After the age of fifty, what is the most important? (that's so right.)
After the age of fifty, what is the most important? (that's so right.)
After the age of 50, one's "three values" are far more important than facial features.




Confucius said, "you know your destiny at fifty."

frivolous at twenty, anxious at thirty, tired at forty.

after the age of 50, I have tasted the ups and downs and seen the cold and warm of the world.

see things more and more thoroughly, get more and more peaceful inside, and understand what is most important.

Walking is more important than driving

when we were young, we wanted to live in a big house and drive a good car.

so he plunged into the Vanity Fair and worked hard day and night.

but when I reached the midpoint of my life, I found that walking is more important than driving.

it's not that you don't know how to enjoy, but that no matter how much you know about material things, you can't beat a good body.

after the age of 50, the body is slowly going downhill, insisting on walking is the best way to keep healthy.

as the saying goes, "Walking is the ancestor of a hundred exercises."

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Walking, you can move your muscles, bones and joints, and exercise

, it makes people physically and mentally happy.

positive and magical changes can take place even where we can't see them.

in the second half of life, you don't drive if you can walk, don't sit if you can stand, and take good care of your body.

when you walk more, your health is better, and your quality of life is improved, you will be able to enjoy your twilight years and be at ease.

Reading is more important than speaking

in the past, I always liked to talk and chatter in the social field.

even though you have a little knowledge of many things, you still have a good point in your mouth.

as I get older, I gradually find that it is better to keep a low profile than to speak in a high profile.

Silence, reading and study is the best way to enrich and please yourself.

especially after the age of 50, they have a better understanding of the truth that "when books are used, they hate less."

the books you have read can enrich your heart and make your ordinary life shine.

the more you read, the more thorough you will be, soothing your troubles, pointing out the direction, and letting you feel relieved.

even if reading at this time can not change the fate, beyond the class, but will certainly meet a better self.

three values are more important than facial features

when a man reaches fifty, his life is half-steep.

White hair grows gradually, wrinkles grow dark, and appearance grows old gradually.

but what goes more and more is age, and what becomes clearer and brighter is wisdom.

after the age of 50, one's "three values" are far more important than facial features.

one is the age view:

if you don't think about your old age, you won't get old.

Youth is not given meaning by age, but a state of mind.

there is no way to mulberry elm evening, for Xia is still full of sky, if the heart is young, there is no fear of the years getting old.

break free from the shackles of age and get better on the way to getting old, so that you can live up to your regrets and time.

the second is the concept of fame and wealth:

look down and learn to let go.

in the first half of his life, he was obsessed with fame and wealth, but what if he could get it, and what if he lost it?

the true meaning of life is fame and wealth, wealth, freedom and freedom.

third, outlook on life:

the material is very simple, but the heart is rich.

the more a person pursues heavy things, the more likely he is to be exhausted.

to subtract from life and add to the heart is the best state of life.

saving money is more important than making money

when I was young, I always wanted to work hard and make a lot of money.

I have made money, but I can't save it either. I have almost no savings.

after getting married and having children, there are old people at the top and children at the bottom, and a dollar is broken into two halves.

but by the age of fifty, the child has grown up, the burden has been reduced, and he is not far from retirement.

at this time, saving is more important than making money, and having savings is the wisest way to live.

after all, when you are old, if you have no money in your pocket, you will not have sense of security, let alone happiness.

when you have savings, you have a choice. You can do what you want to do and live the life you want.

only when you have savings, you have the strength. You don't have to put your palms up and look at people's faces. The evening scene is bleak.

before the age of 50, it is responsible to the family to make money; after the age of 50, to save money is responsible for yourself.

try to save money from now on. If you grow old in the future, you will certainly thank yourself for who you are now.

relatives are more important than dignitaries

A gentleman is the one who promotes and guides you when you are at a low ebb.

who doesn't want to be favored by dignitaries, change their fate and rise to the top.

but relatives are those who accompany and support you, rich or poor, high or low.

after the age of 50, what is most worth cherishing is not dignitaries, but relatives.

No matter how good the distinguished people are, they are not as important as their relatives, they never give up, and they depend on life and death.

help you, encourage you, and weather the ups and downs when you are desperate and miserable;

when you are sick and uncomfortable, take care of you and protect you with no regrets in your heart.

in most of life, tolerate you, understand you, let you warm and at ease.

therefore, parents, wives, children, brothers and sisters, must be kind to care.

for the rest of my life, I will support and rely on each other, and my family will be warm enough to be happier in my old age.

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