Bureau (good text in depth)
Bureau (good text in depth)
The biggest game in life is in our hearts.

Confucian style



everything in the world revolves around a system: Bureau.

all my life, I am not in the game every day, and everything is not in the game.

once you get into a difficult situation, panic, impetuosity and anxiety will follow.

knowledge Bureau, break the game, take charge of the game, in order to smooth the ups and downs, since the wind and unboiled water.

Bureau of Information

Su Shi wrote this poem:

there are steep peaks on the side of the winding mountains, but there are a variety of things in the past.

the reason why we can't know the true face of Lushan Mountain is because we are in the middle of these mountains.

We get lost in the dazzling natural scenery, as well as in the bustling and indistinguishable relationships.

I'm not afraid that you are inferior to others, but that you don't know the game.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Duke Huan of Qi loved delicious food, and a cook named Yiya flattered him in every way.

Duke Huan of Qi casually said, "I have tasted any delicacy in the world, except dog meat."

when you change your teeth, you will keep it in mind.

when he presented a plate of "delicious food" to Duke Huan of Qi, Duke Huan of Qi was full of praise and asked, "is it really dog meat?"

Yi Ya said, "Yes."

Duke Huan of Qi was surprised and delighted, and decided that Yiya was extremely loyal, so he was even more kind to him.

but many years later, Duke Huan of Qi did not expect that he would starve himself to death.

on the contrary, Duke Huan of Qi came to a tragic end, which was not unexpected. It was already a foregone conclusion that he was placed in a dangerous situation.

because, from the beginning to the end, he could not recognize the sinister nature of changing teeth.

the philosopher Schopenhauer said: "the largest prison in the world is people's consciousness of thinking."

the fate of a person who sees the essence at a glance is completely different from that of a person who does not see it for half his life.

Life, there are stories like this and plays like that every day.

the end is sad, often determined by your inability to distinguish between black and white and between the good and the bad.

on the way of life, keep your eyes wide open and keep awake in order to know the people in the game, not trapped in the situation, not confined to love.

break the game

Wang Yangming said: "it is a kung fu festival to rise and fall together, advance and retreat."

No one goes well with the wind all his life, and everyone's path is not a straight line, but a tortuous way forward.

it is normal to encounter muddy today and wind and rain tomorrow.

but you can try to turn from the muddy path to the smooth road, or you can wait for the wind to stop raining and set out on a sunny day.

turning disadvantages into advantages and constantly adjusting the weather vane of life will reduce the occurrence of defeats one by one.

thus, it becomes a steady and steady thing to improve the rhythm of your life.

have seen such a story:

there is a farmer. There are two ways from his house to the market:

A road leads directly to the market in front of the house, but is blocked by a boulder; a road is behind the house, winding and winding, and it will take several hours to get there.

at first, the farmer decided to remove the boulder in front of the house, but he tried for a long time, but made no progress.

he was caught up in sleepy anxiety.

one day, the son suddenly said, "since we can't remove this big stone, why can't we move our house to the other side of the stone?"

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meeting the obstacles of life is likely to take time and effort, but fail in the end.

"at the end of the road, it doesn't mean it's the end, it reminds us that it's time to turn."

really smart people understand that only when they break through the cage of thinking can they take a twist and turn.

the so-called breaking of the game, the end is the starting point, and the challenge is also an opportunity.

there is a way to solve any difficult problem in the world, as long as you face the future, be sure not to break the old and build the new.

people who can bounce back from the trough have always believed that when fate throws themselves to the lowest point, they also leave themselves a way to go uphill.

in this way, in the ups and downs of the world, the more frustrated and more stable.

in charge

there is a saying in the Art of War of Sun Tzu: he who does not seek the overall situation cannot seek a domain.

those who have the overall situation in mind stand high, look far, and win with certainty.

in the late Qing Dynasty, Zuo Zongtang went out for the first time and swore to recover Xinjiang with his coffin.

just out of town, I saw an old man with the sign of "the first game in the world".

Zuo Zongtang had a lot of research on chess, so he came forward and broke the end of the game without thinking. Then he pulled off the signboard and set out with a large army.

three years later, Zuo Zongtang's mission was completed, and when he returned to Korea in triumph, he accidentally ran into the old man of "the first inning in the World."

Zuo Zongtang was so angry that he asked to play the next game with the old man, so that he was convinced to lose.

as a result, he lost the next three games.

so the old man smiled and explained:

"the last time General Zuo had a heavy task on his shoulders, he was afraid to discourage you, and when he played the game, he also hinted that the war situation was like a chess game. As long as he had the overall situation in mind, he had the confidence to turn it around even if he encountered a dangerous situation.

now that the general has fulfilled his wish and deserved it, he will no longer accept it. "

Zuo Zongtang was ashamed: "my husband is not only good at chess, but also knows how to do things."

, the old man was sent to your house to work as an aide.

there is a saying in Sun Tzu's Art of War: "make a decision and move later." The main idea is, do not act until you are sure of it.

to do something, I think it is difficult at the beginning, but in fact, I don't have a good idea.

cannot control the overall situation, it cannot be carried out in a continuous and orderly manner.

A wise man will never take rash action on uncertain or unexpected things.

always, wait until you know it, and then succeed at once.

with an unhurried attitude, the temple wins without a fight; with a certain certainty, even if Mount Tai collapses in front of it, it will not change its face.

A real winner in life, though not in pursuit of perfection, must be cautious about what is controllable and optimistic about what is uncontrollable.

in fact, the biggest game of life is in our hearts.

those who can control their own state of mind will be able to take every step of life.

writer Bai Luomei once said:

"in a game of chess in life, if you look at everything in the world with a complex state of mind, there will be a lot of fog; if you look at the world of mortals with a normal state of mind, the sun will be bright."

time does not live, life is short.



, with an ordinary heart, the chess pieces of every stage of life will be less unnecessary confusion, worry, pain, advance and retreat freely in various games, to embrace the most beautiful scenery.


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