Bad news! The cause of death of a famous 31-year-old actor has been revealed: the last video made people ponder and frighten people.
Bad news! The cause of death of a famous 31-year-old actor has been revealed: the last video made people ponder and frighten people.
The body loves you so much, we should take good care of the body.

some time ago, there was a piece of bad news from the Internet celebrity circle.

comedian and Internet celebrity blogger Yang Qin

(screen name: Ximen Piao Piao)

, died of sudden cerebral hemorrhage in his hometown on January 20 at the age of 31.

its contracting company issued an obituary:


Mr. Yang Qin was strong and optimistic all his life, humorous and open-minded, dedicated his sweat to the stage and kept the joy in the world.


everyone was shocked to see the news.

31 years old, too young.

it is a pity that he passed away forever in his thirties.

many people may not know much about Ximen Piao Piao.

he was an online celebrity in the early days of Douyin. He was one of the first to become popular and one of the first bloggers that many people followed.

compared with many Internet celebrities, Ximen Piaopiao is not outstanding, but he knows how to make traffic very well, so he wraps up his disadvantages as a "selling point".

in close-ups, his "outstanding" appearance and bright hairline have become his unique label.

the rich magnetic voice, coupled with the continuous copywriting of golden sentences, ends with a clumsy and greasy dance.

his humorous video style made him instantly popular and soon had millions of followers.

after gaining super popularity, Ximen Piaopao began to transform, signed up with a film and television company, and became an actor.

since then, he has participated in a number of films one after another.

play Zhu Bajie in Journey to the West Red Boy.

work with Baubel on our New Life.

partnered with Guo Donglin in "the Uncle of the Northeast is so handsome".

although these films did not make Ximen become popular in the film and television industry, they also laid a certain foundation for his acting career.

if nothing happens, there will be more resources to find him, and the future will be bright.

but now, accidents are creeping in, and everything is a bubble phantom.

it really came true, "it is said that life is impermanent, but it is also the norm of life."

it is worth mentioning that on December 1, 2022, Ximen Piao released a video with the caption:

how do you know if a game of cards will kill you?

and this video became his last work.

after the news of Ximen Piaopiao's death came out, many netizens went to the bottom of his work to leave a message.

this seemingly ordinary copywriter can't help but make people think about it.

of course, this is beside the point.

the lost life is irreparable. We can only warn the living, cherish themselves and cherish the present.

Ximen's floating death reminds me of another Internet celebrity: sun Yixuan.

late on the night of January 24, 2021, Sun Yixuan's family updated a piece of bad news on his social account:

"Sun Yixuan died on January 22, 2021 because of cerebral hemorrhage. Thank you for your concern and company for him these days. "

just two sentences, it is the end of one's life.

like Ximen Piaopiao, Sun Yixuan left the world forever because of a cerebral hemorrhage.

in the vast Internet celebrity circle, Sun Yixuan can only be regarded as a small online celebrity, but he also has a group of very loyal fans.

he took the eating and sowing route.

magical voice, grandiose expression, like a wolf tasting a variety of delicacies, so that he has become a unique landscape in the Internet celebrity world.

in order to get more attention, his ingredients are becoming more and more strange.

Super big sausage.

Big Mac.

Crispy Sugar-Coated Fruit made of chili.

all kinds of tricks, all kinds of strange things.

however, long-term overeating has brought great changes to his body.

from the beginning of the video, the capable and refreshing young man has gradually become a greasy uncle.

A netizen who has followed him for a long time said that in a year, Sun Yixuan gained at least 40 jin.

maybe it is because of long-term overeating that leads to physical overload, which leads to the final tragedy.

gains traffic, but loses health.

Cerebral hemorrhage is also called cerebral hemorrhage, which is not uncommon.

on April 7, 2022, Ye Peiying, the original singer of I Love you, China, died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

backstage, fans left messages saying that their grandfather also had the same condition.

one night, when he got up to go to the bathroom, he suddenly had a splitting headache and his head seemed to be hit with a hammer.

he was later taken to a hospital in the town and was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage.

the town hospital was at a loss and suggested that Grandpa be transferred to the city.

when it comes to the city, there is no way to get it back.

after 2 days of treatment, Grandpa still left.

it can be seen that once cerebral hemorrhage occurs, the situation is very dangerous.

moreover, there is no precursor to the disease, and only a few people may have headaches, dizziness and other symptoms.

according to statistics, the onset age of cerebral hemorrhage is mostly concentrated in the middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old.

but in recent years, more and more young people have been hit.


there are many causes of cerebral hemorrhage, but for young people, the most fundamental reason is--

irregular dietLaw, stay up late for a long time, smoking, drinking and other bad habits.

We always think that young people can be profligate and unrestrained.

but in fact, the gift given by fate has already secretly marked the price.

how wild it is now, how painful it will be to lie in a hospital bed in the future.

although the disease is terrible, it is good that it can be prevented.

can greatly reduce the probability of disease by doing the following:

1. Keep exercising to keep the body in a healthy state;

2. Adjust your schedule, stay up late less, and get enough sleep;

3. Eat regularly and avoid overeating;

4. Keep a calm mind, less angry, less angry.

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in fact, if we can do this, many diseases can be avoided.

there is a popular online saying, "your body loves you more than you think."

the body loves you so much, we should take good care of the body.

Life is a long journey. Only by keeping a healthy body can you reach the finish line smoothly.

writer Calvino said: "I believe in the power of slow, peaceful, long-flowing water."

I do not believe in the kind of individual or collective liberation that can be achieved without self-discipline, self-building and hard work.

Don't indulge. Restraint is the highest form of self-discipline.

We have seen too many parting in the past.

now that we finally get over the darkness and see the dawn again, we should cherish ourselves and live well in the present.

, remind more people that we can all have a healthy life.

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