At a certain age, close the door, close the window, and clean the house.
At a certain age, close the door, close the window, and clean the house.
Life is a process of constantly training yourself and perfecting your heart.




Mr. Yang Jiang said in "going to the Edge of Life":

"in this materialistic world, life is hard enough."

she has ups and downs in her life and experienced the sufferings of ghosts and serpents in her youth.

when he is old, he is full of the pain of the eternal separation between heaven and man.

but in the face of the pain of the past and the troubles of the outside world, she can always find inner calmness and calmness from the messy life.

in fact, everyone will encounter all kinds of troubles in their life.

but it is your heart that really determines the quality of your life.

Caigen Tan says that the world is not dusty, the sea is not bitter, and he suffers from the dust.

if you allow negative thoughts to run rampant in your mind, you will only drag yourself down.

only by keeping your heart and isolating yourself from the troubles of the outside world can you feel real peace and happiness.

at a certain age, the best way to live is to close the door, close the window, and clean the house.

close the door

Britain's Lloyd George has a habit.

when he walks in the yard, every time he passes through a door, he closes it behind him.

his fellow friends were very confused, but he smiled and said,

"when you close the door behind you, you leave the past behind, and then you can start over."

most of the time, a person's life is not good enough, not because the present situation is bad, but because he can't forget the past.

when you are haunted by the past, you will miss the beautiful scenery because you sink into the past.

only by closing the door of memories in time and pulling away from the sadness can we move on without distractions.

in the 1990s, Yang Jiang's daughter Qian Quan and her husband Qian Zhongshu died one after another.

the originally happy family of three was suddenly left alone by Yang Jiang.

one day, the writer Shu's wife went to see Yang Jiang.

seeing Yang Jiang sitting alone in the empty house, she could not stop her tears flowing down.

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in the face of parting from life and death, Yang Jiang did not indulge in pain, but picked up her emotions as soon as possible and smiled forward.

since then, Yang Jiang seldom went out and spent most of her time behind closed doors.

after death, she did not get caught up in too much sadness, always had her own life goal, and lived a very full life.

Maria Robinson said:


No one can go back and start over, but everyone can create a new future from the present.


people's life, all the way wind and rain, all the way rough.

repentant pain, missed regret, irreparable bitterness.

when you close the door, they cannot disturb your life today with prickly branches.

to a certain age, the heart can not hold too much of the past, should turn the page, should let go.

remember to close the door behind you and leave the past behind in order to hold the beauty in your arms.

pull up the window

Yang Jiang once talked about a Charlotte girl in her article Curtain.

Girl Charlotte is cursed: she can only live in one room.

she has no worries about eating and drinking in her room, and she can do what she likes every day, and her life is very comfortable.

once, she accidentally opened the curtains and saw the people outside playing and running in the sun through the window.

looking at the freedom of others, she envied, and then compared with her own life, she felt deeply depressed.

until one day, the girl ran out of the room in spite of the curse.

after leaving the door, she found that the so-called playing and running are just people running around in order to survive.

many people outside have no food to eat, and others do not even have a place to live, so they have to sleep on the streets.

someone heard that she was a cursed girl and said with envy:

"you have a good life. You never have to work. You can rest every day and do what you like."

the girl suddenly realized that the day she was tired of turned out to be a life beyond the reach of the other party.

Mr. Yang Jiang said in the article:



you always have to respect other people's curtains.

in life, many people like to open their own windows and peep into other people's lives.

when his children are sensible and obedient, he envies his neighbors' children for their good grades, so he sulks every day.

obviously he has a steady job with a good salary, but he always wants to make a lot of money by doing business like othersAnd ended up losing all his savings.

they see others as gorgeous and trivial as they see themselves.

after a comparison, I either bemoan my lack of money or complain that I am too ordinary.

actually, who doesn't have ash at the bottom of the pot? Everyone has his own good days and his own difficulties.

as written in Centennial speech:

"God will not let all happiness focus on someone. If you get love, you may not have money. If you have money, you may not have happiness. If you have happiness, you may not have health. If you have health, you may not have everything you want."

Life is everywhere, and everyone has his own script.

never compare your joys and sorrows with others.

it is the true wisdom of life to pull up your own window, not to envy or compare, and to live your own life.

sweep the house

Harvard Business School once made an interesting discovery:

people with a strong sense of happiness tend to live in a clean and tidy home, while unfortunate people usually live in messy and dirty.

the appearance of the room in which a person lives is often a reflection of his heart.

to learn to clean the house is to clear your mind and take care of your mood.

Yang Jiang used to live in a hut, environment

it was rather shabby, the floor was dusty, the beams were covered with cobwebs, and there was only a broken straw mat in the house.

when sleeping at night, fleas and lice shuttled between straw mats, biting Yang Jiang from time to time.

one night, a cat even put two bloody mice on her bed.

in those days, Yang Jiang could not sleep all night, frightened and frightened inside, and people gradually became depressed.

in order to get rid of these troubles, she decided to do a thorough cleaning.

she found some cleaning tools and spent several days cleaning the cowshed for an almost makeover.

the smell was gone, there was no dust inside and outside the doors and windows, even the straw mats were neatly laid, and she weaved door curtains with reeds and hemp rope.

the originally dilapidated house has been cleaned up, sweeping away the previous smoke.

there are no more mosquitoes at night, so that she can sleep peacefully and comfortably.

as the cowshed was cleaned, Yang Jiang's heart gradually returned to peace.

in reality, the troubles of work and the pressure of life often drag us into the whirlpool of inner impatience.

at this time, it is better to settle down, clean up the dust in the house, put away the cluttered items, and fold the scattered clothes.

in this orderly action, your confused thoughts will stop, and the accumulated bad emotions will be relieved.

as the Jingjing said, "sweep the floor and sweep the heart, but the heart does not sweep the air."

when your living environment becomes clean, your state of mind naturally brightens up.

once your heart is open and there are no complicated things to interfere with, you will be at ease.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:


although people are small, life is short, but people can learn, people can self-cultivation, people can improve themselves, people's value lies in themselves.


Life is a process of constantly training yourself and perfecting your heart.

many people do not have a good life, not because life is too difficult, but because there is a gap in their hearts.

some people are so obsessed with the past that they can't extricate themselves; some people look at others and can't face themselves squarely.

to close the door, open the window and clean the house at the right time is to fill the gap in your heart.

to a certain age, you have to understand, do not entangle, do not compare in order to live their own wonderful.

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