Accept yourself, recognize yourself, change yourself.
Accept yourself, recognize yourself, change yourself.
Keep trying, break the stereotype, and achieve a better self.


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as the saying goes, "No one is perfect without gold."

there is no perfect thing in this world, and there is no Jasper flawless person. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages.

A true wise man will never pin his hopes on others, nor will he shift the responsibility to others, but will know how to find a reason from himself.

people's life, in the final analysis, is the process of constantly knowing themselves.

only by accepting ourselves can we recognize ourselves and change ourselves.

accept yourself

there is a line in the movie "movie":

"the grass falls in the direction where the wind blows."

the tragedy of life is that when we were young, we all thought we were the wind, but when we were old, we suddenly realized that we were all grass.

most of the time, we feel tired not because we are not doing well, but because we care too much about what other people think of us.

want to become more perfect and better, but can not accept their own ordinary, to this end, has been in self-remorse and guilt.

do not realize that learning to accept yourself is a required course in life.

once upon a time, there was a prince who had both talent and appearance, but only a hunchback. He could not accept his shortcomings and invited many famous doctors, and there was nothing everyone could do about it.

the prince became inferior and was reluctant to appear in front of the people until the king asked a wise man to change the prince.

it turned out that the wise man asked the king to invite the sculptor to carve a portrait of the prince and put it next to the door of the prince's palace. The sculptured prince not only had no hunchback, but also had a straight back and elegant demeanor.

and let the king tell the prince: if you want to, you are like this.

so the prince secretly reminded himself to straighten up, and a few months later, everyone who saw him praised that the prince's hunchback was much better than before, which made him more confident, until one day, the prince really became like himself in the statue.

the prince is still a prince, but after he accepts himself, he becomes better.

Montaigne once said:

the greatest thing in the world is that a man knows how to be his own master. "

whether you are excellent or ordinary, only by learning to accept and face yourself can you find your own way of life.

the greatest practice in one's life is to accept oneself.

all the past are clouds and smoke, tomorrow everything is unknown, learn to accept ordinary oneself, is an extraordinary life.

recognize yourself

in the ancient Greek temple of Delphi stands a stone tablet with the inscription: know yourself.

in life, we are often used to observing and judging others with a magnifying glass, but seldom reflect on ourselves.

know how to recognize yourself so that you won't be drifted with desire and achieve nothing in the end.

read a story:

when a young man asked the Zen master for advice, he was troubled by a problem that made it difficult for him to eat and sleep.

the Zen master said, "what's bothering you? What can I do for you? "

the young man replied, "some people around me say that I am a genius and I will do something in the future. Some people say that I am futile and accomplish nothing in the future. What kind of Zen master do you think I am?"

the Zen master asked, "what do you think of yourself?"

the young man shook his head, but he didn't know.

the Zen master said, "one jin of rice has different value to different people."

the young man was thoughtful, and the Zen master said, "whether others raise you or belittle you, you or you, the point is what you think of yourself."

the young man nodded firmly and left.

maturity means constantly recognizing one's own process, recognizing one's own strengths and weaknesses, and recognizing the boundaries between people.

there is no unified standard for the road of life, what is suitable for you is the best.

only by recognizing your own position and looking at things rationally, will you not be confused and deceive yourself by the rhetoric of others.

change yourself

there is a saying:

"there are only two kinds of people in the world: onlookers and actors."

most people want to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves.

I think so.

We are always used to changing others, but we don't know how to reflect on ourselves.

the crow and the pigeon live in the same forest. One day, the crow packed up and prepared to move. When he left, he went to say goodbye to the pigeon.

the pigeon asked curiously, "you live well here, why do you want to move?"

the crow said aggrieved, "actually, I don't want to move, but the people here are unfriendly to me and dislike my bad voice. I really can't stay."

the pigeon thought for a few seconds and said, "my friend, if you don't change your voice, wherever you go, you won't be welcome."

this is the famous "Crow Law".

if a person finds his own shortcomings and does not change himself, avoiding blindly will not only solve any problems, but also narrow the road of life.

instead of complaining that things are contrary to your wishes, it is better to change yourself and make yourself better.

Rigong has no end, but his contribution is not enough to end up in the sea.

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only when we know how to change ourselves and constantly reflect on and improve ourselves, can we let those who are unexpected change our lives.

some people say:

"Life is a process of hitting your head, waking up, and then making breakthroughs." In the process, you will eventually recognize yourself, become yourself, and meet yourself. "

it is true.

our whole life is to get rid of the expectations of others and find who we really are.

only by accepting yourself can you break free from the shackles and free yourself.

recognize yourself clearly so that you can put yourself in the right position and defend yourself.

only by changing yourself can we constantly reflect on ourselves and improve ourselves.

, keep trying, break the stereotype, and achieve a better self.