After middle age, please live a low-equipped life.
After middle age, please live a low-equipped life.
When you can restrain your desires, you can really return to your heart.



the writer ferry man once asked his university professor, "what is the ideal life?"

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Professor's answer is thought-provoking:

"at a certain age, you will naturally have an epiphany, and what is outside is not that important at all. A low-equipped life is the most down-to-earth and stable. "

in the past, we always thought that life was the pursuit of "high configuration" life.

A high-end car, a high-end residence, a decent job.

now that half of our life has passed, we have come to understand that if people pursue "high configuration" too much, they will eventually be overwhelmed.

reduce the configuration appropriately in order to live a more leisurely life.

low material configuration

Stephen King, author of Shawshank's Redemption, has his own chic "little table theory":

when he writes, he only needs a small desk, the size of one square meter, and the appearance of a student's desk.

the items on the table are also very simple, a small lamp, manuscript paper or computer that can illuminate the table, and nothing else.

when he became famous, he tried to change himself to a high-end desk made of walnut, as wide as a single bed, just to highlight his identity as a "first-class writer."

when he got what he wanted, he found that he was not as happy as he thought.

sitting at a luxurious table, he had no inspiration at all.

I very much agree with the saying: "if you occupy the dominant matter, you will also be dominated by it."

when Curie's father knew about it, he was going to give them a set of furniture.

but Madame Curie refused: "with sofas and soft chairs, you need someone to clean. It's a pity to spend time on this."

her husband said to her, "No sofa is fine. How about we add another chair?" You can also sit down when the guests come. "

Madame Curie still disagreed: "what if the chatty guest sits down?"

although their homes are empty, their hearts are extremely rich.

in fact, this is the way life is. Only by giving up some non-essential objects can we dance lightly.

low material configuration does not make you compress your living space and reduce your quality of life.

but to find the most suitable way of life, to live a comfortable, leisurely life, and a surplus to enjoy the spiritual life.

when people reach middle age, the best state of life is to have a low level of your life and a high level of your soul.

buy less new clothes and read more books;

buy less high-end furniture and listen to one more course.

build a rich heart in a simple and complicated life.

desire low configuration

Life is defined by middle age, with fresh clothes and angry horses in the first half and picking chrysanthemums leisurely in the second half.

when you are young, you should control your desire and make it your motivation.

when you reach a certain age, you should restrain your desire, be content, and feel the clearness of the world.

have read such a story.

A farmer wants to buy a piece of land.

the man who sold the land said to him, "it's okay to buy land. You only need to pay 1000 yuan. How much land you circle with your steps, that piece of land belongs to you."

but he has one condition: give the farmer only one day, and if the farmer can't get back to the starting point at the last minute, he won't get an inch of land.

the farmer was very happy and thought that I must walk more, so that I could circle a large piece of land at the end of the day.

the next day, the farmer set off early in the morning and went on his way without rest for a moment. He walked far away, but still did not rush back.

now he ran back in three steps and two steps, but failed to get back to the starting point in time.

Socrates once said, "contentment is natural wealth, and desire is man-made poverty."

most of the time, there are thousands of troubles in life, not because you earn too little, but because you want too much.

if your desire is greater than you can bear, you will pay a great price of stress and anxiety.

A low-equipped life is actually a kind of letting go.

put down the impetuous heart, let go of the prosperous scene, put down the desire to ask but not get.

as the saying goes: less desire means peace of mind, and peace of mind means simplicity.

when people reach middle age, the less they desire, the less they worry, and the better their mindset.

low configuration in circles

Yu Hua wrote in shouting in the drizzle:

"instead of pretending to have a lot of friends, I went back to loneliness and started living alone with the real me."

when young, people always like to add to the circle and are happy to make all kinds of contacts.

wait for middle age to look back and find that there are only a few who can stay in life.

then I realized that there was no need to squeeze my head for the so-called high-level circle.

"you onlyIn the book "seems to work hard", the author Li Shanglong said that he used to be very social, and there were a lot of contact information for great people and big shots.

he often gives gifts to these people and chat with them, thinking that they have a good relationship.

but later, when he encountered a problem and asked them for advice, the reply he got was three cold words: "I'm not free."

at this time, Li Shanglong woke up:

"apart from each other's feelings, the fundamental condition for getting the other person to help you is that you can provide an equivalent return."

if you are not good, it is useless to know anyone. The so-called high-end circle is an illusion.

moreover, when people reach middle age, their energy is limited.

where the time is, so is the achievement.

if you spend all your time climbing the so-called circle of awesome people, how can you have time to improve yourself?

A truly quality life is not built on hard socialization.

instead of cosying up to a high-end circle, it is better to live a good life.

A student once visited the professor's house and found that the professor's house was very small and full of books.

then asked the professor: "now that you are famous, why do you have to live a hard life here?"

the professor answered a sentence that he will never forget:

"is it hard? But being with books is the life I most want to live in my life. "

A low-end life does not require you to dress in rags and eat bran and pharynx vegetables.

but pay more attention to the inner self-cultivation, the growth of spirit and the enrichment of soul.

the best self-discipline for middle-aged people is to live a low-level life.

when you can restrain your desire and not be affected by other things, you can really return to your heart and feel the true meaning of life.

this kind of low-equipped life is actually living nobly.

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