Amazing Law of Destiny: what you believe will happen.
Amazing Law of Destiny: what you believe will happen.
Be a person who dares to believe in beauty, to strive, to love and to be moved.



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before writing this article, let me tell you two stories.

the first one is my cousin.

cousin University is studying in a university in Shanghai, which is one of the best among the people in our small county with a population of only a few thousand.

but after stepping into society, he began to feel weak.

he found himself tired to death every day in the big city, but in the end he still couldn't afford to settle down.

but many students from junior high school and high school have made a living in their hometown.

in recent years, depressed, he either secretly plays games or reads novels on the Internet every day at work.

wages and benefits have remained unchanged for several years.

the second story comes from young writer Chen Yahao.

when Chen Yahao graduated from a bachelor's degree, he got a number of offer such as state-owned enterprises, listed companies, Fortune 500 and so on.

his successful job-hunting experience has made him a celebrity in moments, and many students have come to learn from him.

so he wrote a job search strategy, which was posted on the school website for reference.

several schoolmates came specially to invite him to dinner, and every time Chen Yahao received them very frankly.

but after three rounds of drinking, this group of people without exception will ask him a question:

"Brother Ho, did you really find all those jobs on your own?"

Chen Yahao feels very helpless.

but in the eyes of outsiders, everything is just brought about by birth.

many years later, Chen Yahao founded his own company in Beijing by virtue of his outstanding ability and became a CEO in the spotlight.

and those students who want to go the other way, without exception, lead a mediocre and stretched life.

Why tell these two stories?

because there are too many people around us, like my cousin and Chen Yahao's classmates.

they question all success:

"the reason behind his promotion must be not simple."

"she must be a relative of the boss's family for such a quick promotion and raise."

they deny all efforts:

"this society is no longer based on ability to eat, no matter how hard it is useless!"

"Society has been solidified, and it is impossible for ordinary people to take the lead."

they reject all possibilities:

"is there really such a good opportunity to get people like us?"

"No education, no background, no connections, this is the end of my life."

as a result, in the course of questioning, negation and abandonment, they become timid, stagnant, sensitive and stubborn.

Robert Merton, an American sociologist, once put forward the concept of "self-corroborating prophecy".

Merton believes that people will unconsciously act according to the known prophecy, and eventually make the prophecy happen.

McGee also said: "what a person believes, his future life will be close."

if you firmly believe in the solidification of class, then your life is doomed to sink to the bottom and cannot be reversed.

if you think there are hidden rules behind success, then you can never get ahead by strength.

if you are convinced that you are congenitally deficient in some way, then whether it is true or not, it will come true.

there is a saying in the Bible Proverbs: "what the heart thinks is who it is."

means that a person always behaves externally according to his inner beliefs.

if you believe in failure, you will eventually fail; if you deny success, you will not succeed.

what you believe is your destiny.

tell another story about Li Xiaolai.

one day, the students got together to brag about how much money they would earn in the future.

many people say they want to earn tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan.

doesn't sound like much, but it was astronomical at that time.

when it was Li Xiao's turn, he said, "it's 10 million yuan anyway!"

everyone vomited and laughed at his impracticality.

however, many years later, Li Xiaolai seized the opportunity to get rich in the first wave of the blockchain. He not only earned a lot of 10 million yuan, but also became a famous entrepreneur.

but reflecting on the past, Li Xiaolai felt very regretful.

he told the story of another man.

on the first day of his business, the man said to the three employees he had recruited:

"Today, our company is established, it will be the greatest company in the world, in the future I will be the first, and you will be the second, the third and the fourth respectively!"

words were spoken, two employees resigned.

this company is called Softbank Corp., and this person is son Zhengyi: Alibaba's investor.

Li Xiaolai says:

"my achievement today is far less than that of son. Is it possible that I was far less arrogant than him at the starting point?"

although I may not be able to do this' arrogance', to put it in a simple way, I can only do it when I think of it. If I didn't even think of it, how could I do it? "

Jack Ma said that most people believe because they see, and a few see because they believe.

it doesn't mean that you won't believe until you see it, but only if you believe it can you see it.

if you believe that you can succeed, then you are likely to succeed.

if you believe that life is good, life can be better.

you believe that the future will be different and it is really possible to change in the future.

the reason why many people live a mediocre life is not because of lack of ability, but because they no longer believe.

Rosenthal, a famous American psychologist, once did such an experiment.

he randomly selected 18 students from six classes in a university, wrote their names on a table, solemnly handed them to the president, and said very seriously:

"after strict scientific determination, these 18 students are all intelligent talents."

half a year later, Rosenthal returned to the school and found that the 18 students were indeed much better than the average student.

later, all 18 people made extraordinary achievements in different positions.

the psychological explanation of this experiment is actually the phenomenon of "believing" belief.

when your heart chooses to believe in a certain belief, your whole body's mind will quickly focus on that value.

your full energy, potential, and even every cell and heartbeat will be activated for this value.

what you believe will happen in the future.

Yu Minhong once talked about such an experience in his speech.

Yu Minhong's high school was studied in Jiangyin City, and many of his classmates at the same time, like him, came from the countryside.

at that time, the high school teacher said in front of the class:

"none of you here can be admitted to the university."

this sentence sounds harsh, but many students agree.

these people either dropped out of school or gave up their studies after failing in the college entrance examination.

but Yu Minhong doesn't believe it.

he feels that although he is not a smart man and his family conditions are not superior enough, as long as he insists on it, he will take off sooner or later.

so during his three years of high school, he studied hard.

the English scores of the first two college entrance examinations were only 33 and 55, and the third college entrance examination scored a high score of 95, and finally succeeded in being admitted to Peking University.

many years later, Yu Minhong founded New Oriental. When he recalled the past, he said something like this:

I always believe that fate is a variable, but this variable needs to be created by the master of fate.

it is up to the master of fate to decide whether it is good or bad.

with a wave of the hand, the air will change, and fate will be changed by different thoughts and actions.

the so-called successful people are actually those who use their thoughts and actions to break through the most psychological barriers.

they do not believe that fate is determined by heaven, but try their best to stimulate their inner potential and strength;

they do not believe in the established rules of society, but try every means to change them;

they do not believe that life is like a pool of stagnant water, but make painstaking efforts to change the present predicament.

in this way, we break free from the shackles of fate and usher in the turning point of life, the success of career, and the happiness of life.

psychologist Murphy once said: we are all prophets of our own destiny.

what you believe will happen in your future.

because your beliefs will unconsciously lead you to act according to the prophecy.

so the most important thing is what kind of thought you choose at this moment and what kind of life you choose to believe in.

always remember that what you believe now is creating the next future.

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, be a person who dares to believe in beauty, try hard, love and move.

your life can usher in a better day.

Night Leyla,

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