Being with people with high emotional value is a form of health preservation.
Being with people with high emotional value is a form of health preservation.
A person's emotional value, like the breeze, nourishes the hearts of the people around him.

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Yang Tianzhen once talked about the feelings her friend Fang Qi gave her, just three words: how close.

since she met Fang Qi, she would connect with her from time to time, shoot videos with her or find opportunities to chat.

Yang Tianzhen laments that Fang Qi has her own positive energy field, and when she feels this positive and charming vitality, she can't help but want to be on the same channel with her.

everyone is an energy body, and the communication between people is essentially the flow and exchange of energy.

A friend with high emotional value is an important source of energy.

when you are with them, you will get a silent nourishment.

spend less time with people with high emotional value

in the movie "out of reach", millionaire Philip is paralyzed by a skydiving accident and is in urgent need of a nurse to take care of himself.

he hired many senior paramedics, but without exception, he fired them without staying for a week.

it turns out that other nurses regard Philip as an expensive "machine", taking good care of Philip's body, but turning a blind eye to his emotions.

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this makes Philip, who is already unhappy, even more depressed.

Derek is different. Whenever he is in a bad mood, Derek takes him for a ride.

when watching an art play, everyone else looks calm, but Derek laughs with laughter because of the actor's funny appearance.

even solemn classical concerts become lively and interesting under his explanation.

where there is Derek, there is always laughter.

under his infection, Philip became optimistic and cheerful and regained the joy of life.

Happiness between people is contagious.

nine times out of ten, there are unsatisfactory things in life.

but with people with high emotional value, even in bleak days, you can feel warmth.

spend less time with people with high emotional value

Xunzi once said: "Pengsheng hemp, do not help themselves straight; white sand in nirvana, with it black."

what kind of circle you are in, what kind of person you become.

well-known entrepreneurial mentors

@ Darius Foroux

told a story.

he has a friend who is the CEO of a company. Under his leadership, the company's sales team has been doing well and has achieved rapid growth for five consecutive years.

but in the sixth year, the performance of the entire sales team declined seriously.

just because a friend hired a new guy.

the newcomer has a very good resume and strong ability to work, but there is one thing-he likes to complain and find fault.

he complains about the company's rules and regulations, complains about the unclear division of labor among leaders and complains that customers are too picky. Nothing but the gossip of the colleagues around me.

over time, the originally positive sales team also became depressed.

entrepreneur Wu Bofan said that companies should have the most important principle in selecting people-- don't be "assholes."

and the best way to keep companies safe is to shut them out in the first place.

this is true not only for companies, but also for friends who are full of negative energy in their lives.

when you are surrounded by negative energy friends, you will also become decadent and complain everywhere.

but people with positive emotions will bring you enthusiasm and energy, even if you are stuck in the mud, you can burst into upward strength.

spend time with people with high emotional value to reduce internal friction

Psychology professor David Hawkins once said:

"A positive energy person, his magnetic field will drive everything to become orderly and beautiful."

when a person's heart is good and strong, those who are close to him will also become warm and progressive.

Da Bing once mentioned his most unforgettable friend in his life, Mr. Bao.

Mr. Bao is warm and delicate. He can always detect his depressed mood and save him from his self-struggle.

Dabing has a period of self-negation in his writing every year. During that period, he wanted to finish one article and delete another. Every day he wanted to smash his notebook, and he wanted to destroy the book and pay damages.

even if he drinks and dines with his friends, he is not happy.

but when Mr. Bao knew this, he didn't persuade him to release him in earnest. Instead, he pulled him and chatted happily.

talk about his favorite characters in the big ice book: Cherry, the runaway waiter, Baimalezhu, the teenager, the ocean who saved his mother, and the millet by the Cuihu.

while chatting, he talked about which point he was moved and where he gained something.

"Don't avoid your compassion, they are flesh-and-blood stories, affectionate and righteous people. Just write it down truthfully, and don't deny what you write. "

later, whenever Big Bing backed down, Mr. Bao gave him confidence in disguise, waving the flag but not shouting.

Da Bing said that Mr. Bao is like his gas station. He always goes to refuel regularly.

orEveryone may be mired in internal friction, but a friend with high emotional value will give you a hand and take you out of the circle of self-denial to do something right and valuable.

their words of encouragement and hug may calm your anxious heart.

when you are with them, you will regain the confidence to be sure of yourself and have the courage to avoid internal friction.

keep a good temper with people with high emotional value

the writer Shen Congwen was full of spirit and liked to act in emotion when he was young.

after Shen Congwen came to teach at the university, some people scolded him in public many times.

working together in a school, tearing your face, will only make others see jokes.

do your own knowledge well, and others will have nothing to say.

after hearing this, Shen Congwen felt reasonable, so he gave up looking for each other and focused on creation instead.

later, when Shen Congwen was free, he went to chat with friends or write letters to communicate.

A friend has a good temper and a stable mood, and he can laugh off insults from the outside world, and Shen Congwen has become more stable under the influence of this state of mind, and he can also laugh calmly at other people's evil words and anger.

writer Zhang Cenxi said: "strangling conflicts and contradictions in the cradle is a discipline."

there is no shortage of garbage people and rubbish in life.

but people who are emotionally stable will resolve conflicts in the softest way.

when you are with them, your temper will become more and more gentle, and even if you encounter bad people and bad things, you can have unentangled wisdom.

there is a question on Zhihu: what kind of people do you like to get along with best?

the high praise answer is: like the breeze, like the sun, blowing the wind and dust on your clothes, so that you three winters warm, spring is not cold.

A person's emotional value is like a breeze that nourishes the hearts of the people around them.

, please choose to be with high-energy people, which can also provide good emotional value for others.

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