Before you get married, you should find out a few things about each other's family. This is not a trick, but a vision.
Before you get married, you should find out a few things about each other's family. This is not a trick, but a vision.
Love can be an impulse on a whim, but marriage is a sad and joyful choice for a lifetime.


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read a sentence


"We get married because we don't know, but we divorce because we don't know."

this is true. Love is very simple, nothing more than love and not love, but once hastily into the marriage, and so on to understand, he has been scarred in the marriage.

Marriage is not a gamble. What you lose is a momentary vision, but a long life.

so I still hope that I will try my best to remind all women that they must find out these three things about the husband's family before getting married.

Don't take the detours that you can walk less, and you won't get hurt if you can get hurt less.

inquire about each other's family,

word-of-mouth outside

Why in reality, many women often find out that they are not married until they get married and regret their original choice?

because human nature is intrinsically complex and multifaceted, even if you have been married for 10 years, you may not be able to see the true face of the pillow person.

so before a woman gets married, it is best to observe the reputation of the husband's family outside.

you know, a man's character and conduct are actually hidden in his original family.

I have a female friend who is very close. On one occasion, I was warmly entertained by his parents on a blind date.

We had a good impression of each other until when we went to the restaurant, the young waiter accidentally knocked over the spoon while serving the food, and the water splashed on everyone.

it was not a big problem, but the man's mother was adamant and unstoppably contemptuous:

"how did you become a waitress? the last dish can be poured on the guests. Call your manager."

while the others were accustomed to it, watching the waiter bowing and apologizing indifferently.

after that meal, my friend came back and said that it was not suitable for this blind date.

later, the friend's parents learned from the profile that the blind date's family had a very poor reputation in the local area.

relying on the money in the family, he often treats others in an arrogant manner, and often has conflicts and frictions with the neighbors because of trifles.

people can pretend for a while, but not for a lifetime.

other people's comments and public praise are the most authentic appearance of a family.

if his parents seem to be happy with others, but the private reviews are not good, then he also has some problems in dealing with the world.

when you marry into such a family, most of your married life is full of chicken feathers and quarrels.

on the contrary, if relatives and friends have a high opinion of him, good popularity and good reputation, then it shows that the family is considerate and considerate.

the children taught by such families must also know how to deal with the world, and their character will not be bad.

inquire about each other's family

Economic strength

they are going to get married, so they must know something about the financial strength of each other's family.

otherwise, we poor couples feel even more sad about everything, and the days to come are still hard.

once received a letter from a reader. when she and her husband got married, the family always disagreed. Not only did they have no house or car, but they even needed to borrow money for the bride price of 50,000 yuan.

but she thinks that love is greater than heaven, as long as two people are good to each other, it's okay to borrow money to get married.

her family couldn't beat her, so she had to agree, but her nightmare began.

after marriage, my husband not only did not take a penny of living expenses to the family, but often said "if not for marrying you" and asked her to take out her savings.

she even forced her to borrow money from her mother's family on the grounds of business turnover, saying that everything was a family, and that she would not lend a helping hand when it was difficult.

my parents-in-law often belittle her in front of outsiders, saying that other daughter-in-law will certainly not be like her.

she now regrets that she did not listen to her parents, and that she did not examine each other's family well before she got married.

"Milk powder and diapers are the cheapest. I can't afford the toys I want. I really feel sorry for the child."

We always say that marriage depends on family circumstances and makes a good match.

in addition to measuring financial ability, what is more important is that the more equal the conditions of the two families are, the more consistent the family circumstances are, the higher the freedom of marriage and sense of security will be.

otherwise, you will always argue about money, and no matter how good your relationship will be, it will wear away over time.

of course, some boys from ordinary families, but they are down-to-earth, responsible, enterprising, as long as the family's joint efforts, can also prop up a clear sky.

it is not terrible for people to be poor. The most terrible thing is the families who are short of money for a long time.

has been smoothed out by material life, but also lost the attitude of self-change, such a family, I advise you not to go.

inquire about each other's family,

attitude towards yourself

there is a topic on the Internet. What is the experience of love recognized by parents?

one netizen replied:

"under the premise of mutual love, coupled with the approval of parents, that is a perfect love.


indeed, who doesn't want to be blessed by both families will really make people particularly happy and have sense of security.


@ Xiao Sun

the experience of my first visit to my boyfriend's house when I posted on Weibo.

unexpectedly, as soon as we met, her boyfriend's mother first gave her a bag of lucky money, which was twice that of her boyfriend.

she said, "our family treats our wife better than our son."

she felt sorry and had to fight for help while her boyfriend's mother was cooking.

as a result, a dramatic scene happened during the meal.

my boyfriend's father had already put down the bowls and chopsticks. Hearing that she had helped with the cooking, he quickly added another bowl of rice.

not to mention that when she went back to her house, she prepared a large bag of gifts to take care of her relatives

I have seen many elders who are picky about their son's girlfriend, come with valuable gifts and help with housework diligently.

in their subconscious, they have to go through many tests if they want to marry their son.

even if you are aggrieved and want to make a good impression, it doesn't mean that people will think highly of you in the future.

not to mention the boyfriend who leaned over to his mother and smiled as you washed the dishes.

he doesn't love you enough, which is the biggest reason why the other person's parents despise you.

Marriage is a lifetime event for every woman, but don't forget that it is also a two-way free choice.

you never have to cater to anyone, nor do you have to please anyone.

Why do I always say that women must be cautious in getting married?

Love can be an impulse on a whim, but marriage is a sad and joyful choice for a lifetime.

if you want to have a good marriage and a happy family, you must go to each other's house more often before you get married.

all consequences must have their causes. This process is not only for understanding, but also for ensuring.

if his family has a good relationship with others, if his family has the same values, if his family recognizes and supports you.

then, this man is probably the ideal partner in your heart.

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