeout that they eat while crying.

the disaster of marriage is exhausting, so they choose to let it go.

at that time, they no longer expected so much from each other, but found the most suitable distance.

the scene began to boil when others said that "the first seven" and "ex-wife" were homophonic.

Cheng Lu and Siwen were no exception, grinning at the corners of their mouths.

they can bless each other peacefully in the program.

behind all this is not only the concern for each other, but also the release of the past.

in private, he

our relationship is still good, they will send interesting jokes to each other, and Siwen will still share beautiful clothes with Cheng Lu.

they can meet at the bottom, they can face each other at the top,

can also be separated with a smile


when talking about the past in their marriage, they all learned to reflect.

Cheng Lu is busy with her work, but neglects the company of Siwen.

and Siwen feels that he is sometimes too independent.

of course, this is not what bystanders call "still feeling".

it's just that they understand very well and leave with dignity.

is not the best ending.

otherwise, just like two trains in opposite directions, they will only miss the train if they are tied together.

when you are in love, you can feel the sweetest moments, nourish and grow each other, and believe that you deserve to be loved.

after leaving, you can put aside the shadows and regrets of the past and learn to start a new life.

Love may be a sugar, but marriage is not a medicine. It will protect you for the rest of your life.

divorce does not mean failure, but feel that our love is just right here.

it's not enough for us to hug, so we shouldn't worry about it.

Life always has to move on, since there is no way to go on, it is better to say goodbye.

each goes to a new life and ends well in order to have a better start.

there are always some people who meet in the vast sea of people and will eventually return each other to the sea of people.

the most important thing for a marriage that doesn't end well is to learn to accept it.

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after the hardening of life, I have long known how to face it magnanimously before I can start a new life with my head held high.

Tong Liya added a few words to her nine-year relationship.

when she started all over again, she cut off her long hair and put on a neat, short hair.

be busy with your career and bid farewell to the weak self in the past.

when she returned to the stage, she was transformed into a dazzling heroine.

as Wu Yating said in "starting again late in Spring":

"I don't think my marriage is a failure, it's just an experience."

divorce is not the loss of everything, but one of thousands of chances in life.

even if we embark on a different path and no longer return together, that sincerity still shines.

instead of being depressed, she began to focus on developing her own career;

she took part in variety shows as a single mother and gained a new relationship.

Today, she does not have any prefix and is no longer the one who she belongs to. She is Wu Yating.

in the adult world, marriage is not the dot of affection, and divorce is not the end of life.

there is never more than one "way of living" in life, and there is no need to waste time on a "past tense".

Marriage is dead, but life is still there.

always have a new beginning, don't be tied up for the past, don't be tied up in the temple of sorrow.

use your own transformation in exchange for a break in life.

Happiness is your own, hold on to itOnly those who live out of themselves can shine.

give yourself a little more chance, and you will find that even if you break up halfway, you have the courage and ability to manage your life better.

Life is full of variables, marriage or divorce.

Open your heart, as long as you are comfortable and happy, it will be the right choice.

, may you and I still believe in love and have the courage to ride the wind and waves alone.

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